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Flashlite #237

Sid SelvidgeToday’s show is dedicated to Sid Selvidge. He was a part of the Mud Boy and The Neutrons, a group of highly influential Memphis musicians. Lee Baker on guitar and Jim Dickinson on piano both passed away relatively recently, and Sid, who was the lead singer, just died in May this year. He was an incredible talent and a great singer who did not put out a lot of records, but nevertheless, influenced many. We also have Bassholes with their new record called Boogieman Stew and King Khan also with his new record called Idle No More. We also introduce a new super-group, consisting of Eddie Munoz from Plimsouls, Clem Burke from Blondie and Keith Streng from Fleshtones. It’s called The Split Squad. Our Australian favorites, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizzard are back with a new Internet single, a cover of T. Rex song Lean Woman Blues.

Mud Boy And The Neutrons – Angel Band;
Mud Boy And The Neutrons – Bo Diddley;
Sid Selvidge – That’s How I Got to Memphis;
Sid Selvidge – Miss Eleana;
Sid Selvidge – By Your Side;
Mud Boy And The Neutrons – I’ve Goa A Secret;
Marcia Ball – Live in CLE;
The Groundhogs – Express Man;
Bassholes – Express Man
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Lean Woman Blues;
T. Rex – Lean Woman Blues;
King Khan – Come Levitate With Me;
King Khan – So Wild;
The Split Squad – Touch and Go;
The Split Squad – Teenarama.

Flashlite #132

Peter BlegvadWe take it easy today. I haven’t heard much from Peter Blegvad in a while, so I hit a search on him. It turns out he’s been putting new songs up on an excellent podcast called Radio Free Song Club. Very nice songs and a super interesting website! Check out also Skoca’s recent podcast for more Blegvad tunes. Ty Segall very recently had an ep with the T Rex songs and now they are back with their own new long player. Paul McCartney celebrates 69th birthday with reissues of McCartney and McCartney 2 – two albums that he created in isolation full with spontaneous sound experimentations. Normals, a punk band from New Orleans receive a new polish on the reissue of their songs from their prime.

Naim Amor – Prescious Second;
Dear Thief – Hero;
The Normals – Got You Runnin’;
The Mice – Crystal Silence;
Bubblegum Lemonade – You’re Still Beautiful (When You’re Sad);
Happy Birthday – Maxine the Teenage Eskimo;
Kinks – Where Have All The Good Times Go;
Russ Tolman – There I Am;
True West – What About You;
Peter Blegvad – Golden Helmet;
Paul McCartney – Don’t Cry Baby;
Paul McCartney – Mr H Atom – You Know I’ll Get You Baby;
Exeene Cservenka – Long Time Ago;
Dead Rock West – God Help Me;
Ty Segall – Elemental Child;
Ty Segall – I Am With You;
Mega City Four – Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely.

Flashlite #124

Poly StyreneWe are sad to hear that two ladies that influenced pop and rock music greatly from completely opposite directions passed away recently within a single day. One is Poly Styrene, legendary front woman from the X-ray Spex. This punk sister changed the music forever with the unforgettable opening lines “Some people think that little girls should be seen and not heard. But i think: oh bondage, up yours! 1,2,3,4!”. The other one is Phoebe Snow, a singer songwriter from New York City that also changed the face of the music with her first album in 1974. Many performers today, and not only women, borrow today a lot from these two and they will be remembered. Other than paying tributes to Phoebe and Poly, we also introduce a new female singer songwriter Bonnie Whitmore from Nashville. Sam Phillips is also back with her new album. Then we also have a brand new EP for Ty Segall, which entirely consists of T Rex covers. Another new name today is Hunx and His Punks, also from San Francisco, just like Ty Segall.

Music Emporium – Nam Myo Renge Kyo;
X-ray Spex – Oh Bondage Up Yours;
X-ray Spex – Obsessed With You;
Junkers 5 – Suffragette City;
Sam Phillips – Same Changes;
Sam Phillips – Broken Circle;
Bonnie Whitmore – She Walks;
Lee Ann Womack – Im a Honky Tonk Girl;
Lucinda Williams – Ugly Truth;
Phoebe Snow – It Must Be Sunday;
Phoebe Snow – No Show Tonight;
Mellow Drunk – Morwen;
Ty Segall – Buick Mackane;
T Rex – Buick Mackane;
Beach Boys – You’re So Good To Me;
Dinosaur JR – Take A Run At The Sun;
Hunx And His Punx – Dream On (Little Dreamer);
Sonny and the Sunsets – She Plays Yoyo With My Mind.