Flashlite #744

Elles Bailey

New singing and songwriting today. We welcome back two ladies that we know well: Iris Dement, Eileen Jewell and Esther Rose. We introduce Amie Miriello and Vanessa Olivarez, together in Boys Club For Girls. Kate Redgate is from Boston, Brit Taylor is from Boise, ID, Elles Bailey is from Bristol UK, Helen Cronin is from Texas – all new names for us. Also two Canadian ladies: Bella White and Bria. Bria has started an interesting series of cover eps, and so today we hear her preform a John Cale classic.


Beth Bombara – I Only Cry When I’m Alone
Boys Club For Girls – Liar’s Land
Kate Redgate – Fools, Drunks & Liars
10000 Maniacs – Don’t Go Back To Rockville
Brit Taylor – For a Night
Eilen Jewell – Sea Of Tears
Carter Sampson – Fingers To The Bone
Elles Bailey – The Game
Esther Rose – Chet Baker
Joyce Street – That Man of Mine
Helen Cronin – Yesterday’s Heavy
Bella White – Break My Heart
Abbie Gardner – Once the Teardrops Start to Fall
Walkabouts – Buffalo Ballet
Bria – Buffalo Ballet
Iris Dement – Goin’ Down to Sing in Texas
Iris Dement – No Time To Cry

Flashlite #743

The Oh Nos

International dark wave festival today. We start with a Turkish/Sardinian band Gentilesky. Then we move on to Berlin, Germany, where we check out Splizz. Jumping then over to London where we have The Tubs. Guardian Singles from New Zealand have a new album and so does the legendary Australian band Church. In Canada we have Home Front. Italian band A Culture of Killing is also a stop on our journey. The US is represented with Moonwalks and Public Interest. Spanish band with Polish lyrics and Yugoslav sound, Belgrado is back with their new album.


Civic – Taken By Force
Gentilesky – City of Boredom
Splizz – Bored
Meat Puppets – Quit It
Felt – Ivory Past
The Tubs – Two Person Love
Guardian Singles – Chad and Stacey
Husker Du – New Day Rising
Husker Du – I’m Not Interested
Crocodiles – Dead Beat
Home Front – Real Eyes
Belgrado – Boixar
Belgrado – Pk
Exit Group – Stuck Like A Brick
Public Interest – Undone
A Culture of Killing – Yamuna
Eamon McGrath – Hours
Moonwalks – UFO Factory
The Church – Antarctica
The Church – Two Places At Once

Flashlite #742

The Oh Nos

Today we review the best new roots rock music. We begin with the Canadian guitar virtuoso Matt Andersen. Then we check out Michael and Tanya Trotter, duet that makes The War And Treaty. Over in Australia, we have Silversound. From Vicenza in Italy, we have Elli de Mon, back with the new record. From Boston, we hear the live sounds of GA-20. Chicago entertainers Joe Nosek and Oscar Wilson lead The Cash Box King and their new record is truly entertaining. Veteran blues musician Leo Welch represents sounds from rural Mississippi. Legendary musicians Rickie Lee Jones, Taj Mahal and Van Morrison represent their own new takes of some classic traditional and standard tunes.


Brian Owens – Man In Black
Matt Andersen – Let It Slide
The War and Treaty – Lover’s Game
The War and Treaty – Healing Tide
The Silversound – Rider
Elli de Mon – I Can See You
Elli de Mon – Vampire Blues
GA-20 – I Cry For You
The Cash Box Kings – Oscar’s Motel
Bob Corritore with Oscar Wilson- Tenessee Woman
Loe Welch – Praise His Name
Taj Mahal – Summer Time
Taj Mahal – Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day
Rickie Lee Jones – There Will Never Be Another You
Van Morrison – Green Rocky Road
Van Morrison – Gypsy Queen

Flashlite #741

The Oh Nos

Today we check out some new rocking tunes from Cheater Slicks, Class and Paint Fumes. There is also a solo tune by Tee Vee Repairman from Gee Tee. We also introduce an international variety of new bands: Gluer and The Oh Nos from Sweden, Hearbeeps from France, Lola Lola from spain and two bands from California: Neverland Ranch Davidians and Alvino & The Dwells from California.


Apostolic Intervention – Tell Me (Have You Ever Seen Me)
Lola Lola – Goodbye
Tee Vee Repairman – Time 2 Kill
The Liquorice Experiment – Hermitage Road
Fruit Tones – Back In The Night (Again)
Alvino & The Dwells – Torostar
Cheater Slicks – The #4
Strange Attractor – I Always Get What I Want
The Jack Cades – Tommy
The Carnaby – Jump & Dance
Class – Inspect the Receipt
Neverland Ranch Davidians – Liquor Store
Outtacontroller – Less Is More
GEE TEE – Bad Egg
The Riot Squad – I Take It Were Through
Heartbeeps – Ain’t No Crime
The Oh Nos – Final Call
The Rolling Stones – 19th nervous breakdown
Bo Diddley – Diddley Daddy – 2.28
The Optic Nerve – Here to Stay
Paint Fumes – Starting Over
Gluer – Haywire Grenade
The Toxics – Different Lies

Flashlite #740

Altin Gun

Nice show today with new music from California’s Crocodiles, Londoners Embrooks, Sunfruits of Australia, Les Lullies from Frnace and Turkish band from Netherlands Altin Gun. We introduce Moonlight Benjamin from Toulouse France, originally Haitian. We also welcome legendary Iggy Pop, Julie Christensen and Jody Stephens with new tunes. Jody is with Luther Russell in the third installment of Those Pretty Wrongs. At the tail end of the show we pay a tribute to David Lindley, who started his career in sixties with Kaleidoscope and continued contributing to important solo records, most notable Warren Zevon’s.


Zlatni akordi – My Generation
Crocodiles – Degeneration
The Embrooks – In The Sky
Babaganouj – Stay Up For Me
Sunfruits – End Of The World
Those Pretty Wrongs – Scream
Popular Creeps – Wait & See
Iggy Pop – Strung Out Johnny
Les Lullies – Dernier Soir
Robert Forster – Always
Eamon McGrath – Fireworks
Julie Christensen – How He Lost Her
Moonlight Benjamin – Taye banda
Moonlight Benjamin – Salwe
Altin Gun – Kalk Gidelim
Kaleidoscope – Pulsating Dream
Warren Zevon – Detox Mansion
Warren Zevon – Something Bad Happened To A Clown

Flashlite #739

King Tuff

Power pop review today! Mike Polizze out of Philadelphia is back with Purling Hiss. REM drummer Billy Berry has a new band out there Bad Ends in Athens, GA. Another veteran name from the south, Superchunk have a new single. Our recent favorites, Whiffs from Kansas City have another album out. Nude Party from New York and Well Wishers from San Francisco are back with new records. King Tuff also has a new album and Librarians With Hickeys have a new single. We introduce Vancouver singer songwriter CC Voltage and California band Decibels.


Mark Crozer – I Feel Heavy
Purling Hiss – Baby
The Decibels – Enough
The Decibels – Wrong Way Right
Popular Creeps – Wait & See
Trotsky Icepick – I Got a Line on You
Bad Ends – All Your Friends Are Dying
King Tuff – Portrait Of God
The Speedways – A Drop In The Ocean
The Rubs – Waste of Time
Superchunk – Making a Break
The Whiffs – Shot Thru
The Whiffs – Forget Your Name
Outtacontroller – Time To Crash
Tony Molina – All I’ve Known
The Well Wishers – Heroes
The Nude Party – Hey Monet
Connections – Steppin’ Out
Beatnik Termites – Strawberry Girl
Librarians With Hickeys – Can’t Wait ‘Till Summer
CC Voltage – Bummer Party
Brad Marino – False Alarm

Flashlite #738

Michael Gira of Swans

Today we check in with Swans. Pink Mexico from Queens, NY also have new tunes. San Mikulec from Croatia has a new project called Senkyo. Jon S Williams has a new tune as well. Introducing Ambassador Hazy from Cold Springs, NY, Arbor Labor Union from Atlanta, GA, and another one from New York: Skull Practitioners.


Ghost Woman – Street Meet
Ambassador Hazy – The Door Between
Pink Mexico – Dungeonhead
Pink Mexico – Rake
Arbor Labor Union – Forevergreen
Senkyo – Sipaj Meelo
Jon S Williams – Self Esteem
Swans – Paradise Is Mine
Rully Djohan – Bubuj Bulan
Skull Practitioners – Fire Drill
Heavy Blanket – String Along

Flashlite #737

Sunny War

Blues and roots rock update today! Fantastic new album from Sunny War, debuting today at the show. Also introducing, Fantastic Negrito from around Boston, Jack Harlon and The Dead Crows from Australia. Also new for us, Leather Catsuit is a project by the New Jersey DJ Kim Olin. La Ratte come from the Netherlands and they are also new to us. More familiar, we have new tunes by Hipbone Slim, Daddy Long Legs and Dommengang. We also have a tribute to Jim Stewart, the founder of Stax Records and Barret Strong, first star of the Motown label. They both passed away recently.


Hambone Willie Newbern – Roll and Tumble Blues
Leather Catsuit – Piece Of The Pie
Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows – Roll & Tumble (Hambone Willie Newbern)
Dommengang – Earth Blues
Dommengang – Society Blues
Daddy Long Legs – Street Sermon
All Them Witches – L’hotel Serein
Duke Garwood – Maharaja Blues
Fantastic Negrito – Locked Down
Sunny War – Test Dummy
Deniz Tek – Speak of Ice
La Ratte – Ain’t My Business
Hipbone Slim and the Kneejerks – Bo Legged Woman
Geraint Watkins – Nobody
Carla and Rufus Thomas – ‘Cause I Love You
Barret Strong – Money (That’s What I Want)
Duwayne Burnside – Meet Me In The City

Flashlite #736


Today we have new tunes from Death Valley Girls over in LA, Babaganuj from Australia and a new single from Chris Church in North Carolina. We also introduce new bands for us, Slender Tongue from Berlin Germany, Golden Gaytimes from Maitland AU and two Chicago bands: Glyders and Cirkle. On the singer songwriter side we have Cian Nugent from Ireland and Dean Owens from Scotland.


Honeybus – Story
Slander Tongue – Monochrome
The Golden Gaytimes – The Golden Gaytimes – Hot As Buggery
The Speedways – Tell Me I’m Wrong
Death Valley Girls – What Are the Odds
Babaganouj – What Planet Do You Come From_
Robyn Hitchcock – The Sir Tommy Shovell
Buffalo Killers – So Close In Your Mind
Glyders – Golden Hour
Cirkle – Tell Me That Your MIne
Tommy Hoehn – She Might Look My Way
Van Duren – New Year’s Eve
Chris Church – Going ‘Til We Go
Cian Nugent – High Up Airplane
Kim Simpson – Song for Sam (single)
Tom Waits – Jockey Full Of Bourbon
Naïm Amor and John Convertino – Jelly Roll Tango
Dean Owens – She Was a Raven
The True Lovers – Obsession
Ty Segall & Emmett Kelly – Saturday Pt. 2

Flashlite #735

Older Sun

Loud and heavy rocking episode today with new music from J Mascis’ Heavy Blanket and San Francisco band Older Sun. Lydia Lunch is here with a cover of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs. We introduce two bands from Melbourne AU: Cable Ties and Civic. Also, new for us are Märvel from Sweden and Blue Heron from Albuquerque, NM. Towards the end of the show, we pay a tribute to Van Conner, bass player of Screaming Trees who passed away on January 17th this year. He was only 55.


Sisteria – Om-Yes
Civic – Born in the Heat
MÄRVEL – All For The Glory
Stack Waddy – Rosalyn
Heavy Blanket – Crushed
Older Sun – Misty Mountains
The Deviants – Broken Biscuits
Blue Heron – Push the Sky
Lydia Lunch – War Pigs
The Mark Of Cain – Visions Of Love
Predatür – Take A Walk
Cable Ties – Perfect Client
Screaming Trees – Julie Paradise
Solomon Grundy – My Mind

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