Flashlite #87

Jennifer D'AngoraA lot of new stuff in this new episode of The Little Lighthouse. We have new albums for Hacienda, Willie Nelson and the former 16 Horsepower leader David Eugene Edwards. He’s now of course in Woven Hand. Kurt Vile has a new single. A new name at the Little Lighthouse is Jennifer D’Angora from Boston and her band Jenny Dee And The Deelinquents. They have a new version of one of the greatest songs in the world, Shake Some Action by the Flamin’ Groovies. This is how we start the show…

Eric Ambel – Shake Some Action;
The Flamin’ Groovies – Shake Some Action;
Jenny Dee And The Deelinquents – Shake Some Action;
Hacienda – You’re My Girl;
Hacienda – Angela;
Dan Auerbach and Hacienda – Prowl;
Mark and The Spies – Gimme Your Love;
Mark and The Spies – Find Yourself A Way;
Sweet Apple – Somebody Else’s Problem;
Pierced Arrows – Ain’t Life Strange;
Range Rats – Fast Freight Train;
Willie Nelson – Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down;
Uncle Tupelo – Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down;
16 horsepower – Black Soul Choir;
Woven Hand – The Threshing Floor;
Wounded Lion – Belt of Orion;
Wounded Lion – Carol Cloud;
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Two Left Feet;
Kurt Vile – Ocean City.

Flashlite #86

Kate Maki This episode is filled with music from some of the greatest female voices around today. We have new albums for Pieta Brown – One And All and Kate Maki – Two Song Wedding. We also have a brand new band from London, England called Betty and the Werewolves which has three girls who look like they could be sisters and one boy. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t have some sweaty manly rock’n’roll in today’s show – we end it with several tracks from the pub rock era. We dedicate today’s show to Predrag Ivanovic – 80 year old jazz musician from Belgrade who died on May 4th this year.

Vokalni Kvartet Predraga Ivanovica – Pod sjajem zvezda;
Vokalni kvartet Predraga Ivanovica – Veselo putovanje;
Zafir Hadzimanov i Vokalni Kvartet Predraga Ivanovica – Momci/Boys;
Pieta Brown – El Guero;
Pieta Brown – It’s Just as Well;
Rickie Lee Jones – Circle in the Sand;
Carly Simon – We Have No Secrets;
Betty and the Werewolves – Good as Gold;
Harlan T Bobo – Oh Boy;
Howe Gelb – Neon Filler;
Kate Maki and Howe Gelb – Bloodshot and Blistered;
Kate Maki – I’ll Be Here in the Morning;
Heavy Metal Kids – You Got Me Rollin’;
Little Bob Story – Don’t Let Me Misunderstood;
Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes – Got to be a Better Way Home;
Phosphorescent – It’s Hard to be Humble (When You’re From Alabama);
Warren Zevon – Play It All Night Long.

Flashlite #85

My Mind's EyeThis episode is a special dedicated to the record stores of Cleveland. Last Saturday afternoon I left out to see Bassholes. The gig was canceled so I decided to make a tour around Cleveland’s record stores. Friend of mine Jaime made me company. We first hit My Mind’s Eye which I frequently visit. The store has two rooms, one filled with CDs and other filled with two vinyl sections – one with new stuff and other with used stuff. There is also a section with literature. So I grabbed the newest Manchild by Brian Walshby. Again, it comes with Melvins CD as a bonus. I also got a few LPs. Then Jaime suggested we hit Hodad’s. I never been there before, but I love the place. A bunch of records of all genres and ages and a very cute 7″ section. This is the only store in Cleveland that has reasonable prices for 7″. Quality is good too. Jamie picked two local 7″: Cobra Verde’s split with Leaving Trains and Downsider Special – the old band for the Cobra Verde’s Frank Vazzano. Then we drove over to Collinwood where we hit my favorite store Blue Arrow Records. To my surprise, they had a new bargain bin section filled with 1 and 2 dollar records. It was not your typical bargain bin section – it had a lot of cool stuff. Among other’s phenomenal second LP for the House of Freaks, Tantilla. This was an opportunity for the owner of the Pete Gulyas and I to reminisce about the tragic demise of Bryan Harvey’s family. When we got to This Way Out, a photo shoot with some chick dressed in skimpy outfits took place over there. We took this opportunity to ruin their photo shoot by posing with them, and we spent some time chatting with Dave who reveals to us that he volunteers at the store in the breaks of being a rock star. Then we went to Music Saves the next door. It was closed for the moment, but we gave up waiting and left home with bags full of records. This show is (almost) entirely consisted of music bought that day!

The Washington Squares – Neal Cassidy;
Melvins – You’ve Never Been Right;
Tav Falco – Disappearing Angel;
Reigning Sound – Is It True;
Chain Link Fence – Need No Experience;
XTC – One of the Millions;
Cobra Verde – For My Woman;
Easybeats – For My Woman;
Leaving Trains – I’m Five Years Ahead of my Time;
Third Bardo – I’m Five Years Ahead of my Time;
The Downsider Special – Honey;
Tyla Gang – Cannons of the Boogie Night;
House of Freaks – I Want Answers;
Del Fuegos – It’s Alright;
Iron City Houserockers – Junior’s Bar;
Beach Boys – Good Vibrations;
Jackie DeShannon – Where Did the Sun Go;
Sweet Apple – Crawling Over Bodies.

Flashlite #84

The New PornographersA couple of new things this time… Matthew Houck is a new name here at The Little Lighthouse. He is from Brooklyn and performs under the moniker of Phosphorescent. Then we have two new bands from Austin TX – The Strange Boys and Harlem. Both bands have done some work in the past few years so they are already on influential record labels. Harlem is on Matador and Strange Boys are on In The Red. We’ve been following Thee Oh Sees since their great debut album The Master’s Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In. They are now back with a new LP called Warm Slime. The New Pornographers are also back with the new lp called simply Together The show is dedicated to the four dead in Ohio – the Kent State University shootings killed four people and one huge dream forty years ago.

Suzanne Vega – Knight Moves;
Thunderclap Newman – Something In The Air;
Crosby Stills Nash and Young – Ohio;
Gene Clark – Los Angeles;
Phosphorescent – Los Angeles;
The Troggs – With A Girl Like You;
The New Pornographers – Silver Jenny Dollar;
The New Pornographers – Arms Of Mary + Looking At A Baby;
Chris Bell – Get Away;
John’s Children – Sarah Crazy Child;
Harlem – Irresistable;
Harlem – Someday Soon;
Holly Golighthtly and the Brokeoffs – Murder In My Mind;
Thee Oh Sees – Adult Acid;
Thee Oh Sees – I Was Denied;
The Strange Boys – Dare I Say;
The Strange Boys – Probation Blues;
Dinosaur JR – Ocean In The Way.