Flashlite #27

This one is an insane episode! I was fiddling around with my turntable and I wanted to play a show entirely consisted of my old 45s. While I was making the show – the motor on the turntable died! You can actually hear that moment in the show! Then, I finished the show with a fixed turntable sometime later, but you get to hear it right away. I guess, the only real premier in this show is the 7″ I dug out in Cleveland of an old new wave experimental outfit called the Modern Art Studio. But I went through horrors making this show watching my turntable die and that’s what makes this one interesting – I guess!

Pekinska Patka – Buba Rumba;
The Boys – Weekend;Til Tuesday – Voices Carry;
Mott The Hoople – All The Young Dudes;
The A-Lines – One Day;
Continental Drifters – Meet On The Ledge;
The Box Tops – Soul Deep;
Mike Therieau – Midnight Apr #9 Blues;
Sonic Chicken Four – Don’t Let Me Down;
The Who – Dogs Pt 2;
Sonic Love Affair – Reverberation;
The Wildbunch – Gay Bar;
Blackbird – Big Train;
The Limes – Rock’n’Roll Heart;
Modern Art Studio – Photogreys;
Tad – Jinx;
The Run For Cover Lovers – Sixteen;
Sarlo Akrobata – Mali covek;
The Vendettas – Can’t Stop;
Swag – Every Little Truth;
Studeni Studeni – Gledaj kako ljubav umire;
Gupa 220 – Grad;
Gulliver’s People – On A Day Like This.

Flashlite #26

Orstralia Today’s episode concentrates on (more or less) new Australian rock’n’roll scene. We introduce a new band called Empty State and we wonder if Empty State and Mona Lisa Overdrive are stems for a brand new, exciting rock scene in the land of kangaroos?! We also check out new albums for the well established Aussies The Drones and You Am I plus a new recording off of Paul Kelly’s A-Z project. Then we crash land into the good old US of A and we check out the new Rodney Crowell’s album Sex and Gasoline.

Mission of Burma – Falling;
David Bowie – Andy Warhol;
David Bromberg – Holdup;
The Beatles – Savoy Truffle;
The Stems – Just Ain’t Engouh;
Mona Lisa Overdrive – No Way Out;
Empty State – Sunday;
Paul Kelly – I Wasted Time;
You Am I – Rosedale;
You Am I – Givin’ Up And Getting Fat;
The Drones – Nail It Down;
Todd Rundgren – Determination;
Little Feat – Easy To Slip;
The Figures – Easy To Slip;
T Bone Burnett – Talk Talk Talk;
Rodney Crowell – Truth Decay;
Jeff Beck Group – I Can’t Give Back the Love I Feel for You.

Flashlite #25

Ray Mason Today’s episode is filled with new music. Hard working musician from Massachusetts, Ray Mason, sent us the new Lonesome Brothers CD called The Last CD along with two of his older releases that we have missed. We check all that out in this show. The Heretics from Oslo in Norway also send us their new ep – five furious garage rock tracks. Cobra Verde form Cleveland also have a brand new album out. It was recorded nearly two years ago, but it’s finally out. It’s called Haven’t Slept All Year and it’s a candidate for the hottest release this year. New Jersey rockers The Successful Failures are here at the Little Lighthouse for the first time and we showcase them with their title song and one other song from their latest album called Ripe For Burning. Philadelphia band Love City also debuts at the show with an upcoming 7″ called Regretting. From Boise Idaho, we get to hear a new band called The Very Most and their Beach Boys influenced pop. We close the show with the spankin’ brand new album for the Georgia Satellites singer Dan Baird who has a new band called the Homemade Sin. And woah – that’s was a pretty long list for one show, huh?

The Reigning Sound – Uptight Tonight;
Cobra Verde – Riot in the Foodcourt;
The Heretics – Dipper Boy;
The Successful Failures – Successful Failures;
The Succesful Failures – All I Can Take;
Love City – Regretting;
Gun Club – Carry Home;
Pierced Arrows – Frankenstein;
Paul Revere and the Raiders – Free;
The Very Most – Good Fight Fighting;
Endless Boogie – Coming Down The Stairs;
Paul Westerberg – Knockin On Mine;
Lonesome Brothers – Fins On A Cadillac;
Ray Mason Band – I’m Not That Kind Of Guy;
Ray Mason – I’m Not That Kind of Guy;
The Woods – Battleship Chains;
Georgia Satellites – Battleship Chains;
Dan Baird & Homemade Sin – Damn Thing To Be Done;
Steely Dan – Reelin’ In The Years;
Stitches – Tip The Wink.

Flashlite #24

The Moondoggies Here we are in another episode of The Little Lighthouse. We open up with a brand new song for legendary Husker Du drummer Grant Hart, which he posted to his myspace page. It’s great to see him back and perhaps this means that the new album is also in plans. New York’s traditionalists Endless Boogie, named after a Johnny Lee Hooker classic LP, debut at today’s show. The Moondoggies from Seattle WA also debut. Both bands are proof that rock’n’roll is here to stay. A cool compilation record came out this year – it’s called Thank You Friends and it chronicles the Memphis recording studio and label Ardent through a series of amazing and rare tracks. So, we check that out too in today’s show.

Grant Hart – Anything;
Grant Hart – School Buses Are For Children;
Paul Westerberg – You’re My Girl;
Paul Westerberg – Everyone’s Stupid;
Paul Westerberg – What Do You Want;
Paul Westerberg – Never Coming Back;
David Bowie – Hang Onto Yourself;
Disciplina kicme – Ti znaÅ¡ da tvoja soba ima cetiri ugla;
John Lee Hooker – Endless Boogie, Parts 27 And 28;
Endless Boogie – Smoking Figs In The Yard;
The Moondoggies – ‘ol Blackbird;
Bassholes – Blackbird;
Don Nix – Miss Eleana;
Sid Selvidge – Miss Eleana;
Brinsley Schwartz – Ballad of a Has-been Beauty Queen;
Gaby Novak – Nisam nikada trazila nista vise od ljubavi;
Mary Wells – Bye Bye Baby.

Flashlite #23

Mickey Waller So, here we are again after a long hot summer break. Radio SC was down over the summer and now that they re-consolidated, The Little Lighthouse is back too. Today’s show is dedicated to Mickey Waller who died on April 29 2008, which we failed to acknowledge in our earlier shows. Waller was a drummer for Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck Group on their best albums. His distinct drumming style on those records helped define the true meaning of rock’n’roll – what ever that may be! Paul Westerberg surprised us this summer with an exceptional lp called 49:00… of your time life. The lp is as strange as the title. It’s just one mp3 track (almost) 49 minutes long, it came out in a year of Paul’s 49th birthday, it was available for sale for 49 hours, the price was 49 cents and it’s a mash-up of countless songs and snippets which sometimes even overlap each-other. A madhouse in one word. In this show we single out three minutes that sound “normal”. Giant Sand also has a new album called Provisions. Their boss, Howe Gelb, produced a new album for Kate Maki On  High who debuts in Little Lighthouse today. This is all really good stuff and we sample it all within the following playlist:

Alejandro Escovedo – Always A Friend;
Hen Gates And His House Rockers – Begin The Rock;
Paul Westerberg – Kentucky Riser;
The Replacements – Sixteen Blue;
Kate Maki – Forever Blue;
Kate Maki – Message Forgot;
Giant Sand – Without A Word;
Giant Sand – Down on Town (Love’s No Answer);
Sam Phillips – Little Plastic Life;

Sandy Denny – Crazy Lady Blues (BBC version);
Sandy Denny – Crazy Lady Blues;
Anna Egge – Crazy Lady Blues;
Mink DeVille – Jolene;
Mr Airplane Man – Not Living at All;
The Moaners – Stranger in China;
Jeff Beck – Shapes Of Things;
Rod Stewart – Cut Across Shorty;
Flee-Rekkers – Sunday Date.