Flashlite #23

Mickey Waller So, here we are again after a long hot summer break. Radio SC was down over the summer and now that they re-consolidated, The Little Lighthouse is back too. Today’s show is dedicated to Mickey Waller who died on April 29 2008, which we failed to acknowledge in our earlier shows. Waller was a drummer for Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck Group on their best albums. His distinct drumming style on those records helped define the true meaning of rock’n’roll – what ever that may be! Paul Westerberg surprised us this summer with an exceptional lp called 49:00… of your time life. The lp is as strange as the title. It’s just one mp3 track (almost) 49 minutes long, it came out in a year of Paul’s 49th birthday, it was available for sale for 49 hours, the price was 49 cents and it’s a mash-up of countless songs and snippets which sometimes even overlap each-other. A madhouse in one word. In this show we single out three minutes that sound “normal”. Giant Sand also has a new album called Provisions. Their boss, Howe Gelb, produced a new album for Kate Maki On  High who debuts in Little Lighthouse today. This is all really good stuff and we sample it all within the following playlist:

Alejandro Escovedo – Always A Friend;
Hen Gates And His House Rockers – Begin The Rock;
Paul Westerberg – Kentucky Riser;
The Replacements – Sixteen Blue;
Kate Maki – Forever Blue;
Kate Maki – Message Forgot;
Giant Sand – Without A Word;
Giant Sand – Down on Town (Love’s No Answer);
Sam Phillips – Little Plastic Life;

Sandy Denny – Crazy Lady Blues (BBC version);
Sandy Denny – Crazy Lady Blues;
Anna Egge – Crazy Lady Blues;
Mink DeVille – Jolene;
Mr Airplane Man – Not Living at All;
The Moaners – Stranger in China;
Jeff Beck – Shapes Of Things;
Rod Stewart – Cut Across Shorty;
Flee-Rekkers – Sunday Date.

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