Flashlite #83

Sid GriffinSid Griffin now lives in England, but his work is still deeply drenched in Americana. He puts out books about music and he plays in a bluegrass band called The Coal Porters. They have a new album called Durango and we check it out in this episode. We also check out the new one for the Canadian band The Sadies. It’s called Darker Circles. In our short-lived Salt Lake City Lighthouse series we had a guest musician called Kim Simpson as a guest and he played a live set for us. His band The Mad Dukes have a new single out called Joey Superteen’s Gone and I produced it.

Uncle Green – Something To Hide;
Long Ryders – Join My Gang;
The Coal Porters – I’m Not Going Away;
Cheap Wine – Circus Of Fools;
Giant Sand – Shadow To You;
My Buddy Moose – Wonderful Feeilng of Emptiness;
Nick Curran & The Lowlifes – Flyin’ Blind;
Blasters – Keep a Knockin’;
Jon Dee Graham – (Let’s Get It) While It’s There;
Drive By Truckers – (It’s Gonna Be) I Told You So;
Harlan T Bobo – Energy;
The Mad Dukes – Joey Superteens Gone;
The Sadies – Another Day Again;
Kropotkins – Biloxi;
Suzi Quatro – Friday;
Sweet Apple – Goodnight;
Living Stereo – Soul 67;
Bill Fox – Lonesome Pine.

Flashlite #82

Mick JaggerMixed bag today, folks. Soul, blues, glam, power pop… and the stones. Yeah, the reissue of Exile On Main Street is scheduled for May, but as the record company decided to put out a special single out on the record store day with a song dug out from the Exile vaults called Plundered My Soul. When you think of that the Stones actually had so many good songs those days that they just threw out something like that… Another reissue for this year is Elvis Costello’s Live At The Hollywood High ep this time expanded to a full blown long playing CD reissue. Red Shoes sound particularly good on that one. We also check out new albums for the Black Keys and for Sharon Jones. Moaners are here again with some demos that they keep putting pretty much regularly on their myspace page.

The Enjoyables – I’ll Take You Back;
Ann Mason – You Can’t Love Me (In The Midnight Hour);
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – I Learned the Hard Way;
The Pack AD – The Slow Down;
Mr. Airplane Man – Like That;
The Moaners – Blue Moon;
The Moaners – Humid Air;
Black Keys – Howlin’ For You;
Gary Glitter – Rock’n’roll Part 2;
Shoes – Boys Don’t Lie;
The Only Ones – Another Girl Another Planet;
Elvis Costello – (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes;
Sweet Apple – Dead Moon;
Sweet Apple – Dead Moon (demo);
John Paul Keith – Lookin For A Thrill;
Reigning Sound – Call Me;
Harlan T Bobo – Bad Boyfriends;
Rolling Stones – Plundered My Soul;
Easter Monkeys – Hiding In Bedroom.

Flashlite #81

Malcolm McLarenToday we feature no less than three new truly exceptional records – one for Memphis musician Harlan T. Bobo, other for Holly Golightly and finally – Sweet Apple LP is out. This week in April might have brought three best records of 2010! Harlan’s third record is entitle Sucker. Not only it’s on par with his previous two records, but it also very well may be his best one yet. Diverse piece and a modern classic. Holly Golightly is again here with her Brokeoffs and it very well might be the hight of this duet’s career. Sweet Apple’s new album Love and Desperation is an instant hit record, lots of hooks and humor, but also some unexpected lyrical depths. But, let’s not forget to dedicate today’s show to Malcolm McLaren – legendary manager of Sex Pistols and a rock’n’roll maverick who died on April 8 this year.

Lou Reed – Dirt;
Sex Pistols – EMI;
Malcolm McLaren – Double Dutch;
Disguise – Hey Baby;
Fotomaker – Come Back;
The Krayolas – You’re Not My Girl;
Harlan T Bobo – Drank;
Harlan T Bobo – Last Step;
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Time To Go;
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Forget It;
Burce Springsteen – State Trooper;
Woody Guthrie – Lost John;
Suicide – Johnny;
Sweet Apple – Hold me, I’m Dying;
Bash and Pop – Loose Ends;
John Hiatt – The Open Road;
Jackie Deshannon – Don’t Think Twice.

Flashlite #80

Electric SixToday we have the most recent (and not so new) album by Electric Six and Jimi Hendrix “unreleased” compilation Valleys of Neptune. Cleveland band Easter Monkeys have recently published a compilation record entitled Splendor Of Sorrow Plus. And that song sets off a strange review of Cleveland underground from 80s till today: Resolvers and Scarcity of Tanks are at the Lighthouse for the first time. Check us out!

Iskre – Ghost Riders;
Jimi Handrix – Sunshine of Your Love;
Cream – Sunshine of Your Love;
Sedam Mladih – Sloop John B;
Rainy Day – Sloop John B;
Nick Curran – Reform School Girl;
Glossary – Lonely Is A Town;
Ducks Deluxe – Saratoga Suzie;
Easter Monkeys – Monkey See Monkey Do;
Death of Samantha – The Set Up (of Madame Sosostris);
The Resolvers – Better Thief;
Modern Art Studio – Goddamn Volvo;
The Radiation Factory – Squeeze Head;
Scarcity of Tanks – Head of Electrons;
Electric Six – Escape from Ohio.

Flashlite #79

The Pack A.D.Here we are again – another usually unusual episode of The Little Lighthouse. We have a brand new Mose Allison record, which he recorded with help of Joe Henry. John Hiatt has a new record The Open Road. Neo-blues duet The Pack A.D. also have a new record We Kill Computers. A great cd also came out this month for The Model Prisoners, which was a band for Sonny Vincent and Bobby Stinson after he left The Replacements. Bobby died in 1995, but a collection of recordings with various fidelity came out only now. Aleksandar made an interview with Sonny. Look for the tied up lady logo link among our bonuses on the right bar on this page. As Sweet Apple is preparing for their debut album on April 20th, an mp3 containing one of the songs from the album was distributed around. We hear that mp3, the song I’ve Got A Feeling.

Long Ryders – I Had A Dream;
Sweet Apple – I’ve Got A Feeling (That Won’t Change);
Elton Motello – Jet Boy Jet Girl;
Rollerball – Savage Eyes;
The Replacements – Careless;
Model Prisoners – Bad Attitude;
Sonny Vincent – Something I Gotta Do;
The Individuals – My Three Sons (Revolve Around The Earth);
The Pack A.D. – Underground;
The Pack A.D. – Math, The Stars;
The Who – Young Man Blues;
Mose Allison – Old Man Blues;
Mose Allison – Some Right, Some Wrong;
Mose Allison – Numbers On Paper;
Grant Hart – I Knew All About You Since Then;
John Hiatt – Carry You Back Home;
John Hiatt – Ride My Pony;
Fotomaker – Just For You;
Bob Dylan – When the Ship Comes In.