March 6, 2008

Jim JonesIn this episode, we heard one song from the new album by Chuck Prophet where he covers Waylons Jennings’ Dreaming My Dreams song by song. It’s a very interesting project in which Prophet not only celebrates Waylon’s songwriting talent, but also twists musical genres and brings out surprising arrangements in each and every song. We quickly flip through the Manchild 3, graphic novel by Brian Walsby and hear songs by his band Double Negative and from the Melvins CD that comes free with Brian’s new book. We also have a brand new album out of Cleveland area, Introducing… by Living Stereo. Today’s show is dedicated to Jim Jones, Cleveland musician who was responsible for the mid-eighties sound of Pere Ubu. Jones died on February 25 in his home after a cardiac failure.

Metak – Ona voli strip junake;
The Rings – I Wanna Be Free;
Tarbox Ramblers – Hey Mr Straight;
Chuck Prophet – Bob Wills Is Still The King;
Danny and Dusty – Cast Iron Soul;
Quiet Melon – Engine 4444;
Double Negative – Techincally Disfigured;
Melvins – My Small % Shows Most;
Melvins – The Ballad of Dwights Frye;
Alice Cooper – The Ballad of Dwights Frye;
Dream Syndicate – The Ballad of Dwights Frye;
Living Stereo – Stop Now;
Pere Ubu – Race The Sun;
Willy DeVille – So So Real;
Paul Kelly – Right Outta My Head;
Textones – Vacation;
The Stems – Get So Bad.

February 28, 2008

TermitiThe new Little Lighthouse (Flashlite) announces a brand new cd for Scott Reynolds, former vocalist of All. This time Scott is accompanied with members of Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips in a new band called The Steaming Beast. We also have a brand new recording from our Utah favorites, The Rubes. Another cool CD for this week is a gorgeous compilation record of Rijeka rock scene, one of the most consistent and most productive rock scenes in 80s Yugoslavia. In this episode, we sample some obvious and some not so obvious choices from that CD.

King Khan and The Shrines – I Wanna Be A Girl;
King Louie & the Loose Diamonds – Gypsy Switch;
The Rubes – I’ll Try Anything Once;
Scott Reynolds And The Steaming Beast – The Boy Who Stole Your Heart;
All – Sex In The Way (live);
Das Damen – Somewhere Sometime;
David Johansen – She;
The New York Dolls – Lonely Planet Boy;
Ian McLagan – Casualty;
The Rolling Stones – Lies;
Lou Ann Barton – The Mean Mean Man;
The Moaners – When We’re Dead And Gone;
Termiti – Vjeran Pas;
Istocni Izlaz – Hladne ruke vruca ljubav;
Xenia – Vjetar u kosi;
Slovenly – Running For Public Office;
Todd Rundgren – Healing;
Cheap Trick – Need Your Love.

February 21, 2008

Chocolate WatchbandToday’s Flashlite edition of The Little Lighthouse brings several new albums: brand new Fleshtones rocking like they never did before, new North Mississippi Allstars and new Paul Kelly’s album. Paul will play live in Cleveland on March 1st at the House of Blues, so it’s a great opportunity for me to finally see a guy who wrote some really important albums when I was a teen. We also present a brand new demo of the My Buddy Moose member V(atroslav)! Also, checkout a beautiful Eckman, Race and Brokaw song with some important Baton Rouge toponyms!

The Damned – Smash It Up;
REM – Circus Envy;
The Fleshtones – American Beat;
The Fleshtones – Back To School;
Dax Rigs – Didn’t Know Yet What I’d Know when I Was Bleedin;
North Mississippi Allstars – Rooster’s Blues;
Defunkt – In The Good Times;
Chocolate Watchband – No Way Out;
Chocolate Watchband – Are You Gonna Be There;
Mona Lisa Overdrive – Are You Gonna Be There;
V (The Fire Escapes) – Sweet Sunshine;
Slapp Happy – The Drum;
Ian and Sylvia – January Morning;
Paul Kelly – Forty Miles To Saturday Night;
Paul Kelly – Keep On Driving;
Eckman, Race and Brokaw (Dirtmusic) – Panther Hunting;
Jesse Winchester – Mississippi You’re On My Mind;
Willy DeVille – Stars That Speak.

February 14, 2008

Willy DeVilleThe second Flashlite brings you a brand new band from Australia, Mona Lisa Overdrive, new songs by Mad Dukes, James Luther Dickinson and Willy DeVille. Also, checkout our “lecture series” on Blackburn and Snow. Today’s show is dedicated to John Stewart who passed away in January.

Action Now – All Your Dreams;
Sonic Chicken 4 – Sexiest;
Mona Lisa Overdrive – Obviously Sally Mae;
James Luther Dickinson – You Better Rock Me Baby;
The Blasters – Border Radio;
The Tonys – Border Radio;
Rank And File – Sound of The Rain;
Mad Dukes – Sound of The Rain;
The Monkees – Daydream Believer;
John Stewart – Razorback Woman;
John Stewart – Friend of Jesus;
John Stewart – Armstrong;
Blackburn and Snow – Stranger In A Strange Land;
Blackburn and Snow – Stand Here;
NRBQ – Sittin In The Park;
Willy DeVille – Been There Done That;
Mink Deville – One Way Street;
Donovan – Sleep;
Game Theory – White Blues.

February 7, 2008

Here we go again! Welcome to the Flashlite – podcast/web-stream edition of the Little Lighthouse. We’ve lost some precious time, so we have a lot to catch up. The first episode after a long long break introduces new band Trolleyvox, new project for Chris Eckman (of Walkabouts) and Chris Brokaw (of Come) and new album for Carla Bozulich. The new show will be available weekly on this website and on web-streams of Zagreb’s Radio SC every Thursday from 10-11pm Central European Time.

The Monkees – Pleasent Valley Sunday;
Rich Hopkins And Luminarius – Shooting Star;
The Idle Wilds – You Are All Forgiven;
Trolleyvox – I Know That You’re High;
Trolleyvox – I Call On You;
Bash & Pop – Tiny Pieces;
The Geraldine Fibbers – You Doo Right;
Evangelista – Smooth Jazz;
Stray – Right From The Start;
The Savage Resurrection – Thing in E;
The Savage Resurrection – Expectations;
Come – Dead Molly;
The Walkabouts – The River People;
Eckman, Race and Brokaw – The Other Side;
Azra – Odlazak u noc.

Podcasting from Cleveland, Ohio. Broadcasting on Radio Kragujevac, every Sunday from 4-5pm (Central European Time). Streaming on Rock XS every Thursday at Midnight (Eastern European Time).