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Flashlite #643


In the recent years, every now and then, a great female artists shows up on the country scene. And this week, we have a really food selection of those with new tunes. Rosali teamed up with David Nance on her new record and the results are great. Jenny Don’t and her Spurs from Portland, Oregon push through with a new album. We introduce also Kelly McFarling from California, Janet Simpson from Alabama. Hilde Vos is based out in Netherlands, but fits in perfectly in this largely North American line up. Shaye Zadravec from Canada covers an alt country anthem Windfall by Son Volt. Original was a huge hit on KLSU. We open up with a new track from DeeOgGee (who used to go by as Barefoot Gypsies) and we check out the country band from Australia, Michael Carpenter and The Banks Brothers.

Sara Petite – Feeling Like an Angel;
DeeOhGee – Going To The Woods;
Michael Carpenter and The Banks Brothers – Brothers;
Meat Puppets – Six Gallon Pie;
Beth Lee – Yale St and 45;
Rosali – Whatever Love;
Jenny Don’t & The Spurs – Fire On The Ridge;
Esther Rose – Good Time;
Lynn Miles – A Heart Can Only Take So Much;
Kelly McFarling – Century;
Janet Simpson – I’m Wrong;
Imelda May – Just One Kiss (feat. Ronnie Wood);
Hannah White & The Nordic Connections – City Beats;
Norma McDonald – Temperamental Year;
Shemekia Copeland – Uncivil War;
Hilde Vos – Truth #2;
Shaye Zadravec – Windfall;
Bonnie Prince Billy – New Memory Box.

Flashlite #213 – Vinyl Junkyard 6

KLSU reviewHere is another special in the “Vinyl Jukyard” series. I will fill the entire hour of today’s show with the records that once belonged to the KLSU library. I started my show back in 2001. Around that time, one of the former DJs, Josh was leaving Baton Rouge and I was fortunate that he gave me a big pile of records that he didn’t feel like moving. And he got all those records back in 1996 when the student media faculty decided to throw away all those records into a big trash container between KLSU and the stadium. Luckily Josh saved all those records and some of them are now in my hands. So, today’s topic literally fits the series title. All records had interesting reviews handwritten on the record sleeves. Today we will be reading parts of these reviews for the fun of it and we will be playing these rare records that define the lost history of golden age of underground rock and college radio in Baton Rouge, if not the entire United States. Today’s show is dedicated to all the former and current KLSU djs! Special thanks to Rob Rioux who was always there to help back when I started the show.

Jules Shear – Open Your Eyes;
Viv Akauldren – Looking At You;
True West – I’m Not There;
Spiral Jetty – Desire Is The Only Gravity;
Died Pretty – Stoneage Cinderella;
The Steppes – Do You Think It’s Right;
The Silos – Start The Clock;
The Figures – Easy To Slip;
Angst – Richard Cory;
True Believers – So Blue About You;
Lucinda Williams – Side Of The Road;
Phranc – One Of The Girls;
The Housemartins – Build;
Any Trouble – Romance;
D. D. Ranged – What’s Going On.

Flashlite #108 – 10 Years of The Little Lighthouse

10 YearsExactly 10 years ago, on this day, I broadcasted the very first The Little Lighthouse. At the time, it was a two-hour radio show on college radio station KLSU. With the second show, on January 27th, The Little Lighthouse also got a website and became one of the first podcasts ever on Internet, before the evil corporation Apple even coined the term, before the first mp3 players became a household item. But more importantly, this show became a vent for me to enjoy and understand new and old music in a new, exciting way. Starting with today’s show, and further in 2011, I will try to recall highlights of the first season as it was unrolling. I am alsoo very happy to announce that The Little Lighthouse will from now on be syndicated at another radio station, in addition to Radio SC in Zagreb: it’s the brand new radio station in Kragujevac, Serbia called Radio Centar 987. These guys are setting up their antenna as we speak, so I will let you all know more details when the regular program starts. In today’s show we hear some of the highlights from the very first show. Also, we have a brand new cd by Tom Getter Slack, who was one of the stars of the first seasons. This is his first album in ten years. But, in the first half of the show, we review the best singles, eps and other short form records and the best reissues of 2010. Happy birthday to The Little Lighthouse!

Davila 666 – Mariel;
Mad Dukes – Joey Superteen’s Gone;
The Rolling Stones – Plundered My Soul;
Sweet Apple – Dead Moon (demo);
Drive-By Truckers – Where’s Eddie;
Range Rats – Lonely;
Elvis Costello – Lip Service;
Gibson Bros. – Mississippi Bo Weevil;
Giant Sand – Dead Air;
The Rolling Stones – Sweet Virginia;
Damien Youth – The Little Lighthouse (On The Radio);
Fruit Sandal/The Akibas – Baltimore Harbour;
Chris Whitley – Automatic;
Big Star – September Gurls;
Mega City Four – Words That Stay;
Laura Nyro – Buy And Sell;
Fruit Sandal/The Akibas – – Down Along The Road;
Tom Getter Slack – Can’t Feel Sad;
Tom Getter Slack – Your Love.