Flashlite #774 – Best of 2023


It’s that time of the year when we look back on a year and pick the best albums we liked to go back to at this show. The list shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s not easy to make a list like this, there is a lot of albums to hear, not enough time and let’s face it, old music is better than the new one. But here we are, let’s dig into positions from 30 to 14. And log in next week for top 13.


Bark – Rock Club
The Murlocs – Superstitious Insight
Osees – Intercepted Message
Alien Nosejob – Second Chance
Chinese Herbal Medicine – Greed
Divine Horsemen – It’s Still Nowhere
The Laissez Fairs – A Wildforce
Connections – Raisin
Those Pretty Wrongs – Always The Rainbow
Lemon Twigs – Ghost Run Free
Elli de Mon – I Can See You
Machine – 04 – Ride On Crash Kick
Motorpsycho – Loch Meaninglessness and the Mull of Dull
Ghost Woman – 3 Weeks Straight
John Mayall – The Sun Is Shining Down
Kara Jackson – Pawnshop
Natural Child – Swanee

Flashlite #773

Ghalia Volt

Blues and roots rock special today with new music from Ghalia Volt from Belgium, Matt walker from Australia, Spoon from Texas, Ida Mae and Rob Clarke from UK, Jason Ricci from New Orleans. Plus, Robert Filney and Gabe Carter appear on Dan Auerbach’s contemporary blues rock compilation. Plus, legendary Bobby Rush is back on tour and with the new album too.


Buddy and Julie Miller – I Been Around
Ghalia Volt – Every Cloud
Matt Walker – All By Myself
King Khan – Hot Dog For Melvin
Spoon – She’s Fine, She’s Mine
Bobby Rush – Running In And Out
Fred Davis – Wine Hop
Gabe Carter – Buffalo Road
Robert Finley – Miss Kitty
GA-20 – Jolene
Ida Mae – American Cars
Jason Ricci and the Bad Kind – 5-10-15
Joe Simon – Drowning In the Sea of Love
Rob Clarke – She’s A Mean
Mark Lanegan with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – Go Tell The Mountain
Little Sister – Stanga

Flashlite #772

Jaimie Branch

International hard rock line up today with new music from Graveyard (Sweden), King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (Australia), Black Rainbows (Italy), Population II (Canada), Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and The Wytches (UK) and Kind from Boston, USA. Let’s rock!


Flight – Luvin’ Huggin’ and More
Graveyard – Twice
Pigface – Point Blank
La Chinga – Motorboogie
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Gila Monster
Black Rainbows – Apocalypse March
Alex Gethway – Second Nature
Population II – To Kebec
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Ultimate Hammer
Art of Dysfunction – Sunset Rider
The Wytches – Zep Step
Kind – Burn Scar
The Todd – Mystify Me
Mother Bear with Allysen Callery – Consuming Rites

Flashlite #771

Jaimie Branch

Today we start off with an incredibly new catchy tune from Uni Boys (from LA). Then we introduce Grogans from Australia. Then two new tunes from Dead Brothers (from Switzerland) and Exbats. Bablers from Finland have a new single, Pablo Solo has a new EP. We also check out a new collaboration between Fleshtones and Lower East Side Rockers entitled Full Time Men. Robin Trower joined forces with Sari Schorr for a new album Joyful Sky. We introduce Freez from Italy and close things up with a block dedicated to Tim Lee who has a new album with his latest band called Bark.


Finnjävlar – Maple Pecan Pie
Uni Boys – Let’s Watch A Movie
The Grogans – Overheat
Chris Church – One More Chance To Get Over You
The Dead Brothers – Diamond Mind
The Exbats – To All The Mothers That I’d Like To Forgive
Class – Laughing into the Night
The Bablers – Thinking Of You
Robin Trower and Sari Schorr – The Distance
The Paramounts – Don’t Ya Like My Love
Pablo Solo – Tears
Full Time Men – TOT (Toilet of Time)
Hard-Ons – Hard-Ons – In Falls Everything
Freez – Icebreaker
Bark – Work in Progress
Bark – Nothing To Complain About
Tim Lee – What Time Will Tell
Windbreakers – Again
Absolute Grey – No Man’s Land