Flashlite #800

Grace Cummings

If you like round numbers, then you should be excited that this is the 800th episode of “shortened” Little Lighthouse, since I moved to Ohio. If you add over 200 episodes from Utah and Louisiana, we’re way pass 1000 episodes. Other than that, we give you another average Little Lighthouse show (which is way beyond anything in the podcast universe). We start off with veterans: Paul Weller and Richard Thompson. Another veteran is our good friend Mike Watt, who has a new album with his Italian friends Stefano Pilia and Paolo Mongardi. We also have new tunes by John Larson from Providence, Lava Fangs from Melgourne, Sticker Clun from Sydney, Magic Fig from San Francisco and Street Panther from Montreal. A special treat is a great new singer, debuting at The Little Lighthouse, Grace Cummings from Melbourne.


Paul Weller – All The Pictures On The Wall [Demo]
Paul Weller – jumble queen
Richard Thompson – The Fear Never Leaves You
Richard and Linda Thompson – Jet Plane in a Rocking Chair
Fernando Perdomo – The Silent Sun
John Larson and The Silver Fields – Don’t Look Too Fast
Lava Fangs – Photograph
Daniel Romano – Where’s paradise_
Mike Watt – Piss-Bottle Man
If Sogno Del Marinaio – Purple, Orange, Green + Yellow
The Sticker Club – Way Up High
Motorpsycho – Hey, Jane
The Loons – Daffodils Or Despair
Magic Fig – Goodbye Suzy
Grace Cummings – Ramona
Doris Troy – A School For Fools
The Stems – Leave You Way Behind
Lucius – Hey, Doreen (The New Recording)
Street Panther – Aggro
Gyasi – Cheap High

Flashlite #799


The Rolling Stones visited Cleveland for the last time on June 15th this year, so we’re doing a small tribute to the greatest band in the world. Not much else to add here! Enjoy!


The Rolling Stones – I Wanna Be Your Man
The Rolling Stones – Fortune Teller
Idoli – Hajde!
Partibrejkers – Stoj Johnny
Elektricni Orgazam – Bejbe ti nisi tu
Lado Leskovar – To ni za me zadoscenje
Elvis J. Kurtovich and his Meteors – Da bog da crk’o Rokenrol
Elvis J. Kurtovich and his Meteors – Bascharshy Hanumen
Elektricni Orgazam – Citadel
VIS Mladi – Mona
Siluete – Uzmi ili ostavi
Zona B – As Tears Go By
Zlatni Akordi – Ostajes sama
Prele – Necu da se predam
Azra – Zadovoljstina
Legija – Odlazi dusa moja
Don Mentony Band – Mrtve roze
Laibach – Sympathy For The Devil
The Rolling Stones – Poison Ivy

Flashlite #798

Sofia Bolt

Power pop edition today with new albums from legends Redd Kross, Arizona faves The Resonars and Mo Troper over, introducing Christopher Peifer in New York and Highway Patrol in Germany. Plus checking in with Shannon and The Clams, LA’s Sofia Bolt, Ohio’s Andy Gabbard and Bad Moves from Washington. Nicole Atkins collaborates with Hamilton Leithauser on her new tune.


Mo Troper – Jumbotron
Mo Troper – Bleach
Christopher Peifer – Anywhere
anonymous – time
Redd Kross – Play My Song
Redd Kross – Candy Coloured Catastrophe
Shannon and The Clams – Oh So Close Yet So Far
Shannon and The Clams – It’s Gonna Go Away
The Resonars – Fell Into a World
The Resonars – Gold To Blue
Highway Patrol – My Friend Jack
Fendahlene – Anyone Who’s Anyone
Andy Gabbard – Home Suite
Andrew Gabbard – Real Time
Bad Moves – Let The Rats Inherit The Earth
Bad Moves – Toward Crescent Park
Nicole Atkins – Maybe Tonight
Nicole Atkins with Hamilton Leithauser – A Little Word
Sofia Bolt – Martini
Sofia Bolt – Waves

Flashlite #797

Muireann Bradley

Blues and roots rock special today with new music from Mesas’s Little Albert, R.L. Burnside’s son Cedric, Sam Morrow from Texas and Bywater Call from Canada. Introducing Irish child prodigy Murieann Bradley, Japanese septet Bloodiest Saxophone in collaboration with Crystal Thomas. Michelle David and The True-tones from Amsterdam is also new to us. One of the highlights today is Delta 21, blues band from Vinkovci, Croatia, lead by Igor Djeke (ex Disciplina Kicme).


fIREHOSE – vastopol
Delta 21 – Titty Twister
Little Albert – Still Alive
Little Albert – Outside Woman Blues
anonymous – death rattle blues
Sam Morrow – Straight and Narrow
Cedric Burnside – Love You Music
North Mississippi Allstars with Cedric Burnside – Catfish
Charlie Parr – Ten Watt
Muireann Bradley – Vestapol
Bywater Call – Holler
Bywater Call – Go Alone
The Hypos – My Kind Of Party
Bloodest Saxophone with Crystal Thomas – Mailman’s Sack
Michelle David & The True-tones – That Is You
The Amplifier Heads – They Came To Rock
Elizabeth Cotten – Freight Train