Flashlite #97

Ari UpToday we begin with two obituaries. I’ve only recently heard that Kenny Gethway has passed away in April this year. He was very young and practically at the beginning of his musical career with two of his brothers in this band called Monstrous. I really liked their 2006 album Mother Nature’s Slaves. Somewhat silently they published another album in 2009 called Brothers Gethway, but I only got it now. In any case, my hope is that the other two brothers will continue to make music as great as it was with Kenny when they recuperate. Another loss for rock’n’roll is Ari Up from The Slits, who cause quite a stir back in the days of post punk with their record Cut. Ari Up passed away last week, she was just 48. Today’s show is dedicated to Kenny and Ari. We also have a few new things today. Giant Sand have a new record called Blurry Blue Mountain and Howe Gelb just celebrated his 54th birthday. Other two big rockers, Brian Wilson and Neil Young also have new records out. Neil Young has a noisy guitar album called Le Noise and Brian Wilson has an interesting record where he reimages and reinvents old George Gershwin songs.

Brian Wilson – Rhapsody in Blue (Intro);
Monstrous – Please Start;
Monstrous – Kickn Now;
The Slits – Typical Girls;
Howe Gelb – Blood Orange;
Howe Gelb And The Band of Gypsies – Blood Orange;
Giant Sand – Better Man Than Me;
Peter Case – The Words In Red;
Pat Hull – So Far Gone;
Neil Young – Angry World;
Neil Young – Country Home;
Neil Young – When You Dance You Can Really Love;
New Lou Reeds – Felony;
Limes – Kantina Katrina;
Brian Wilson – Nothing But Love;
Brian Wilson – Rhapsody in Blue (Reprise).

Flashlite #96

Solomon BurkeSad news comes to us that the soul legend Solomon Burke died last week in Netherlands. This happened in the middle of the times when his revived career saw new heights. However, in his honor, we play some of his classic hits from the sixties and we dedicate this show to him. We also have some new stuff in today’s show. Australian band You Aim I is back with a self-titled album and Kim Simpson with a new ep which he entitled The Price Is Right. The new name in today’s show is Stephanie Finch, collaborator of Chuck Prophet. The album is called Cry Tomorrow. We also feature the new recordings for Tim Lee and Sweet Apple that one can find on Internet (or as a Japanese only bonus in the case of Sweet Apple).

Rod Stewart – The Killing Of Georgie;
Solomon Burke – Stupidity;
Solomon Burke – Everybody Needs Somebody to Love;
Solomon Burke – You’re Good For Me;
Solomon Burke – Maggie’s Farm;
You Am I – Mr. Milk;
You Am I – The Good Ones;
Eamon McGrath – Dark End Of The Street;
Tav Falco – Tina, the Go Go Queen;
Stephanie Finch – Tina Goodbye;
Sweet Apple – Hold Me I’m Dying;
smRts – Through The Gardens Of St. John’s Wort;
Let’s Active – In Between;
Tim Lee 3 with Mitch Easter – Sirens;
The Windbreakers – Nation of Two;
The Slummers – Tell Me I’m Lazy;
Kim Simpson – Rueda De Fuego.

Flashlite #95

smRtsFolks, here it is, second show for this season! We continue filling out gaps that happened while we were gone over the summer. One of the most pleasant surprises that happened recently is the return of Dan Stuart of Green on Red with his new band The Slummers. He, producer JD Foster and two Italian musicians created this new band and a ultra fun record called Love Of The Amateur. Australian band smrTs that we know from their demos last year are finally out with the first official CD. They call it Sun Sets On A New Tomorrow and it’s full of catchy instrumentals. Satin Gum from Pittsburgh are once again here with another extremely catchy EP which is once again self-titled. Clevelanders The New Lou Reeds have an LP out called Hit Songs. Another Cleveland band Scarcity of Tanks is back with another disc, which they call Bleed Now. And, we also have two débutantes, both from Canada, Strange Attractor and Red Mass and they share a cool split-EP. But the whole show starts with Dax Riggs who has a new album out called Say Goodnight To The World.

Agents of Oblivion – Cosmic Dancer;
Dax Riggs – Let Me Be Your Cigarette;
Slummers – Bowery Boy;
Danny and Dusty – Song for the dreamers;
Green On Red – Snake Bit;
Strange Attractor – Comatose;
Red Mass – Stains;
Nick Cave – Deanna;
Gentleman Jesse And His Men – Deanna;
smRts – On The Road’s Edge;
Mizar – Istekuvam;
Eamon McGrath – Cadillac Rosetowne;
Satin Gum – Hip Shake Heartbreak;
Satin Gum – Run For Covers;
Spampinato Brothers – Refined Man;
New Lou Reeds – Torch’d;
Scarcity of Tanks – Caravan Hooker.

Flashlite #94

Eamon McGrathHere we are again after a summer long hiatus. Students are back to school, cold days are here and hot rock’n’roll selections too. This show is filled with some of the most exciting music that came out while we were gone. We have Eamon McGrath from Canada for the first time in our show. Interesting character who recorded tons of music alone in his bedroom for years until last year when his album 13 Songs of Whiskey and Light broke out internationally. Eamon is unusually talented songwriter that has a great future. We hope that his new album Peace Maker is just as good as 13 Songs. Another new songwriting name in today’s show is Pat Hull. He also wrote a number of songs back in his old hometown of Chico in California, until he moved to New York City recently. He has a new album called Fable Names. Spampinato brothers, Joey of NRBQ and Johnny of The Incredible Casuals recorded a new solo album called Pie In The Sky together with another Incredible Casual Aaron Spade. They are touring USA and keep your eye on the events in your town. Their shows are outstanding. Endless Boogie, blues gods from Brooklyn are also here with a new album Full House Head. Limes, Memphis band fronted by Shawn Cripps is also back with the new album Rhinestone River, which comes a few years after their Internet-only album Tarantula, which we loved five years ago. We love the new one too. One of the most exciting album this summer was the new album for Peter Case, who teamed with DJ Bonebreak from X to record Wig!. Case reinvented himself as a hot rocking bluesman and it totally works. Come tune in next week after you hear this one and don’t forget our bonuses!

NRBQ – I Want You Bad;
The Incredible Casuals – College Girls;
The Spampinato Brothers – I Say Good Day Goodnight;
Aaron Spade – Selfish;
Eamon McGrath – Big River;
Eamon McGrath – Cold Alberta Nights;
Pat Hull – The Builder (live at The International Folk Bazaar);
Pat Hull – The Builder;
Tav Falco – Sympathy for Mata Hari;
Endless Boogie – Gimme the Awesome;
Endless Boogie – Tarmac City;
Limes – Do You Mind;
Limes – Merrilly;
Peter Case – Old Blue Car;
Peter Case – New Old Blue Car;
Ronnie Spector – Try Some Buy Some.