Flashlite #757

Robbie Robertson

Today we open with a new single for a Melbourne band The Prize. Then we go to Sweden where we check out the new name for us, Finnjavlar. Then we dive into a Blue Arrow Records block with tunes for their new releases by Stutter Steps and The Wind-Ups. Legendary California bands Trotsky Icepick and Rain Parade are back with new tunes. And so is Chris Stamey, legendary founder of The dBs. Natural Child from Nashville are back with a new album. We have a special treat for Guided By Voices fans. They have a new album out and their former member Tobin Sprout has a record of previously unreleased tunes. We hear these two tunes as if they came out together on an album, together with signature low fi and tape dropouts characteristic for the early GBV albums. We close the show with a tribute to Robbie Robertson who passed away on August 9th at the age of 80.


Jackie De Shannon – I Got My Reason
The Prize – First Sight
Finnjavlar – Life For You
The Whiffs – Satellites
Stutter Steps – Lift
The Wind-Ups – Jonathan Says
Trotsky Icepick – Windowpane
Trotsky Icepick – Before My Madness Caves In
Rain Parade – Bring You Back
Rain Parade – What’s She Done To Your Mind
The dB’s – If & When
Chris Stamey – Back in New York
Guided By Voices – Romeo Surgeon
Tobin Sprout – Bad Scenes
Natural Chold – Playin’ In The Band
Natural Child – Little Magic
The Band – The Weight
The Band – Look Out Cleveland
The Band – Time To Kill
The Band – Chest Fever

Flashlite #756

Ceramic Dog

Psych review today. We check out the new tunes by The Black Delta Movement over in UK. Also in UK, we have Dead Sea Apes. In Australia, we check out Brown Spirits. On the US side of things, we have Sun Astros, Mammatus and Helen Kelter Skelter. Marc Ribot is also back with his Ceramic Dog. Norwegian masters Motorpsycho are also back with a new record and it sounds a bit lighter than the what we normally used from them.


Ribbons of Euphoria – Invisible Prison
The Black Delta Movement – Always Home
Ceramic Dog – Connection
Korb – Ritual For The Gods
Sun Astros – She’s Gotta Man
Dead Sea Apes – Truther
Dead Flowers – Altered State Circus
Helen Kelter Skelter – Sceptre
Mammatus – Expanding Majesty
Goat – Goatman
Brown Spirits – Dead End Exits
Motorpsycho – Patterns
Motorpsycho – The Dowser

Flashlite #755

Taxi Girls

Today we dive into the recent garage rock scene. We check out Vains with a US and Canadian combined line up, Canadian ladies Taxi Girls, Far Out from Brisbane, Generador from Spain, Frankie and The Witch Fingers LA, Fuzillis from London, Spills Denver CO and Baron Four from UK. Mings from Eindhoven, Netherlands are back with the new single. It’s super cool to hear supergroup The Master Plan with members from Dictators, Fleshtones and Waxing Poetics.


Cheater Slicks – Pipsqueek
Vains – Petroleum King
Taxi Girls – Good Grace
JJ & The Real Jerks – Rat Beach
Cable Ties – Time for You
The Master Plan – I Wanna Feel Something
The Far Outs – Bad News For You
The Missing Links – Wild About You
King Khan – John B’s Lament
Generador – Voy Cuesta Abajo
Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Mild Davis
The Golden Gaytimes – The Golden Gaytimes Theme
CLASS – Grid Stress
The Fuzillis – Tacoma
The Spells – I Don’t Want a Legacy
Heartbeeps – Never Stop
Neverland Ranch Davidians – Rat Patrol
The Mings – Lies
The Baron Four – What Can I Do
Paint Fumes – My Dreams
Tee Vee Repairman – Drownin’

Flashlite #754

Severa Gjurin

Today we check out the latest tunes from whatever was left of Yugoslavia. We start with Norveska Suma from Novi Sad and Detroit Groove Gang (they claim they are from Croatia, Michigan). Over in Ljubljana, we check out Misli and Lelee. Damjan Manevski is behind both bands. Severa Gjurin, also from Ljubljana had a nice single last winter, so we check it out now in the middle of summer. Croatia always had small towns with interesting bands. That tradition continues and in this episode we check out M.O.R.T. from Sinj and Skotni Vrag from Virovitica. Serbia also has small towns, and Marko Artukovic comes from Sabac. Tidal Pull has a new single and so does the veterans Rebel Star.


Izae – Poluprozirna
Detroit Groove Gang – Little Barry
Norveska suma – Sumrak
Stijene – Tri svijeta
Misli – Pravo uvo
LELEE – Nestaješ
Ned O’Millick Cooperative – Za Dzonija
M.O.R.T. – Svijet se sužava
Skotni Vrag – Skotni Vrag
Vozdra – Vozdra Coek
Tidal Pull – Glas 42
Severa Gjurin – Kamin
Peter Meze in Janc Galc – Zatocisce
Rebel Star – Mesec
Marko Artukovic – Ponekad se setim
Muzej Sarvan – Muzicari loseg kova

Flashlite #753

Michot's Melody Makers

Today we have a focus on new music that either came from Louisiana or it’s inspired by Louisiana. Lew Winston Band over in Montreal has some recent tunes that we haven’t played in our previous review of Louisiana music. Legendary Ivan Neville Leyla McCalla is collaborating with Michot’s Melody Makers from Lafayette on a warmly intimate new album of songs. Quintron is back under a moniker Bobby M.G. John Qui Saute from France and Eddie 9V from Atlanta have music inspired by Louisiana. We check out two New Orleans brass bands too: Hot 8 Brass Band and Wit’s End Brass Band. We pay a tribute to Huey Piano Smith who passed away at the age of 89 in Baton Rouge.


Le Winston Band – Laisse mon coeur tranquille
Le Winston Band – Retomber en enfance
Michot’s Melody Makers with Leyla McCalla – Latibonit
Michot’s Melody Makers – Reveil Michot
Eddie 9V – Yella Alligator
John Qui Saute – To the Rodeo
Lost Bayou Ramblers – My Generation
Feufollet – Les jours sont longs
Bobby M.G. and the Qreeps – Mardi Gras Creep
Geraint watkins – Heaven
Black John The Conqueror
Ivan Neville – Greatest Place On Earth
Huey Piano Smith – Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu
Huey Piano Smith – Don’t You Know Yockomo
Huey Piano Smith – Little Liza Jane
Hot 8 Brass Band – Sexual Healing
Wit’s End Brass Band – La Nena
Dirty Dozen Brass Band – Do It Fluid