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Flashlite #97

Ari UpToday we begin with two obituaries. I’ve only recently heard that Kenny Gethway has passed away in April this year. He was very young and practically at the beginning of his musical career with two of his brothers in this band called Monstrous. I really liked their 2006 album Mother Nature’s Slaves. Somewhat silently they published another album in 2009 called Brothers Gethway, but I only got it now. In any case, my hope is that the other two brothers will continue to make music as great as it was with Kenny when they recuperate. Another loss for rock’n’roll is Ari Up from The Slits, who cause quite a stir back in the days of post punk with their record Cut. Ari Up passed away last week, she was just 48. Today’s show is dedicated to Kenny and Ari. We also have a few new things today. Giant Sand have a new record called Blurry Blue Mountain and Howe Gelb just celebrated his 54th birthday. Other two big rockers, Brian Wilson and Neil Young also have new records out. Neil Young has a noisy guitar album called Le Noise and Brian Wilson has an interesting record where he reimages and reinvents old George Gershwin songs.

Brian Wilson – Rhapsody in Blue (Intro);
Monstrous – Please Start;
Monstrous – Kickn Now;
The Slits – Typical Girls;
Howe Gelb – Blood Orange;
Howe Gelb And The Band of Gypsies – Blood Orange;
Giant Sand – Better Man Than Me;
Peter Case – The Words In Red;
Pat Hull – So Far Gone;
Neil Young – Angry World;
Neil Young – Country Home;
Neil Young – When You Dance You Can Really Love;
New Lou Reeds – Felony;
Limes – Kantina Katrina;
Brian Wilson – Nothing But Love;
Brian Wilson – Rhapsody in Blue (Reprise).