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Flashlite #797

Muireann Bradley

Blues and roots rock special today with new music from Mesas’s Little Albert, R.L. Burnside’s son Cedric, Sam Morrow from Texas and Bywater Call from Canada. Introducing Irish child prodigy Murieann Bradley, Japanese septet Bloodiest Saxophone in collaboration with Crystal Thomas. Michelle David and The True-tones from Amsterdam is also new to us. One of the highlights today is Delta 21, blues band from Vinkovci, Croatia, lead by Igor Djeke (ex Disciplina Kicme).


fIREHOSE – vastopol
Delta 21 – Titty Twister
Little Albert – Still Alive
Little Albert – Outside Woman Blues
anonymous – death rattle blues
Sam Morrow – Straight and Narrow
Cedric Burnside – Love You Music
North Mississippi Allstars with Cedric Burnside – Catfish
Charlie Parr – Ten Watt
Muireann Bradley – Vestapol
Bywater Call – Holler
Bywater Call – Go Alone
The Hypos – My Kind Of Party
Bloodest Saxophone with Crystal Thomas – Mailman’s Sack
Michelle David & The True-tones – That Is You
The Amplifier Heads – They Came To Rock
Elizabeth Cotten – Freight Train

Flashlite #796

Ann Savoy

Most of the artists we feature today gravitate around the University of Lafayette in Louisiana. This is a place dedicated for preservation of cajun and zydeco culture in Louisiana, and a place where many musicians happily experiment with their French-spoken heritage. So, today, we feature Corey Ledet with his new record, Louis Michot with his solo record and a gorgeous album with Lost Bayou Ramblers and Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. Ann Savoy gathered her recording in the last couple of years and had them published by Smithsonian. A bunch of bands from several parishes around Lafayette recorded really fun French versions of classic rock songs, and that’s also scattered around the playlist. Louisiana heritage isn’t just cultivated in one small area of Louisiana, but all around the world. So we check out new music from Joe Le Taxi in Wales, Baton Rouge’s Le Roux covered CCR, The Carnivals joined forces with Becky Lynn Blanca to sing about New Orleans and Robert Finley plays his swamp blues up in the North of Louisiana.


Malfecteurs – Wooly Bully
Corey Ledet – Alon kouri laba
Joe Le Taxi – Zydeco – Bernadet
Anders Osborne – Le Grande Zombie
BeauSoleil – Le Jig Creole
Louis Michot – Le cas de Marguerite
Ann Savoy – Triste Samedi A Hurricane Song (A Sad Saturday)
BeauSoleil – Ca Me Rend Fou
Al Berard Et Les Filles – Tout Les Jour Tout Les Soirs
Le Roux – Lookin’ Out My Back Door
The Carnivals – M’amuser Avec Mon Ami (with Becky Lynn Blanca)
Leyla McCalla – Tree
Brass Bed et Feufollet – Des promesses
Lost Bayou Ramblers & Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra – Granny Smith
Robert Finley – What Goes Around (Comes Around)
Feufollet – Le Bord Du Chemin
Lilli Lewis – Ciel Éternel

Flashlite #795


Yugo rock special today! We hear new music from Špurijus and Pridjevi in Split, Slick Stings, Tidal Pull and Zen from Zagreb, Gazorpazorp from Belgrade, Izae from Dubrovnik and Nemi pesnik from Novi Sad. We also check out a new single from Kojoti in Vinkovci. They held an unforgettable show this February which I was lucky to attend. We also hear a few tunes from the Novi Sad new wave scene which were super rare until they recently appeared on a compilation CD. We close the show with one of the new songs from Marko Artukovic in Sabac who keeps cranking exciting new songs on a regular basis.
Speaking of Yugo rock, for Clevelanders, Slovenian National Home is organizing a Yugo Rock event on May 31st at 6pm. So, if you want more of this…..


Grad – Noc
Špurijus – Dobar Covjek
Kojoti – Danima
Kojoti – Trese lupa udara
Majke – Zbunjen i osamucen
Slick Stings – Control You
Tidal Pull – Uvijek dvanaest
Pop Masina – Zemlja svetolsti
Dah – Ako pozelis
Ggazorpazorp – Dišemo zajedno
Nemi pesnik – Kako
Luna – Metropolis (brzi)
Yu Grupa – Noc je moja
Izae – Trik
libertybell – Pismo Mileni
Boye – Takav dan
Žen – Nedamise
Pridjevi – Solar Maximum
Divlje jagode -Sejla
Marko Artukovic – Zanos

Flashlite #794

Leyla McCalla

Today we check out exciting new music from venerable Ian Hunter. Also Kid Congo is back with his Pink Monkey Bird and a new album. Afghan Whigs published a cool new Lou Reed cover. Amy Rigby has a new single and Leyla McCalla has a new album. Speedways have a new compilation record out and we introduce new names for us: Baron Four and Lord Esme.


Lou Reed – I Love You, Suzanne
The Baron Four – Never Feeling Blue
Ian Hunter – People
Ian Hunter – This is what i’m here for
The Reflectors – Supernova
The Speedways – Kisses Are History
Lord Esme – Alison Rhodes
Daniel Romano – All of thee above
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy – Is there anything i can do
Amy Rigby – Dylan In Dubuque (Single Version)
Leyla McCalla – Open The Road
Rosali – Rewind
Emily Wolfe – Road to Ruin
Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds – The Boy Had It All
The Afghan Whigs – I Love You Suzanne
The Afghan Whigs – Demon in Profile
Deep Purple – Love Help Me

Flashlite #793

Aoife O'Donovan

A nice show today featuring new music by Charlie Parr from Duluth, MN, Paula Cole, Remo Drive from Mercy, MN, Moon from Netherlands, Aoife O’Donovan from New York and Impulsive Hearts from Chicago. We remember No Wayne from Sweden under their previous name Finnjävlar. Plus introducing Anonymous from Cleveland, DAR from Chicago and Fendahlene from London UK.


XTC – In Loving Memory of a Name
anonymous – tomorrow’s problems
Charlie Parr – Sloth
Eyelids – Anything Could Happen
SHEER MAG – I Gotta Go
DAR – Will 2 Luv
Fendahlene – When the Hit Began
Charles Moothart – Hold On
John Lennon – Beef Jerky
No Wayne – Sing This Song
Paula Cole – The Replacements & Dinosaur Jr
The Replacements – I’ll Be You
Dinosaur JR – Severed Lips
Remo Drive – I Find Trouble
Moon – Richard has a racecar
Japanese Television – Death Waltz II
Amelia White – Can you see me now
Aoife O’Donovan – America, Come
Impulsive Hearts – Blocked U Back
A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum

Flashlite #792

Lizzie No

Today we check out the latest on the singer-songwriter scene. We start by introducing Lizze No from New York City. We follow that up with the new album from Sarah Shook and her Disarmers. Rosali is back once again with David Dance Band with a great new album. Grace Petrie is debuting at The Little Lighthouse from UK. From Nashville, we check in with Amelia White, Shannon McNally and Siarra Ferrell. From Arkansas, we check in with Bonnie Montgomery and Britti hails from New Orleans. Finall, from North Carolina (just like Rosali), we have new album by Hannah Kaminer.


Helene Cronin – Your Cross
Lizzie No – Lagunita
Sarah Shook And The Disarmers – You Don’t Get to Tell Me
Meghan Maike – Chase The Wind
Rosali – My Kind
Grace Petrie – Cynicism Free
Hurray For The Riff Raff – Alibi
Amelia White – Get to the show
Bonnie Montgomery – Cut You a Check
Suzy Bogguss – Gps
Britti – Keep Running
Hannah Kaminer – Time’s too fast
Brennen Leigh – Carole With An E
Shannon McNally – Ceremony
Sierra Ferrell – Lighthouse
Hannah White – Chains of Ours

Flashlite #791 – Vinyl Junkyard 19: Džuboks flexies

Džuboks flexies

In our Vinyl Junkyard special series, we feature some old scratchy records, all found somewhere cheap collecting dust in a bargain bin. Today we feature Džuboks flexies. Džuboks was a monthly entertainment magazine focusing on rock and pop music that featured a 6″ flexi record inserted inside in an envelope. There was 16 flexies total between 1967 and 1968. Those were incredibly important in Yugoslavia with circulation cca hundred thousands and each contained contemporary hit from the US and UK rock and pop charts of the moment. They were very well done, fully licensed and they still sound great and most songs are truly some of the greatest written in that period. They were pressed by Jugoton and the publisher used the records to advertise their normal vinyl releases on 7″ and 12″ records. Influence on the local readership and scene in Yugoslavia was immeasurable. To fill up the rest of the hour, I included three greatest Yugo rock originals from that period and I’m closing with two Polish postcard records. My Džuboks flexies are in great condition and my Polish postcards are were heavily damaged. Yet all are extremely charming and I’m playing them directly from the sources.


Grupa 220 – Osmijeh
Indexi – Ruke pružam
Kameleoni – Sjaj izgubljene ljubavi
Rolling Stones – Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadow
The Who – Happy Jack
The Royal Guardsmen – Snoopy vs The Red Baron
Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday
Nancy and Frank Sinatra – Something Stupid
Easybeats – Friday on my Mind
Eric Burdon and The Animals – When I Was Young
Cliff Richard – I’ll Come Running
The Shadows – Running Out Of World
Alan Price Set – House That Jack Built
Box Tops – The Letter
Paul Jones – Sons And Lovers
Dave Clark Five – Everybody Knows
The Beatles – Hello Goodbye
Beach Boys – Darlin’
Lulu – Me The Peaceful Heart
New Vaudeville Band – Winchester Cathedral
Cliff Richard – We Say Yeah

Flashlite #789

Hurray For The Riff Raff

The Amplifier Heads joined forces with Barrence Whitfield on their new single. Daniel Romano has a new album with his Outfit. Dream Machine over in Utah have a new single. Kill Devil Hills from Perth, AU have a new album. Reflectors are back with another super catchy tune. Roots rock duet Courettes from Denmark continue their productive sequence of hits. We even have a bit of a supergroup today. Members of Spongetones, Spygenius plus Chris Church and Dolph Chaney collaborate in The Electromagnates. John Larson has a new song with his Silver Fields. Our friends from the first episodes Special Pillow have a new album over in New Jersey. Hurray For The Riff Raff are also finally debuting in our show after being unjustly ignored for years. All and more today in the Lighthouse.


Fugs – Morning Morning
The Amplifier Heads with Barrence Whitfield – They Came To Rock
Daniel Romano – You can steal my kiss
Daniel Romano’s Outfit – Jokerman
Steely Dan – Barrytown
The Special Pillow – A Certain Level of Uncertainty
Hurray For The Riff Raff – Hawkmoon
Rose Garden – Look What You’ve Done
Spencer Davis Group – Every Little Thing
John Larson and The Silver Fields – Don’t Look Too Fast
The Electromagnates – Airwave Hello
J Mascis – Set Me Down
Big Trouble House – Hundreds of Refugees
The Courettes – Shake!
The Reflectors – All The Way Down
Dolph Chaney – Californiagain
Fendahlene – When the Hit Began
The Kill Devil Hills – Prescribed Burns
Dream Machine – Find Me Again
Doris Melton – Red Flowers

Flashlite #788


Roots rock and blues episode today with the new music from Left Lane Cruiser from Indiana and Italian duet Devils. Greg Cartwright is back with his new project Hypos with Scott McMicken. Seth James from Texas created a very cool tribute to Delbert McClinton. We heard Mike Zito in a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover, and now we also check out his own new tune. We introduce trio from New York Jamie McLean Band and UK band Hanks Company Band and Mint Biscuit.


Left Lane Cruiser and 20 Watt Tombstone – Laid to the Bone
Left Lane Cruiser – Juice To Get Loose
The Devils – Divine Is The Illusion
The Devils – White Collar Wolf
Arrogants – Stoned Blues
The Hypos – Tore My Whole World Down
Seth James – Maybe Someday Baby
Delbert McClinton – Maybe Someday Baby
Arthur Adams – Do What Cha Doin’
Mike Zito – Nobody Moves Me Like You Do
Jamie McLean Band – Open Up
Eramus Hall – Your Love Is My Desire
Alexis Corner – Blue Mink
Hanks Company Band – Manifesting Prayer
Mint Biscuit – Laguna Bugera
Guadalupe Plate – Stabat Master

Flashlite #786

Reitxel O.

Today we welcome J Mascis and David Nance both with the new albums. Also, returning to the Little Lighthouse we have Ghost Funk Orchestra from New York and Hightown Pirates from UK. Avi C. Engel is also back, but with a new name (used to be Clara Engel). We introduce Sleeveens with roots in Ireland, Fast Eddy from Denver CO, The Other Hit from Minneapolis, Reitxel O. from Spain. Gaby Moreno is a really well established name in the world of pop music, but here she is for the first time at the Little Lighthouse too!


The Honey Pot – Comfy’s Honey Jar
The Sleeveens – Give My Regards To The Dancing Girls
Fast Eddy – Spirit Commander
Dinosaur JR – Watch The Corners
J Mascis – What Do We Do Now
David Nance – Mock the Hours
David Nance – 5, 2 and 4
Hightown Pirates – 1000 Nights
Ghost Funk Orchestra – Nova
Freedom Hawk – Age of The Idiot
The Other Hit – Stone’s Throw
Reitxel O. – Throw it away
Doris Melton – Everyone is my Enemy
Gaby Moreno – Solid Ground
Avi C. Engel – Ladybird, What’s Wrong
Ty Segall – Eggman