Flashlite #216

Jason MolinaToday we have two big comebacks. Mudhoney are back with the new album Vanishing Point after five years and Godfathers are back after 18 years wutg a new record Jukebox Fury. We also present the Rain, a new name from Norway, a trio obsessed with The Beatles. Another new name today is Purling Hiss from Philadelphia. We also have announcements for new records from Thalia Zedek (ex Come) and Michael Tarbox (ex Tarbox Ramblers). Mark Lanegan joined forces with London based musician Duke Garwood on a new record called Black Pudding.

This show is dedicated to Jason Molina of Songs Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. who died on March 16 this year in Indianapolis.

Mikal Cronin – All I Really Wanna Do;
Mudhoney – Into The Drink;
Mudhoney – I Like It Small;
The Godfathers – I Want Everything;
The Godfatehrs – If I Only Could;
Tim Lee 3 – Weird Weather;
Rain – A Day in the Life;
Purling Hiss – Rat Race;
Come – Orbit;
Thalia Zedek Band – Walk Away;
Michael Tarbox – When The Fire’s Out;
Tarbox Ramblers – Already Gone;
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – Year Of Our Lord;
Songs Ohia – I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost;
Spacer Ace – Live in CLE;
Brian Lisik – Small Town Royal Family;
Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood – War Memorial.

DJ Set At The Blue Arrow Records Yesterday

Once again, I arranged a DJ set at The Blue Arrow Records, my favorite records store in Cleveland. Many thanks for Pete and Debbie who run this store with an amazing enthusiasm. Thanks also those who stopped by. See you again over there soon I hope! This is the entire playlist from that set.

  Pierced Arrows – Paranoia;
Divine Horsemen – Voodoo Idol;
The Replacements – Cruella Deville;
Bob Mould – Stop Your Crying;
Dream Syndicate – Let It Rain;
The Mercy Seat – Let The Curch Roll On;
Think As Incas – Palestine One Mile;
Sweet Apple – I Wish You Coould Stay A Little Longer;
Veronica Falls – Teenage;
Velvet Underground – I’m Waiting For The Man;
Sonic Youth – Within You Without You;
The Dukes Of Stratosphear – Little Lighthouse;
R. Stevie Moore – Compatibility Leaves;
Tyla Gang – Suicide Jockey;
Long Ryders – I Want You Bad;
Tom Robinson Band – 2 4 6 8 Motorway;
Green on Red – Hair of the Dog;
Dr Feelgood – Riot in cell block no.9;
Tim Lee 3 – Devil’s Rope;
Any Trouble – Playing Bogart;
Zeitgeist – Blue Eyes;
Nick Lowe – Cruel To Be Kind;
Redd Kross – Winter Blues;
Sweet – Fox On The Run;
Utopia – Where Does The World Go To Hide;
Big Star – The Ballad of El Goodo;
Mega City Four – Words That Say;
Prefab Sprout – Elegance;
The Rolling Stones – Time Waits For No None;
Grupa 220 – Grad.

Flashlite #215

Major StarsA very heavy show tonight, folks. We start off with the new band from San Francisco, Hot Lunch. They have a new record on Tee Pee that is an awesome tribute to the old hard rock records that used to come out on Vertigo or Deram labels in England. Then we have the newly discovered Jimi Hendrix recordings. Then we introduce two new bands: John The Conqueror from Philadelphia and another heavy one Major Stars from Boston. Thee Oh Sees are back with the new record called Floating Coffin and Natural Child have another great single. Cheater Slicks come from Columbus OH, and we listen to their new music as well. Finally, Queens band Hollis Brown are here for the first time. And yes, they name come from a Bob Dylan tune!

Bevel Emboss – Arabic;
Hot Lunch – Killer Smile;
Jimi Hendrix – Somewhere;
Leaf Hound – Freelance Fiend;
John The Conqueror – Come Home With Me;
Major Stars – Blank State;
Pretty Things – Old Man Going;
Thee Oh Sees – I Come From The Mountain;
Natural Child – Nathan’s Blues;
The Id – Short Circut;
The Resonars – Vanishing People;
Cheater Slicks – Hook or Crook;
Tim Lee 3 – Cinnamon Girl (live);
Hollis Brown – Down On Your Luck;
Hot Nun – Fight Fight Fight;
Veronica Falls – Starry Eyes (Live in CLE);
Roky Erickson – Starry Eyes.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Eyes Like The Sky

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Eyes Like The SkyWhile Tame Impala is becoming one of the most popular bands in the world at the moment, there are also other bands, making up together a very strong and promising new psychedelic and garage rock scene over in Australia. We learned this fact last year thorough a very interesting tribute to the legendary Nuggets. A number of young Australian rockers covered each one song from the original Nuggets for its fortieth anniversary and the result was the new compilation record known as Nuggets: Antipodean Interpolations of the First Psychedelic Era. One of the central roles on that compilation record was a seven-piece with a silly band name King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard who covered Open My Eyes by The Nazz. They also have a new record out called Eyes Like The Sky, which is a topic of today’s review.

I know very little about King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. The photographs of the band clearly shows that they are quite young and a few texts mention that they come from Melbourne. Sound-wise, it appears that they are very imaginative and very competent musicians. The record that we are reviewing today has been posted on their band camp page for some time now and the vinyl record release is scheduled for April this year in Australia.

The record is a concept effort centered around a wild west tale in the USA, set right after the civil war. My perception that the record works as some kind of a soundtrack to an imaginary western or a novel or maybe even a comic book. Western imagery is obviously close to the spaghetti westerns but another close comparison is what one can find for instance in the Italian series of graphic novels about Ken Parker, created by Berardi and Milazzo, and it covers about the same historical period.

Gunshots, galloping horses, barking dogs, blacksmith tools and native American chants are all worked well into the larger musical picture. But what really works amazingly well on this record is the narration, here performed by the Australian singer and songwriter Broderick Smith who also wrote the actual story so effectively dramatized musically by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Mr. Smith does the narration in a flawless American accent, despite being an Englishman who moved with parents to Australia at a very young age.

The story is short and moves quickly, but there are a lot of memorably poetic moments which are often accentuated by the musical dramatization of the band. Check these lines out: “One thing a white man should never do is move towards an Apache, because you can never get there. How do you catch dust in the wind?”

Broderick Smith is virtually unknown outside his country, but hw is fairly famous in his homeland. Multi-talented, he had an early success with rock bands Carson and The Dingos in the early seventies and more recently, he has a steady acting career on Australian television. It would be interesting to find out how this collaboration came about, but the news from Australia are coming very slowly.

The whole package is a nail-baiting drama that flows like a great rock record, despite the novelty feel to it. Well done lads!

First published on rockxs.com.

Flashlite #214

FreddaUnfortunately, we say goodbye to two great people who influenced rock’n’roll greatly. Alvin Lee from Ten Years After left us on March 6th and George Shadow Morton, producer of the Shangri-Las left us on February 14th. But, we also have a survival story. You probably already heard that Slim Dunlap, the guitar player of The Replacements suffered a stroke last year and he survived it. Although the recovery is slow and expensive, he is holding tight. His old bandmates decided to have a small reunion and make an EP which would directly help Dunlap with the recovery costs. The limited edition EP auction did very well and and now it is scheduled for the regular release as a download and a sound carrier. We hear one of the songs from this record today. We also have one new name today for us, her name is Fredda and she’s from France, but with ties in Tucson AZ. She will be a part of Vacilando 68 promotional campaign this year at SXSW. Another new name is The Go from Detroit. They nurture the retro 60s sound. Guadalupe Plata are also back with the new record and Derek Deprator is also back with a very nice instrumental tune. Probably the most exciting new thing today is King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard with their western conceptual record called Eyes Like The Sky, narrated by Broderick Smith of The Dingoes.

Gordon Lightfoot – I’m Not Saying;
The Replacements – I’m Not Sayin’;
Guadalupe Plata – Esclavo;
Endless Boogie – Occult Banker;
The Dirtbombs – Do You See My Love (For You Growing) Live in CLE;
The Dingoes – Goin’ Down Again;
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – Evil Man;
Mountain – Theme For An Imaginary Western;
The Go – Voices Rant On;
Fredda – Morin Heights;
The Shangri-Las – Remember (Walking in the Sand);
Ten Years After – One of These Days;
Derek Paul DePrațr РWhere Did You Go.

Flashlite #213 – Vinyl Junkyard 6

KLSU reviewHere is another special in the “Vinyl Jukyard” series. I will fill the entire hour of today’s show with the records that once belonged to the KLSU library. I started my show back in 2001. Around that time, one of the former DJs, Josh was leaving Baton Rouge and I was fortunate that he gave me a big pile of records that he didn’t feel like moving. And he got all those records back in 1996 when the student media faculty decided to throw away all those records into a big trash container between KLSU and the stadium. Luckily Josh saved all those records and some of them are now in my hands. So, today’s topic literally fits the series title. All records had interesting reviews handwritten on the record sleeves. Today we will be reading parts of these reviews for the fun of it and we will be playing these rare records that define the lost history of golden age of underground rock and college radio in Baton Rouge, if not the entire United States. Today’s show is dedicated to all the former and current KLSU djs! Special thanks to Rob Rioux who was always there to help back when I started the show.

Jules Shear – Open Your Eyes;
Viv Akauldren – Looking At You;
True West – I’m Not There;
Spiral Jetty – Desire Is The Only Gravity;
Died Pretty – Stoneage Cinderella;
The Steppes – Do You Think It’s Right;
The Silos – Start The Clock;
The Figures – Easy To Slip;
Angst – Richard Cory;
True Believers – So Blue About You;
Lucinda Williams – Side Of The Road;
Phranc – One Of The Girls;
The Housemartins – Build;
Any Trouble – Romance;
D. D. Ranged – What’s Going On.