Flashlite #368

Trixie WhitleyIn today’s episode we hear new music from Trixie Whitley and Thee Oh Sees. W-X is a new band for Tim Presley of White Fence. Luther Dickinson, from North Mississippi Allstars is back with a solo record. Gary Louris from Jayhawks and Django Haskins from Old Ceremony formed a new duet called Au Pair. We introduce Doug Tuttle of MMOSS. After a short break, we are back with Live in CLE segment of our show. This time we feature a new song from Low Cut Connie.

Randy Winburn – Sunshine USA;
Thee Oh Sees – Fortress;
W-X – Steer Clear;
The I Don’t Cares – Hands Together;
Trixie Whitley – Hourglass;
Luther Dickisnon – Jackson;
Dirtmusic – Panther Hunting;
Au Pair – In Every Window;
Doug Tuttle – It Calls On Me;
MMOSS – Hands;
Olivia Tremor Control – NYC 25;
The Gun Club – Lupta Screams;
Alex Chilton – Hey Little Girl;
Low Cut Connie – Hey Little Child;
Low Cut Connie – Susie;
Dr. Feelgood – Stupidity.

DJ Set at Beachland Ballroom, Feb. 20 2016

BeachlandI played a DJ set at Beachland Ballroom on Saturday. It was a benefit for Waterloo Alley Cat organization with a ton of music, fundraising and two live sets, one was by Ethan Daniel Davidson and the headliners were The Sadies. Below is the setlist I delivered on that evening.

The Flesh Eaters – Satan’s Stomp;
The Babies – Burned on Fire;
The Babies – SOUL;
Treat Her Right – Backdoor;
John Mayall – Room To Move;
Tav Falco – Tina The Go Go Girl;
Link Wray – Fire And Brimstone;
Elektricni orgazam – Citadel;
Terry Manning – Savoy Truffle;
Martin Bisi – Money;
Divine Horsemen – Gimmme Shelter;
Giant Sand – All Along The Watchtower;
Elektricni orgazam – The Man Who Sold The World;
Windbreakers – Glory;
The Killer Shrews – Don’t Let The Bastards Wear You Down;
The Gods – Maria;
Brian Eno – Needle In The Camel’s Eye;
Mott The Hoople – Rock’n’Roll Queen;
Ty Segall – 20th Century Boy;
The Fuzz – Teen Rex;
Replacements – Color Me Impressed;
Mega City Four – Start;
Mega City Four – Pride and Prejudice;
Swa – Headphones;
Tony All – New Girl Old Story;
Husker Du – Girl Who Lives On The Heaven Hill;
The Gun Club – Carry Home;
Leaving Trains – Creeping Coastline of Lights;
Rank And File – Golden Age;
Nova Mob – Old Empire;
Meat Puppets – Rat Farm;
Rocky Erickson – If You Have Ghosts;
Cairo Gang – A Heart Like Yours;
Viv Akauldren – Looking At You;
Big Star – September Gurls;
Cobra Verde – Every God For Himself;
Andy Gabbard – More;
Glass Eye – I Don’t Need Drugs;
Tommy James – Moses And Me;
Cubist Blues – Candy Man.

Flashlite #367

Kevin Junior - The Chamber StringsWe start off today with the new Swedish quartet Honeymoon Disease with a cool, denim-clad, straightforward rock’n’roll sound. Javier Escovedo, of Zeros and True Believers, brother of Alejandro has a new record as well. We introduce King Mud, a duet from from Fort Wayne, IN. Legendary Dan Stuart is back with a new band and a follow up to his great album Deliverance of Marlowe Billings hecho en Mexico. Our Italian friends Cheap Wine, who never shied away from naming Green On Red as their biggest influence are back with their second live album that contains longer, improvisational pieces. And in the end, we say goodbye to the rock’n’roll legend Giorgio Gomelsky who passed away in January. He helped the career of Yardbirds when we worked as their manager and producer over in the swinging 60s London.

7-Odds – Run To Your Mama;
Honeymoon Disease – You’re Too Late;
Javier Escovedo – It Ain’t Easy;
Ricked Wicky – Guts;
Royal Headache – Electric Shock;
King Mud – War Dancers;
Dan Stuart – Hola Guapa;
Green On Red – Black Night;
Sacri Cuori – La Florida (feat- Evan Lurie);
Cheap Wine – Waiting On The Door;
Lilly Hiatt – Far Away;
Yardbirds – Got To Hurry;
Yardbirds – For Your Love;
Blossom Toes – Peace Loving Man;
Julie Driscoll – This Wheel’s On Fire;
Bernays Propaganda – Laži me, laži me.

Flashlite #366

Kevin Junior - The Chamber StringsToday we pay tribute to four artists that passed away in the recent days. Kevin Junior was an institution of the larger Cleveland and Chicago scenes. Music that he created with The Chamber Strings was much larger than the attention they were given. He passed away on January 17. Dale Buffin Griffin from Mott The Hoople passed away on the same day after 10 years struggling with alzheimer’s. Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane passed away on January 28 and the original singer of Jefferson Airplane Signe Toly Anderson passed away as well on the same day. But amidst of all those tragic news, we find time to hear some new music as well. Our friends at Blue Arrow Records released the new album by Jonathan Richman entitled Ishkode! Ishkode!. Ty Segall has a new record called Emotional Mugger. Night Beats come from Seattle and we check out their new album Who Sold My Generation. We open up with The I Don’t Cares, which is a new duet featuring Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield.

Mott The Hoople – Original Mixed Up Kid;
The I Don’t Cares – Wear Me Out Loud;
Night Beats – Last Train To Jordan;
Ty Segall – 20th Century Boy;
Ty Segall – Candy Sam;
Scarcity Of Tanks – Slowly Down Clifton;
The Pretty Things – Renaissance Fair;
The Byrds – Renaissance Fair;
Ethan Daniel Davidson – Ain’t The Man I Used To Be;
Jonathan Richman – But Then Ego;
The Chamber Strings – Flashing Star;
The Chamber Strings – The Fool Sings Without Any Song;
Mott The Hoople – Crash Street Kidds;
Mott The Hoople – It Takes One to Know One;
Jefferson Airplane – Martha;
Jefferson Airplane – Wild Tyme;
Jefferson Airplane – Chauffeur Blues.

Flashlite #365: Vinyl Junkyard 17

Midnight RecordsHere we go, second Vinyl Junkyard special of The Little Lighthouse in a row. In these special episodes I play almost entire LPs that I found dirt cheap somewhere laying in some bargain bin at a record store.

Midnight Records is a label ran in the 80s by their boss J.D. Martignon over in New York City. Even today, there is a records store under the same name, just a few blocks down from where the old headquarters were. Midnight Records released a good number of 45s and LPs in the late 80s and some of the most interesting recordings on their label were compiled on an album called Hanging Out At The Midnight Records. This album is the main topic of today’s edition of Vinyl Junkyard and more, we spiced up the playlist with some of the other releases from the rich catalog of this label.

Midnight Records promoted a return to old basic rock’n’roll especially with releases by the greatest band that was on that label The Fuzztones.

Plan 9 – Gone;
The Mighty Mofos – I Need You;
The Cavemen – Labor Day;
The Woofing Cookies – Girl Next Door;
The Woofing Cookies – In The City;
The Wind – Good News Bad News;
Absolute Grey – No Man’s Land;
The Love Pushers – Radio Girl;
The Tryfles – No;
The Tryfles – Your Lies;
Frosted Flaykes – Waste Your Time;
Plasticland – Flower Scene;
The Vipers – Never Alone;
The Cheepskates – About You;
The Kingsnakes – So Good;
The Backbones – The Rain Won’t Stop;
Howard And Tim’s Paid Vacation – That Won’t Make You Leave Me;
The Mighty Mofos – Stranded;
The Outta Place – We’re Outta Place;
The Fuzztones – The Witch;
The Fuzztones – Bad News Travels Fast.