Flashlite #132

Peter BlegvadWe take it easy today. I haven’t heard much from Peter Blegvad in a while, so I hit a search on him. It turns out he’s been putting new songs up on an excellent podcast called Radio Free Song Club. Very nice songs and a super interesting website! Check out also Skoca’s recent podcast for more Blegvad tunes. Ty Segall very recently had an ep with the T Rex songs and now they are back with their own new long player. Paul McCartney celebrates 69th birthday with reissues of McCartney and McCartney 2 – two albums that he created in isolation full with spontaneous sound experimentations. Normals, a punk band from New Orleans receive a new polish on the reissue of their songs from their prime.

Naim Amor – Prescious Second;
Dear Thief – Hero;
The Normals – Got You Runnin’;
The Mice – Crystal Silence;
Bubblegum Lemonade – You’re Still Beautiful (When You’re Sad);
Happy Birthday – Maxine the Teenage Eskimo;
Kinks – Where Have All The Good Times Go;
Russ Tolman – There I Am;
True West – What About You;
Peter Blegvad – Golden Helmet;
Paul McCartney – Don’t Cry Baby;
Paul McCartney – Mr H Atom – You Know I’ll Get You Baby;
Exeene Cservenka – Long Time Ago;
Dead Rock West – God Help Me;
Ty Segall – Elemental Child;
Ty Segall – I Am With You;
Mega City Four – Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely.

Flashlite #131

Clarence ClemonsToday’s show is dedicated to Clarence Clemons, the original saxophonist of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. We start with three E Street songs in which I think Clarence particularly shined. We also have new albums for the Serbian band Eva Braun and college rock legends The Silos. Their new album is an unusually shiny summer deal and it’s call Florizona – obviously a name that connects Florida and Arizona. Talking about Arizona, Howe Gelb also has a new album called Snarl Some Piano. It’s mostly a piano record, and we check it out today as well. We hear, Tommy Stinson is about to finish up recording the new record and some of the songs that will appear on this album were beautifully showcased on Minnesota Public Radio. The one that I picked for today has a part co-written with Paul Westerberg. And finally, we introduce a new name at the Little Lighthouse, his name is Frederick Squire and he has a new single with Kate Maki. The last song on the playlist is an old underground hit for the Cleveland band Death of Samantha. They had a brief reunion last weekend when Doug Gillard, their original guitarist, returned to town.

Brother Claude Ely – Thre Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down;
Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band – Night;
Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band – Spirit In The Night;
Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band – Ramrod;
Joe Grushecky – What Did You Do In The War;
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Touch You;
The Silos – White Vinyl;
Bash And Pop – Tiny Pieces;
Perfect – Little Drum;
Tommy Stinson – Match Made In Hell;
Lisa Majersky – Uncle Ed And Them;
Kate Maki – Ode;
Frederick Squire And Katherine Maki – Crazy Tropical Survival Guide;
Howe Gelb – Better Man;
The Parties – When The Weekends Over;
Eva Braun – Istra;
Death of Samantha – Blood And Shaving Cream.

Flashlite #130

Benny SpellmanMore bad news this week… Steve Popovich, rock maverick from Cleveland who indebted the world with many great records died last week in Tennessee at the age of 68. Steve was a musical promoter and record label owner in the golden age of ’70s when he helped manage careers of Bruce Springsteen, Cheap Trick, Boz Scaggs, Joe Grushecky, Southside Johnny, Ronnie Spector, Meat Loaf, Johnny Cash – just to name a few. He was a rare breed, a promoter who truly cared for the music he was promoting, someone who believed in what he liked, even if there was no conventional logic for pushing what he pushed. In that way, he is a true inspiration. We also say goodbye to Benny Spellman, a New Orleans singer who also died last week in his hometown at the age of 79. He left behind exciting early rock songs such as Fortune Teller and Lipstick Traces On A Cigarette, both written by Allen Toussaint. We also throw in a few new records. We introduce Dead Rock West from LA, a band clearly influenced by X. Also, we have new albums for Kate Maki and John Paul Keith. Mama Rosin, zydeco band from Switzerland is also back with a collaboration with Hipbone Slim.

The Euclid Beach Band – There’s No Surf in Cleveland;
Ronnie Spector – Say Goodbye To Hollywood;
Ian Hunter – Just Another Night;
Iron City Houserockers – Love’s So Tough;
Johnny Cash – Heavy Metal;
Dead Rock West – Ain’t No Grave;
Dead Rock West – On The Outside;
Centromatic – Most Everyone Will Find;
John Paul Keith – Bad Luck Baby;
John Paul Keith – Otherwise;
The Rolling Stones – Fortune Teller;
Benny Spellman – Fortune Teller;
Benny Spellman – I Feel Good;
Joe Jones – California Sun;
Mama Rosin with Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers – Louisiana Sun;
Ramones – California Sun;
SexA – Kupanje;
Kate Maki – From Below;
Kate Maki – The Signal.

Flashlite #129

Gil Scott-HeronToday we have one cause and three obituaries. First the cause… We would like to help the music producer from Arizona Craig Schumacher to raise funds for his battle with cancer. Through the nineties and on Craig helped either as an engineer or a guest musician or a producer on many great records by various bands in and out of Arizona (such as Green On Red and Calexico or Tim Lee 3, Steve Wynn and Neko Case). Craig is now battling the cancer (and the health system) and needs your help. Go to this link and check out what you can do: craigvscancer.chipin.com In addition to the cause for Craig, we also have three obituaries. We remember Gil Scott-Heron, Owsley Stanley and John Walker.

Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised;
Gil Scott-Heron – Lady Day and John Coltrane;
Gil Scott Heron And Brian Jackson – The Bottle;
Gil Scott-Heron – Free Will;
Frank Zappa And The Mothers – Who Needs The Peace Corps;
The Grateful Dead – Alice D. Millionaire;
Janis Joplin – Try (Just A Little Bit Harder);
The Walker Brothers – The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore;
The Walker Brothers – Love Minus Zero;
The Walker Brothers – Saddest Night In The World;
John Walker – True Grift;
Friends of Dean Martinez – Cabeza De Mojado;
Steve Wynn – There Will Come A Day;
Green On Red – She’s All Mine;
The Band of Blacky Ranchette – Mope-a-Long Rides Again;
Tim Lee 3 – Mile-Long Midway.

Flashlite #128

Laura CantrellOne Hundred Dollars is an americana band from Toronto. They have a third album out called Song of Man, but this is their debut at The Little Lighthouse. DM Bob and The Deficits is another americana band in today’s show, but they draw their main influences from the 80s cow punk. Still, they hail from a very unamerican Hamburg in Germany and DM stands for Deutch Mark. Japanese retro rockers The Routes also debut today at the show with their new record called Alligator. Singing Loins are well known to our visitors and they have a new single out. It makes me very happy to see that Laura Cantrell is also back with a new album filled with Kitty Wells covers.

Ray Charles – I Can’t Stop Loving You;
The Berkeley Squires – The Best I Can;
Hunx And His Punx – Tonite Tonite;
Bäddat För Trubbel – Snälla, Snälla;
Harlan T Bobo – My Life;
The Routes – Be My Jane;
DM Bob and the Deficits – Satellite of Love;
Lou Reed – Sattelite Of Love;
Booker T. Jones – The Bronx (Featuring Lou Reed);
Blue Sandalwood Soap – Northwest Airlines;
The Rolling Stones – Good times, bad times;
Peter Case – Good Times, Bad Times;
One Hundred Dollars – Work;
The Singing Loins – Ain’t The World A Lovely Place;
Niam Amor and Susie Hug – Les Bruits;
Bonnie Whitmore – GTO;
Laura Cantrell – Kitty Wells Dresses;
Kitty Wells – I Can’t Stop Loving You.