Flashlite #37

Heartless BastardsThe main new album that we feature in today’s show is the new Heartless Bastards cd The Mountain. We also have a (relatively) new Memphis band Jump Back Jake with their second album Brooklyn Hustle Memphis Muscle. There’s also a block with brand new 45s for Sonic Chicken 4, Obits and Nobunny. We also announce our picks for the best short form and the best reissue/compilation of 2008. Not surprisingly, I chose the most frequently played ep this year Mona Lisa Overdrive’s debut The Up-Tight Sessions and The Replacements reissues. The rest of the playlist looks something like this:

You Am I – Dilettantes;
Holly Golightly – Till I Get;
Obits – Put It In Writing;
Sonic Chicken 4 – Toe Man;
Nobunny – Motorhead With Me!;
Motorhead – Leaving Here;
Leaf Hound – Freelance Fiend;
Service Industry – Not in My Section;
Mona Lisa Overdrive – Now That You’re Gone;
The Replacements – Birthday Gal;
Lucinda Williams – Tears Of Joy;
Heartless Bastards – Early In The Morning;
Jump Back Jake – Don’t Wanna Go;
Variety Show – In My Car;
Satin Gum – I Got A DUI Babe;
Smudge – It’s Over;
Treepeople – Mistake;
Boye – Ti (She);
Zafir Hadzimanov – Opomena.

Also, for this update, please note that I added a new bonus! From now on, (almost) every Thursday you will get a chance to download another podcast called Bad Music For Bad People created by Aleksandar Delibasic. Look in our download section to the right for the tied up lady in nylons…

Flashlite #36

Satin GumThe 2009 didn’t start right. Reboot please! They year barely started and we lost Ron Asheton, the legendary guitar player of The Stooges. Definitely one of the most influential “shredders” around. Dave Dee of Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich also left this ugly world. This former policeman was patroling when Eddy Cochran died in his car crash and had later on a few big hits with his band. Songs Band It! and Zabadak! are forgotten now, but back when I was a small kid, these two were my favorites. Besides our tributes to Dave Dee and Ron Asheton, we also have some new tunes. Satin Gum is a promising new band from Pittsburgh PA with influences in the melodic grunge. Variety Show is a duet from Chicago with a rich songwriting talent. We also have two ladies, Heather Waters, who was Delbert McClinton’s protege. We also have Jenny Scheinman for the first time, although her CD is almost a year old now. But it’s never too late for rock’n’roll!

Alejandro Escovedo – I Got A Right;
The Stooges – I Got a Right;
The Stooges – No Fun;
The Stooges – Loose;
The Stooges – Raw power;
Partibrejkers – Veceras;
Heather Waters – Wherever You Go;
Jenny Scheinman – Come On Down;
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich – Hold Tight;
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich – Bend It;
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich – Zabadak!;
Satin Gum – … Naming Our Kids After Ikea Products;
Variety Show – Mary Doesn’t Need You Anymore;
Elektricni Orgazam – Vi;
Green On Red (The Serfers) – Wishful Thinking;
Mike Therieau – Devil Make My Bed.

Flashlite #35. The Best of 2008.

Cobra VerdeSo here we are. 2009 has started and we’re back on line every Thursday. The first show this year is dedicated to the greatest music in 2008. This is an entirely personal list and it’s most likely totally different than yours. But I still hope that you might find it interesting. My personal favorite in 2008 is Cobra Verde’s album Haven’t Slept All Year. It’s been in making since 2006 really and the band put a lot of effort into it. It’s their most diverse album yet, as good as legendary Nightlife. But because of my strong emotional attachment to this record, I’m leaving it out of competition. This makes Paul Westerberg’s experiment in novel forms 49:00 the greatest record in 2008 at the Little Lighthouse. Look below for the full list. My favorite unreleased album in 2008 is another one of my personal favorites. It’s Kamo Sutra’s new record, expertly recorded and exciting, one hundred percent fun. In today’s show, we go through the best albums of 2008:

00 Cobra Verde - Haven't Slept All Year
01 Paul Westerberg - 49:00 ... of Your Time Life
02 Alejando Escovedo - Real Animal
03 Endless Boogie - Focus Level
04 Gentleman Jesse And His Men
05 Dirtmusic
06 Brimstone Howl - We Came In Peace
07 Tim Lee - Good2B3
08 Drones - Havilah
09 Thee Oh Sees - The Master's Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In
10 All The Saints - Fire on Corridor X
11 Service Industry - Limited Coverage
12 Fleshtones - Take A Good Look
13 Evangelista - Hello Voyager
14 Lucinda Williams - Little Honey
15 Willie DeVille - Pistola
16 Pierced Arrows - Straight To The Heart
17 Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Primary Colours
18 Mojomatics - Don't Pretend That You Know Me
19 Electric Six - Flashy
20 You Am I - Dilettantes

And the playlist is:

You Am I – Frightfully Moderne;
Electric Six – Face Cuts;
The Mojomatics – Losin’ Time;
Eddy Current Suppression Ring – We’ll Be Turned On;
Pierced Arrows – Mr. Soul;
Willy Deville – When I Get Home;
Lucinda Williams – Real Love;
Evangelista – Smooth Jazz;
The Fleshtones – ;
The Service Industry – Job of Quality;
All The Saints – Fire on Corridor x;
Kamo Sutra – Nemam Para;
Thee Oh Sees – Ghost in the Trees;
The Drones – Oh My;
Tim Lee – (untitled);
Brimstone Howl – USMC;
Dirtmusic – Panther Hunting;
Gentleman Jesse and His Men – Butterfingers;
Endless Boogie – Gimme The Awesome;
Alejandro Escovedo – Real As An Animal;
Paul Westerberg – Who You Gonna Marry;
Cobra Verde – Free Ride.

1. Paul Westerberg – 49:00 … of Your Time Life

Paul WesterbergIn 2008 Paul Westerberg celebrated his 49th birthday with a record entitled 49:00. It was up for grabs on Internet music stores for 49 hours, it runs at around 49 minutes and the price was 49 cents. It was just one mp3 track, a mess of (possibly) 49 songs mixed, interleaved into one insane listening experience. More structured songs are mixed in with short snippets. The most shockingly, some songs end prematurely or begin from the middle. It’s maybe rough, but this record is a diamond. It’s (sadly) beautiful, it’s Paul at his wildest. Paul doesn’t just remind us here of why we love Replacements so much, he sends a convincing signal that he has a lot to say. Obviously, he will be over the hill in 2009, but this record shows that we have nothing to worry about.

2. Alejando Escovedo – Real Animal

Alejandro EscovedoRock’n’roll veteran Alejandro has a story to tell. The story is about his life and his job – a rock’n’roll musician. He gave it all to his calling, and the calling took it all away. After a serious battle for life (versus hepatitis c) a few years ago, Alejandro emerged stronger than ever. In 2008, rejuvenated Alejandro with help of Chuck Prophet and producer Tony Visconti, put his life story in a form of an oldfashioned rock record (double LP if you got the vinyl version). And it’s a great record that will turn classic. Time will show, I’m sure.


3. Endless Boogie – Focus Level

Endless BoogieHere’s a Brooklyn band that is a complete antithesis to a standard New York City band. They are not pretty, they don’t wear designer clothes, they pretty much stick to just one chord through the wole song, they named themselves after a Johnny Lee Hooker record, their singer makes pig sounds as he sings. They don’t even have a website and their only myspace friend is Tom… And this is all great. New York, the world, we all need this band to remind us what the true value of rock’n’roll is.

4. Gentleman Jesse And His Men

Gentleman JesseJesse Smith, a gentleman with a band, is a total retro. Their self-titled album is an excercise in stlye. This album sounds like it was recorded in 1979 on Stiff Records. And I didn’t know any better, I’d be totally fooled. After the first listen I wondered (and I still haven’t figured out) how they were able to draw such a convincing ’70s sound. Props to the producer Dave Rahn (from a little known Atlanta band Carbonas on Goner Records). And then you start noticing that Smith has a songwriting talent that can actually stand head to head with all those great works of Nick Lowe, Wreckless Eric, Clive Gregson, Elvis Costello…


5. Dirtmusic

DirtmusicWhen Chris Brokaw, Chris Eckman and Hugo Race decided to form a trio, their main objective is to learn from each other, share experiences as artists and musicians. As you can imagine, when you put three great authors together in an unusually creative situation, great things happen. The idea was to turn to conservatively traditional forms musically and expand them with touching and deeply personal experiences. And honestly, results are so strong that yours truly was driven to tears on track 10.


6. Brimstone Howl – We Came In Peace

Brimstone HowlOmaha band Brinstone Howl took upon themselves a seemingly impossible task to fuse The Cramps with Flannery O’Connor. With help of Jim Diamond behind the knobs, We Came In Peace is a stellar proof of their successful result. Now, how in the world Rod Sterling fits into the whole picture (a third name that the band cites as an influence on their myspace page), I guess you will have to find out by listening to their music. Omaha is a twilight zone where all those crazy influences converged into one.


7. Tim Lee – Good2b3

Tim Lee 3Tim Lee is a southern gentleman with a respectable career in rock’n’roll behind him. He started out in Mississippi’s own new wave outfit The Windbreakers. Like all proper things that come from the south, Tim’s new wave was deeply rooted in rock’n’roll traditions while still being always fresh. Forward thinking college rock crowd at the time embraced The Windbreakers as a rare jewel and the band kept their cult status throughout the years. Tim also had a very special interstate adventure with Matt Piucci when they gathered Gone Fishin’ recorded a great lost masterpiece Can’t Get Lost When You’re Goin’ Nowhere in 1987. But, much like his friend Steve Wynn, Tim Lee is experiencing a new, exceptionally strong artistic inspiration in past several years with his new trio Tim Lee 3. Baring the sound down to the bones – bass, guitars and drums with added confessional lyrics to top it all, Lee and his trio deliver a straight-forward rock with honesty rarely found today and any day. The new album Good2b3 (Paisley Pop Label 2008), is third in row aimed at the same direction. What adds extra oil to this burning hot platter is contribution from Susan Bauer Lee, bass player of the band and Tim’s wife, who contributes as an author and performer as much as Tim does on this new album. A special credit for this record definitely goes to its engineers Craig Schumacher and Chris Schultz who run Wave Lab Studios in Tucson AZ and who are obviously responsible for capturing the greasy, Crazy-horse-like, live sound of the band.