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Flashlite #361 – The Best Albums in 2015 (Part Two)

Best of 2015Today we continue our traditional review of the best records at the Little Lighthouse in the past year. The top 10 is here. We have double number one position, so two albums share the title of the best records this year. I thought about a lot which one to pick and decided to split the title between Andy Gabbard’s Fluff and Faux Killas Gravy. Gabbard’s Fluff is a well rounded, carefully thought-out record (although you may think the opposite from the title) and Faux Killas are a young new force from Memphis that blasted their debut as if they have rock’n’roll in their fingertips. The rest of the list follows bellow and then, check out the playlist for the top 10 if you have time. Oh, yeah… happy new year to everyone!!!

1 Andy Gabbard - Fluff
1 Faux Killas - Gravy
2 Warm Soda - Symbolic Dream
3 Kim Fowley's Psychedelic Dogs - Detroit Invasion
4 Tav Falco - Command Performance
5 Thee Oh Sees - Mutilator Defeated at Last
6 Disciplin A Kitchme - Opet.
7 Danny Kroha - Angels Watching Over Me
8 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Paper Mâché Dream Balloon
9 Datura4 - Demon Blues
10 OBN IIIs - Worth a Lot of Money
11 Bernays Propaganda - Zabraneta planeta
12 Giant Sand - Heartbreak Pass
13 Baddat For Trubbell - Tva sjundedelar av ett liv
14 Cairo Gang - Goes Missing
15 Soldiers Of Fortune - Early Risers
16 Zerodent
17 Fuzz II
18 Low Cut Connie - Hi Honey
19 Sonny Vincent and Spite - Spiteful
20 Ghost - Meliora
21 Vlasta Popić - Kvadrat
22 The Yawpers - American Man
23 Paul Kelly - The Merri Soul Sessions
24 The Bevis Frond - Example 22

Sweet Apple – Under the Liquor Sign;
Datura4 – Gravedigger Man;
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – Dirt;
Danny Kroha – Gloryland;
Disciplin A Kitchme – Hendrix Hendrix;
Thee Oh Sees – Poor Queen;
Tav Falco – Bangkok;
Kim Fowley’s Psychedelic Dogs – Detroit Is Electric;
Warm Soda – Find That Girl;
Andy Gabbard – Home Suite;
Andy Gabbard – Dreams;
Andy Gabbard – Lonely Girl;
Faux Killas – When You Get Wild;
Faux Killas – Dead Man;
Faux Killas – Get You to Work.

Flashlite #360 – The Best Albums in 2015 (Part One)

Best of 2015Today we begin our traditional review of the best records at the Little Lighthouse in the past year. Although “the best” should be understood in a very limited way. These records is basically just a very personal selection of new music that stuck with me this year. It may not be the best, but it somehow resonated in my mind. The time will tell whether these records will last longer than one season, but I definitely tend to go back to the stuff that I liked.

The list this year has 25 titles, and we first cover the bottom end of the list. The next week is 2016 and we will cover the top 10. This was a good year for the music from ex-Yugoslavia. We have two bands in the lower part of the list (Vlasta Popić and Bernays Propaganda). One more title will be covered next week. It was also a good year for Swedish bands. This year we have Ghost and Bäddat För Trubbel. Australians are traditionally welcome on our list(Zerodent, Paul Kelly and one more next week). Memphis, Austin, Detroit and San Francisco still rule in the US. Looking forward to 2016 – hopefully with even more surprises for the new generations of rockers…

Sweet Apple – I Surrender;
The Bevis Frond – Second Son;
Paul Kelly – Where Were You When I Needed You (With Clairy Browne);
The Yawpers – Walter;
Vlasta Popić – O vodi;
The Ghost – From The Pinnacle To The Pit;
Sonny Vincent and Spite – Now That I Have You;
Low Cut Connie – Taste So Good;
Fuzz – Jack The Maggot;
Zerodent – You;
Soldiers of Fortune – Dog Tooth Down;
Cairo Gang – A Heart Like Yours;
Bäddat För Trubbel – Fran Afterwork Till Lillordag;
Giant Sand – Texting Feist;
Bernays Propaganda – ÄŒuvaj se od tie Å¡to te čuvaat.