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Flashlite #37

January 29th, 2009

The main new album that we feature in today’s show is the new Heartless Bastards cd The Mountain. We also have a (relatively) new Memphis band Jump Back Jake with their second album Brooklyn Hustle Memphis Muscle. There’s also a block with brand new 45s for Sonic Chicken 4, Obits and Nobunny. We also announce […]

So here we are. 2009 has started and we’re back on line every Thursday. The first show this year is dedicated to the greatest music in 2008. This is an entirely personal list and it’s most likely totally different than yours. But I still hope that you might find it interesting. My personal favorite in […]

In 2008 Paul Westerberg celebrated his 49th birthday with a record entitled 49:00. It was up for grabs on Internet music stores for 49 hours, it runs at around 49 minutes and the price was 49 cents. It was just one mp3 track, a mess of (possibly) 49 songs mixed, interleaved into one insane listening […]

Rock’n’roll veteran Alejandro has a story to tell. The story is about his life and his job – a rock’n’roll musician. He gave it all to his calling, and the calling took it all away. After a serious battle for life (versus hepatitis c) a few years ago, Alejandro emerged stronger than ever. In 2008, […]

Here’s a Brooklyn band that is a complete antithesis to a standard New York City band. They are not pretty, they don’t wear designer clothes, they pretty much stick to just one chord through the wole song, they named themselves after a Johnny Lee Hooker record, their singer makes pig sounds as he sings. They […]

4. Gentleman Jesse And His Men

January 15th, 2009

Jesse Smith, a gentleman with a band, is a total retro. Their self-titled album is an excercise in stlye. This album sounds like it was recorded in 1979 on Stiff Records. And I didn’t know any better, I’d be totally fooled. After the first listen I wondered (and I still haven’t figured out) how they […]

5. Dirtmusic

January 15th, 2009

When Chris Brokaw, Chris Eckman and Hugo Race decided to form a trio, their main objective is to learn from each other, share experiences as artists and musicians. As you can imagine, when you put three great authors together in an unusually creative situation, great things happen. The idea was to turn to conservatively traditional […]

Omaha band Brinstone Howl took upon themselves a seemingly impossible task to fuse The Cramps with Flannery O’Connor. With help of Jim Diamond behind the knobs, We Came In Peace is a stellar proof of their successful result. Now, how in the world Rod Sterling fits into the whole picture (a third name that the […]

7. Tim Lee – Good2b3

January 15th, 2009

Tim Lee is a southern gentleman with a respectable career in rock’n’roll behind him. He started out in Mississippi’s own new wave outfit The Windbreakers. Like all proper things that come from the south, Tim’s new wave was deeply rooted in rock’n’roll traditions while still being always fresh. Forward thinking college rock crowd at the time embraced The Windbreakers as a rare […]

8. Drones – Havilah

January 15th, 2009

Unbelievably good new album by the Australian band Drones has all ingredients of a classic album. Gareth Liddiard, the leader of the band, leaves here a very strong mark as the main author, with a series of excellent song that appear abstract on their surface. But when you dig deeper, the songs are very concrete […]

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