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Flashlite #755

Taxi Girls

Today we dive into the recent garage rock scene. We check out Vains with a US and Canadian combined line up, Canadian ladies Taxi Girls, Far Out from Brisbane, Generador from Spain, Frankie and The Witch Fingers LA, Fuzillis from London, Spills Denver CO and Baron Four from UK. Mings from Eindhoven, Netherlands are back with the new single. It’s super cool to hear supergroup The Master Plan with members from Dictators, Fleshtones and Waxing Poetics.


Cheater Slicks – Pipsqueek
Vains – Petroleum King
Taxi Girls – Good Grace
JJ & The Real Jerks – Rat Beach
Cable Ties – Time for You
The Master Plan – I Wanna Feel Something
The Far Outs – Bad News For You
The Missing Links – Wild About You
King Khan – John B’s Lament
Generador – Voy Cuesta Abajo
Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Mild Davis
The Golden Gaytimes – The Golden Gaytimes Theme
CLASS – Grid Stress
The Fuzillis – Tacoma
The Spells – I Don’t Want a Legacy
Heartbeeps – Never Stop
Neverland Ranch Davidians – Rat Patrol
The Mings – Lies
The Baron Four – What Can I Do
Paint Fumes – My Dreams
Tee Vee Repairman – Drownin’