Flashlite #778

Sylvia Rose Novak

A nice show today featuring new music from Dream Machine’s Doris Melton, collaboration between Red Mass and Chantal Ambridge, yet another new album by Guided By Voices, new single by Sylvia Rose Novak and a return to the scene by Barbara Manning. We also introduce Girl With a Hawk (from Boston), Journals Kept (also from Massachusetts) and four ladies in a new band called Hedrons. LA band Momma collaborates with Narrow Head from Texas on a new split single, covering each other’s songs.


Jaimie Branch – Burning Grey
Girl With A Hawk – The Romantic
Doris Melton – Plutonium Bomb
Diners – Someday I’ll Go Surfing
Peach and Lee – It’s Up to You
Narrow Head – Medicine
Momma – Sunday
The Exbats – The Happy Castaway
The Lunar Laugh – Stranger Than Oz
Red Mass – ADDICTED ft Chantal Ambridge
Guided By Voices – For The Home
Uni Boys – I’m Alright
Jon Dee Graham – There’s a Ghost On the Train
The Hedrons – Turn the Video Off
The Journals Kept – Nothing In This World
Lilli Lewis – Happy Enough
Jenny Don’t & The Spurs – Fire In The Western World
Sylvia Rose Novak – Broad Strokes
Barbara Manning – I’m Running
Shake Some – Not Even You

Flashlite #777


Garage rock review today with a return by Australia’s Zerodent, return by Louisiana’s Dash Rip Rock, collaboration between Radio Birdman’s Deniz Tek and Angry Samoan’s Jeff Dahl and a new album by Brooklyn’s Dion Lunadon. From the garage rock capital of the world, Detroit, we check out new music from Tyvek and Sugar Tradition. Plus, introducing R.M.F.C. from Australia, KÜken from Hamburg, Bone Idl from Chepstow and Fret Rattles from Minneapolis.


The Amber Lights – Debbie by the christmas tree
KÜken – Black Air
Zerodent – Panic Bolt
Zerodent – Not Good For Me
Capsula – En El Infierno
Bone Idl – Goodwill
Dion Lunadon – Secrets
Dion Lunadon – It’s the Truth
Deniz Tek – Ballad of Chief Joseph
Deniz Tek & Jeff Dahl – Hate
Dash Rip Rock – True Drunk Love
Dash Rip Rock – Big Daddy Like Whiskey
Tyvek – Wayne County Roads
Tyvek – Trash & Junk
R.M.F.C. – Spectrum
CLASS – Behind the Ball
The Spells – En Vogue
Sugar Tradition – Fragile
Fret Rattles – Degeneration Ride
Outtacontroller – Less Is More
Taxi Girls – After Effect
Vains – Clean Slate

Flashlite #776

Hedvig Mollestad Weejuns

Today we check out the latest single from Ghost Funk Orchestra, new album (and project) by Hedvig Mollestad, new albums by The Third Mind, David Craven and Jon S Williams. We introduce King Tree and Earth Mothers from California, Black Delta Movement from the UK and Mondo Drag. In Levitation Sessions series, we check out Goat.


The Reverberations – Oscillation
Goat – Fill My Mouth
Ghost Funk Orchestra – Brownout
Japanese Television – Tabadaboum
King Tree & Earth Mothers – King Tree and The Earth Mothers – Be Free
Hedvig Mollestad Weejuns – Go At Your Peril
Mondo Drag – Passages
David Craven & Jon S Williams – Bike_
David Craven and Jon S Williams – Festival
The Black Delta Movement – The Landgrab
The Third Mind – In My Own Dream
The Third Sound – We’ll Be Together

Flashlite #775 – Best of 2023


Last week we reviewed part one of our list of best albums in 2023. This week it’s time to complete the top 30 list. 2023 was marked be great power pop records by Babaganouj, Diners, Exbats, Whiffs. Uni Boys top the list with an extremely catchy offering in that same genre. Sunny War had a killer roots rock album. I dig the repetitive quasi karut rock of Verstärker. Noisy offerings from BBQT, Starcrawler, The Tubs and Purling Hiss are good to tune out harsh realities of life. Jaimie Branch album surprised with a great combination of fun and experiment. It’s sad that she’s no longer with us. And let’s not forget Ukleti Dukat with their psychedelic pastorals of the Pannonian plains.


Babaganouj – She Wears Velvet
The Exbats – Himbo
The Whiffs – Romeo
Verstärker – Hinter dem Spiegel
The Tubs – Duped
Starcrawler – True
Diners – The Power
BBQT – Crashin’
Sunny War – Baby Bitch
Purling Hiss – Something In My Basement
Jaimie Branch – Baba Louie
Ukleti Dukat – Ukazanje na Obli
Ukleti Dukat – Ram za nekoliko poza Odlazak
Uni Boys – Intentions
Uni Boys – Say You’ll Make It Real
Uni Boys – I Want It Too

Best albums in 2023
1 Uni Boys - Buy This Now
2 Ukleti dukat - Odavno s druma
3 Jaimie Branch - Fly Or Die Fly Or Die Fly Or Die ((World War))
4 Purling Hiss - Drag On Girard
5 Sunny War - Anarchist Gospel
6 BBQT - Dangerous Dame
7 Diners - Domino
8 Starcrawler - She Said
9 The Tubs - Dead Meat
10 Verstarker - Jenseits
11 The Whiffs - Scratch N' Sniff
12 The Exbats - Song Machine
13 Babaganouj - Jumbo Pets
14 Natural Child - Be M'Guest
15 Kara Jackson - Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love?
16 John Mayall - The Sun Is Shining Down
17 Ghost Woman - Anne If
18 Motorpsycho - Yay!
19 The Machine - Wave Cannon
20 Elli De Mon - Pagan Blues
21 Lemon Twigs - Everything Harmony
22 Those Pretty Wrongs - Holiday Camp
23 Connections - Cool Change
24 Laissez Fairs - Singing In Your Head
25 Divine Horsemen - Bitter End Of A Sweet Night
26 Chinese Herbal Medicine - Bomb!
27 Alien Nosejob - The Derivative Sounds Of...Or...A Dog Always Returns To Its Vomit
28 Osees - Intercepted Message
29 The Murlocs - Calm Ya Farm
30 Bark - Loud