Flashlite #573

Neo Psychedelic Scene

The past decade has seen the revival of psychedelic music scene. Two main representatives are King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard and Thee Oh Sees. These bands, and many other bands, fill arenas around the world. The new music has so little chord changes, that it might just be all one chord for an entire hour today. In today’s show, we explore some of the new music that comes from that scene, including the latest albums by Karkara from France, Ghost Funk Orchestra from New York, Dhidalah from Japan, Eerie Family from Texas, Helicon from London and Plastic Crimewave Syndicate from Chicago. Remember what the dormouse said? Feed your head…

Karkara – Proxima Centaury;
Ghost Funk Orchestra – Slow Down;
Ghost Funk Orchestra – Kaddis;
Oh Sees – The Experimenter;
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Billabong Valley;
Dhidalah – Jovian Sky;
Eerie Family – Dead Stars Still Shine On Us Tonight;
Helicon – Sound Of Confession;
Plastic Crimewave Syndicate – The Gwardjal.

Flashlite #572

Lilly Hiatt

Today’s show is mostly power pop oriented. We start off with Jeff Whalen from LA and follow up with the new single from Lilly Hiatt. Then we go to New York City and check out the new music from Josephine. Also new, is the fourth volume of Robyn Gibson’s BOTP Band. Ichabod comes from Karlovac in Croatia and Sore Eros from Northampton, MA. The last two new bands in the show are roots rock: Danny O And The Astrotones from London and Dirty Fuse from Greek.

The Dukes of Stratosphear – 25 O’Clock (Demo);
Jeff Whalen – Goofing Around;
Lilly Hiatt – Brighest Star;
Paul Kelly – Deeper Water;
Stan McMahon – Why Did You Land;
Joey Ghostly – I Heard You’re Gonna Leave Him;
Josephine – I Heard You’re Gonna Leave Him;
The BOTP Band – Somebody Made For Me;
Emitt Rhodes – Somebody Made For Me;
The Beach Boys – I’m Going Your Way;
Mott The Hoople – Midnight Lady;
Neil Young – Barstool Blues;
Ichabod – Never Alone;
Sore Eros – Backseat Bop;
The Flys – Dont Moonlight On Me;
News – Stop;
The Whiffs – My Vision of Love;
Exploding Eyes – Madman’s Lament;
Danny O And The Astrotones – Machine Gun;
Dirty Fuse – Sombrero;
The Dukes of Stratosphear – 25 O’Clock (Instrumental).

Flashlite #571

Ruby The Hatchet

Welcome to the first regular show in 2020. We’re loaded with the new stuff. We have the new single for Ruby The Hatchet. These hard rocking Philly folks released a cover of Uriah Heep and also visited Cleveland, so we have them in our Live in Cleveland segment. On the power pop side of things, we hear the new single from Mo Troper over in Portland and one of the relatively new tracks from his fellow Oregonian Stan McMahon. Covering my old haunts, we introduce Triggers and Slips from Salt Lake City and Bipolaroid from Louisiana. Although, the latter band will confuse you, they sound like they’re from UK circa ’67. We also have recent tunes from Impulsive Hearts over in Chicago and Madd (or are they The Viles now?!) from California. One of the bands that fell through the cracks last year, Coke Dares from Bloomington IN resurfaces today. We close the show with two tributes to the heroes that we lost in the battle of life. Dave Riley of Big Black and Roy Loney of Flamin’ Groovies.

Brett Smiley – Highty Tighty;
Stan McMahon – Faith In You;
Mo Troper – Jas From Australia;
The Whiffs – Now I Know;
The Exclusives – Sinking Gondola;
Starcrawler – Love’s Gone Again;
Triggers & Slips – Blue Smoke;
Bipolariod – 5D Printing;
Pink Floyd – Astronomy Domine (Stereo);
Spirit – It Shall Be;
Earth and Fire – Lost Forever;
The Coke Dares – Don’t Pretend You’re Alone;
Ruby The Hatchet – Easy Livin’;
Ruby The Hatchet (Live in CLE);
Uriah Heep – Easy Livin’;
Impulsive Hearts – Alien;
Madd – Cemetery Plans;
Big Black – Passing Complexion;
Flamin’ Groovies – Slow Death;
Flamin’ Groovies – Have You Seen My Baby;
McGuinness Flint – Who You Got To Love.

The Best of 2019 Pt 3; Flashlite #570


Part three of our list of best albums in 2019! Today we review some albums which did not make it to our top 30, which may probably just be the lack of my own attention. But before that, I’ve noticed that a whole bunch of good albums were shorter than 30 minutes this year, which is an interesting phenomenon. Albums were too long when we switched formats from LP to CD, but with less than 30 minutes, they seem to be a little too short. Back in the day, those would be classified as Mini LPs. So, today we also check the list of best Mini Albums, all of which were pretty hot last year. At the top of that list is Gyasi.

Best Albums in 2019
01 Danny and the Doorknobs - Jukebox in the LA River
02 The Dates - Ask Again Later
03 Luther Russell - Medium Cool
04 Outrageous Cherry - Meet You In The Shadows
05 Terry And Louie - A Thousand Guitars
06 Leyla McCalla - The Capitalist Blues
07 The See No Evils - Out Of The Shadows
08 Rosalie Cunningham - Rosalie Cunningham
09 Criminal Hygiene - Run It Again
10 Sad Planets - Akron Ohio
11 The Schizophonics - People in the Sky
12 Altin Gun - Gece
13 Guadalupe Plata - Three Demons
14 Those Pretty Wrongs - Zed for Zulu
15 Eugene Chadbourne & Sunwatchers - 3 Characters
16 Wolfmanhattan Project - Blue Gene Stew
17 Mikal Cronin - Seeker
18 The Flesh Eaters - I Used to Be Pretty
19 Jonathan Richman - SA
20 Lisa Prank - Perfect Love Song
21 Bad Moves - Tell No One
22 Morlocs - Manic Candid Episode
23 Eamon McGrath - Guts
24 Redd Kross - Beyond the Door
25 Ty Segall - Deforming Lobes
26 Melomen - Disappear
27 Mattiel - Satis Factory
28 Meat Puppets - Dusty Notes
29 Motorpsycho - The Crucible
30 The Yawpers - Human Question

Best Mini Albums in 2019
01 Gyasi - Androgyne
02 Jordan Jones
03 Porcupine - What You've Heard Isn't Real
04 Zerodent - Landscapes of Merriment
05 UV-TV - Happy
06 Pharlee
07 Ezra Furman - Twelve nudes
08 Tony Molina - Songs From San Mateo County

Tony Molina – Not The Way To Be
Ezra Furman – Evening Prayer
Pharlee – Ethereal Woman
UV-TV – World
Zerodent – Repatriated
Porcupine – Tell Me
Jordan Jones – Oh My Heaven
Gyasi – Colorful
Pat Todd and the Rankoutsiders – The Future Callin’
Jack Oblivian – Scarla
Ex Hex – Another Dimension
Trixie Whitley – May Cannan
Filthy Friends – Emerald Valley
Giant Sand – The Chill Outside
Datura4 – Cat on A Roof
ESC Life – Born To Be Mild
Wreckless Eric – Creepy People In The Middle of the Night

The Best of 2019 Pt 2; Flashlite #569


Happy new year, everyone. Today we finish the list of best albums in 2019 (top 13). In my opinion, Danny and the Doorknobs return album Jukebox in the LA River stands out in it’s playful quality among the rest of this year’s production. The band also released another digital only album as Trotsky Icepick this year, making a double whammy for all those who were thirsty for their sound since the breakup in the 90s. Our hope is that the band will stay together for many more years to come. Tune in next week for our part 3 where we introduce many nice mini albums (shorter than 30 minutes) and a few other albums that didn’t make the list.

Guadalupe Plata – No te vayas;
Altin Gun – Kolbasti;
The Schizophonics – Not Gonna Change My Mind;
Sad Planets – Yesterday Girls;
Criminal Hygiene – Private Screening Heroin;
Rosalie Cunningham – Dethroning of a Party Queen;
The See No Evils;
Leyla McCalla – Aleppo;
Terry and Louie – A Thousand Guitars;
Outrageous Cherry – Gotta Get Back Inside Your Mind;
Luther Russell – Talking To Myself;
The Dates – Any Other Nite;
The Dates – Star;
Danny And The Doorknobs – The Shadow;
Danny And The Doorknobs – Heroine;
Danny And The Doorknobs – Ballad of Bobby Fuller;
Danny And The Doorknobs – Caged.