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Flashlite #508

Death Valley GirlsDavid Nance who made a big splash with a series of very interesting Internet projects and a masterpiece album entitled Do The Negative Boogie is back with the new record which he calls Peaced and Slightly Pulverized. Handsome Jack, over in Buffalo NY is also back with the new album and so is Bim Thomas with Obnox. Electric Six have a new record and so do Death Valley Girls. Matthew Houck leads Phosphorescent to the new release as well. We also introduce the one-man band for Justin Sullivan of Flat Worms, which he calls Night Shop.

Jim Lauderdale – Violet;
Handsome Jack – Getting Stronger;
Obnox – I Hate Everything;
King Khan – Live in CLE;
David Nance – When I Saw You Last Night;
David Nance Group – Stalled Out;
Texxcoco – No Beach;
Thee Dagger Debs – Without You;
Death Valley Girls – Wear Black;
Electric Six – Bride of the Devil;
Electric Six – One;
The Fleshtones – R-I-G-H-T-S;
The Second Time – Listen To The Music;
Phosphorescent – Around The Horn;
Night Shop – The One I Love;
Boz Scaggs – Rock And Stick.

Flashlite #84

The New PornographersA couple of new things this time… Matthew Houck is a new name here at The Little Lighthouse. He is from Brooklyn and performs under the moniker of Phosphorescent. Then we have two new bands from Austin TX – The Strange Boys and Harlem. Both bands have done some work in the past few years so they are already on influential record labels. Harlem is on Matador and Strange Boys are on In The Red. We’ve been following Thee Oh Sees since their great debut album The Master’s Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In. They are now back with a new LP called Warm Slime. The New Pornographers are also back with the new lp called simply Together The show is dedicated to the four dead in Ohio – the Kent State University shootings killed four people and one huge dream forty years ago.

Suzanne Vega – Knight Moves;
Thunderclap Newman – Something In The Air;
Crosby Stills Nash and Young – Ohio;
Gene Clark – Los Angeles;
Phosphorescent – Los Angeles;
The Troggs – With A Girl Like You;
The New Pornographers – Silver Jenny Dollar;
The New Pornographers – Arms Of Mary + Looking At A Baby;
Chris Bell – Get Away;
John’s Children – Sarah Crazy Child;
Harlem – Irresistable;
Harlem – Someday Soon;
Holly Golighthtly and the Brokeoffs – Murder In My Mind;
Thee Oh Sees – Adult Acid;
Thee Oh Sees – I Was Denied;
The Strange Boys – Dare I Say;
The Strange Boys – Probation Blues;
Dinosaur JR – Ocean In The Way.