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Flashlite #727

Jeff Beck

My coming out of age decade is the 80s. But we can all safely objectively admit that the best rock music came out between 1965 and 1975. Two of the strongest creators in that period left the planet recently within a week from each other. Legendary guitarist of Yardbirds Jeff Beck and founder of The Byrds David Crosby. Both left an permanent mark in the history of popular music. Beck as a guitarist and Crosby as a vocalist and songwriter. We merely use this sad moment to just take back the clock and listen to some music from the period when rock was truly innovative and fresh. Excuse my US vinyl for the Yardbirds, but that’s how it came out back then in glorious fake “electronically enhanced” stereo.


Byrds – Psychodrama City
Yardbirds – Train Kept A Rolling
Yardbirds – Evil Hearted You
Yardbirds – Shapes of Things
Yardbirds – Over Under Sideways Down
Yardbirds – Jeff’s Boogie
Jeff Beck – Hi Ho Silver Lining
Jeff Beck Group – Blues De Luxe
Jeff Beck Group – Spanish Boots
Jeff Beck Group – Ice Cream Cakes
Beck, Bogert and Appice – Superstition
Byrds – The Airport Song
Byrds – Wait and See
Byrds – Eight Miles High
Byrds – Wild Mountiain Thyme
Byrds – What’s Happening
Byrds – Renaiscance Fair
Byrds – Lady Friend
Byrds – Triad
Byrds – Draft Morning
David Crosby – Get Together.

Flashlite #393

Blues PillsToday we have the newest album from our beloved Apache, who we adored six years ago when they had their record Radical Sabbatical. The new album is called Alcatraz. Faux Killas from Memphis are also back with the new record, exactly one year from their previous which we pronounced the best record in 2015. We also have some new bands today, Kaviar Special from France, Pink Mexico from New York City, Levitation Room from LA and Zun also from California. The biggest surprise is Koes Barat from Indonesia.

Steelism – Greenwich Mean Time
Kaviar Special – Mind Fuck;
Pink Mexico – Unhinged Bones;
The See No Evils – Runaway;
Javier Escovedo – Downtown;
Apache – Real Shit;
Apache – Hey Medusa;
Faux Killas – Laura’s Song;
Faux Killas – Shake Machine;
Mark Lanegan – Harvest Home;
Morlocs – Wolf Creep;
Zig Zags (Live in CLE);
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats – Evil Love;
Levitation Room – There Are No Words;
Koes Barat – Hidup Yang Sepi;
Vaguess – Drift Brain;
Trixie Whitley – Witness;
Zun – Come Through the Water.

Flashlite #263

Tomaž PengovToday we have a Velvet Underground tour de force. Death of Samantha play a cover of Rock And Roll in our Live in Cleveland segment, Danny And The Darlean’s play a pre-Velvet Lou Reed tune You’re Driving Me Insane. Also Natural Child participated in the Burger Records tribute to White Light White Heat. That album also saw a deluxe reissue with a lot of previously unreleased material, so we check out one of the songs. Talking about Natural Child, they also have a new record Dancing With The Wolves, which is about to come out. Other good new stuff come from The Cry!. We also check out The Moldes from Peru.

Today’s show is dedicated to a wonderful singer-songwriter and a poet from Ljubljana, Tomaž Pengov who recorded some of the greatest music in the former Yugoslavia. He passed away last week in the age of 64. His music influenced yours truly in many different ways.

Boykot Fur – Sister Ray;
The Cry – Seventeen;
King Tuff – Kind of Guy;
Canned Heat – Evil woman (Blues Alphabet);
Natural Child – Saturday Night Blues;
Natural Child – White Light White Heat;
Danny And The Darleans – You’re Driving Me Insane;
The Velvet Underground – I’m Not a Young Man Anymore;
Death of Samantha – Rock and Roll (Live In Cleveland);
The Moldes – Tres Malade;
Steve Wynn – She Came;
Kim Simpson – Prisla je;
Tomaž Pengov – Danaja;
Tomaž Pengov in Mladi Levi – Oda Ireni;
Phil Angotti – My Life And Rhymes.

Flashlite #262

Mary Margaret O'Hara We start off rocking out to the new band from Japan called The Novice. They have a new single out on Dirtnap Records. Then we move on to an old Kansas power pop band called The Tunes. Their material is recently reissued on an LP called Love Uncool on Cheap Rewards. Plastic Pals from Sweden have an excellent new single and Pat Todd of the Lazy Cowgirls fame is back with the new band called The Rankoutsiders and the album 14th and Nowhere is a sweaty rock’n’roll record. We have some news from The Gories headquarters. Their old bootleg The Shaw Tapes saw a proper release on Third Man Records and their guitar player Dan Kroha has a new band Danny and The Darleans. We also have some news from the Yugosphere. Partibrejkers from Belgrade are back with the new single and Overflow from Koprivnica have a new record which features Mihovil Pavlek MiÅ¡kina’s. MiÅ¡kina was killed in a concentration camp 70 years ago. Jimmy Haber is a new name from the power-pop scene in Australia. His new album New Bondi Hippies has some catchy tunes spiced up with politically conscientious lyrics. Doug Paisley is a singer songwriter from Canada. A lot of people talk about him these days. What I find particularly interesting is that he pulled out of darkness reclusive Canadian singer Mary Margaret O’Hara who has a significant space on his new record. She had a landmark album back in the 80s called Miss America.

In our Live in Cleveland segment, we have two songs recorded at the Cleveland club Happy Dog. It’s one of my favorite places to go out to. They have an excellent assortment of hot dogs with rich sides and live music few times a week. The segment goes out to Sean Kilbane, founder of this club, who tragically passed away recently.

The Goldebriars – No More Auction Block;
The Novice – What You Want;
The Tunes – Love Uncool;
The Fuzz – Merry-Go-Round;
The Plastic Pals – The final remedy;
Pat Todd and The Rankoutsiders – Back to the Wind;
Lazy Cowgirls – Anymore;
Pierced Arrows – Frankenstein (Live in CLE);
Bill Fox – These Men Are Guilty of Crimes (Live in CLE);
Albert Collins – Avalanche (Blues Alphabet);
The Gories – Nautiloid Reef;
Danny And The Darleans – Can’t Kill the Rooster;
Partibrejkers – Sitna lova;
Overflow – Pjesma medjimurskog zlatara;
Jimmy Haber – Worlds On Fire;
Doug Paisley and Mary Margaret O’Hara – What’s Up Is Down;
Mary Margaret O’Hara – Dear Darling.

Flashlite #251

Leyla McCallaA couple of new things today. Ty Segall is in action again, putting out a demo version of his last year’s album Twins, now renamed into Gemini. So the concept is now closed, it’s a twin record. He also has a band called Fuzz, but now, to complete the confusion, there’s a different band called The Fuzz, from Memphis, fronted by Hector, supposedly brother of Harlan T. Bobo, although I’m not so sure if it’s really not the same elusive rock’n’roll songwriter. Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett recorded a jam boogie record in 1986 called No End, in which he recorded all the instruments. This came out only now, after 27 years. The rest of the show is bit more conventional. We have a new band called White Denim from Austin, TX and a New Orleans cellist Leyla McCalla who recorded an LP with Langston Hughes lyrics. By the way, the house in which he lived in Cleveland is on sale these days. Also, we check out Evan Dando’s tribute to Tarka Cordell and Lemonheads’ de-luxe reissues. But we start off with Dream Syndicate who had an amazing reunion gig in Cleveland last week.

Meat Puppets – Waiting;
Gutterball – When You Make Up Your Mind;
Dream Syndicate – Then She Remembers (Live in CLE ’83);
Dream Syndicate – Burn (Live in CLE ’13);
White Denim – It’s Him!;
White Denim – At Night in Dreams;
Ty Segall – You’re The Doctor;
Fuzz – Earthen Gate;
The Fuzz – When I Die;
Harlan T. Bobo – Old Man;
Madeleine Peyroux – Life is Fine;
Leyla McCalla – Lonely House;
Evan Dando – Lovely New York (Tarka Cordell);
Lemonheads – If Only You Were Dead (Early Mallo Cup) (1988, Live on Wers);
Keith Jarrett – No End III.

Flashlite #232

Grant HartVeteran’s show today! We open up with Lannie Flowers who was part of the Texas power pop scene since the 70s. He appeared on the new tribute record to the British band Records. We had an exclusive track from Vex and the Voxtones from that tribute a few shows ago, but now we have the whole thing. Then we also have a new tune from Jim Keays who comes originally from the 60s Scottish beat scene, but made his name over in Australia in the 70s. His new album sounds really fresh and it’s called Dirty Dirty. Finally, Grant Hart’s new album The Argument is out. It’s a complex work based on John Milton’s Paradise Lost, or more precisely, on an interpretation of the same work by William Burroughs. It’s been in the making for quite some time, and it’ll probably take some time to completely understand fully. We also have Brent Kirby’s New Soft Shoe – a live recording of their Gram Parsons tribute in our Live in CLE segment.

The Association – Goodbye Forever;
Lannie Flowers – Come On Girl;
Lannie Flowers – Up All Night;
The Records – Up All Night;
Syd Straw – Think Too Hard;
Lisa Mychols – Make Believe;
Shoes – Do You Wanna Get Lucky;
New Soft Shoe – Return of the Grievous Angel (Live in CLE);
Gram Parsons – Return Of The Grevious Angel;
Boz Scaggs – Cadillac Walk;
Mink DeVille – Cadillac Walk;
Ceramic Dog – Bread and Roses;
Jim Keays – Dirty, Dirty;
Grant Hart – I Will Never See My Home.

Poetry Music Scene Chicago #4

Poetry Music ScenePMS Issue 4, edited and hosted by Dubravka Juraga and Snezana Zabic, brings five Chicago poets and music from around the world. We didn’t get enough of Paul Martinez Pompa last time, so we not only brought him back, but also invited two of his talented students, Anahi Gante and Ky Ford, to read their poems. We are equally happy that
Anthony Madrid and Roger Reeves lend their voices and poems for the first time to PMS. The music portion of the show is supplied by The Bassturd from Austin, Neneh Cherry and The Thing from Sweden, local Chicago acts Agents of Change and Real Drugs, Philly legends The Dead Milkmen, Toronto’s (and Borovo Naselje’s) Winnebagos of Death, and the Scottish singing sensation David Aitchison. Speak up in your poems and songs and send them to

Posted by Snezana Zabic

DOWNLOAD: pms4.ogg

1. Paul Martinez Pompa: “Commercial Break”
2. The Bassturd: “Recycling”
3. Anahi Gante: “Zoologico de Morelia” and “Lulu’s Lament”
4. Neneh Cherry and The Thing: “Cashback”
5. Ky Ford: “Human Bean” and “My Name Is”
6. Real Drugs: “Curses”
7. Anthony Madrid: “At Night There are a Million of Stars”
8. Agents of Change: “Hideous”
9. Roger Reeves: “Before Diagnosis” and “Some Day I Will Love Roger Reeves”
10. The Dead Milkmen: “Can’t Relax”
11. Paul Martinez Pompa: “Manifesto”
12. Winnebagos of Death: “War Games”
13. Anahi Gente: “What Did She See in Him”
14. David Aitchison: “Shut Up and Kiss Me”

Links: Paul Martinez Pompa, The Bassturd Neneh Cherry and The Thing, Real Drugs, Anthony Madrid, Agents of Change, The Dead Milkmen, Winnebagos of Death, David Aitchison.

Poetry Music Scene Chicago #3

Poetry Music ScenePMS Issue three, edited by Dubravka Juraga and Snezana Zabic, brings you four Chicago poets, Nicolas Garcia, Tasha Marren, Luis Urrea, and Paul Martinez Pompa, and music by local bands Island, Tiny Manatee, The Embraceables, The Pralines, Hannah Frank Trio, The Injured Parties, as well as New York’s own Rebel Diaz (transplants from Chicago).

For poets and musicians out there: send us your poems and songs dealing with the state of things in the US and worldwide. We plan to pack at least one of our upcoming issues with political material. Speak up in your poems and songs and send them to

DOWNLOAD: pms3.ogg

1 Nick Garcia “Blue Island Bums”
2 Rebel Diaz “99%”
3 Pompa “Carbon Copy”
4 Island “Corporate Welfare”
5 Tasha Marren “April” “Ptarmigan” “Replica”
6 The Pralines “Raphael”
7 Nick Garcia “Daley’s Indios”
8 Tiny Manatee “Immigrant Law”
9 Paul Martinez Pompa “Bullet”
10 The Embraceables “Wanna Copy”
11 Tasha Marren “Mother Cycle”
12 Hannah Frank Trio “Pitch Black Eyes”
13 Luis Urrea “Valley of the Palms”
14 The Injured Parties “American Comfort”

Poetry Music Scene Chicago #2

Poetry Music Scene Hey kids, this is this specific show’s host, Phil Lisiecki speaking. This belated and second show of Poetry Music Show/Scene, PMS, was completely produced and created by none other than me, so love it or not….tough shit. Either way, I sure hope you enjoy the second episode of our virgin-ass show. This episode, when concerning poetry content, I went around through various serious creative writing friends of mine and asked for material but I also went through the artistic friends of mine who write more for the enjoyment and love of poetry rather than writing as a career. Musicwise, the bands on this next show are all local bands and personal friends of mine. I’m sure musically there is a major difference when compared to the previous show but, oh well, we all need a great span of diversity in our lives so that we don’t come down to holding a gun to our head. So without further adieu, (with a spare stool and noose nearby), attempt to enjoy this self produced show of mine and have fun!

Posted by Phil Lisiecki

DOWNLOAD: pms2.ogg

1. Burn The Remains “Eye Opener”
2. Phil Lisiecki “The Family History pt. 1”
3. Nothing to Gain “Resurrection Mary”
4. Brad Eidmann “Glass Half Empty”
5. Armored Assault “Dead Before Dawn”
6. Phil Lisiecki “The Family History pt. 2”
7. Sunnyside “See You Again”
8. Phil Lisiecki “Knife”
9. Burn The Remains “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride”
10. Adela Babcanova “Darkness”
11. Nothing to Gain “Zombie Attack”
12. Adela Babcanova “Till the End of Time”
13. Armored Assault “Wandering Soul”
14. Phil Lisiecki “The Gutter”
15. Sunnyside “All Hungover”
16. The Psychotics “Roscoe!”

Poetry Music Scene Chicago #1

Poetry Music Scene The Little Lighthouse introduces a new show today: PMS: Poetry Music Scene Chicago. The founders, based out of Chicago, will present contemporary poetry and music from Chicago and beyond. Some of the featured artists (poets and musicians) are brand new on the scene, others are already established. Our goal is to create an open forum and event space where artists will be welcome to present their ideas and experiment with their art form. The first podcast will feature the three founding members—Dubravka Juraga, Snezana Žabić and Philip Lisiecki. They will be reading their own poems, and will be presenting music by various bands. Come, listen in and tell us what you think.

Posted by Dubravka Juraga

DOWNLOAD: pms1.ogg

1) Dubravka Juraga, “Chicago”
2) Bob Rok, “Mucho”
3) Phil Lisiecki, “Horrible Mornings”
4) D-Nick the Microphone Misfit, “One Day”
5) Snežana Žabić, “A Narrative With the Does”
6) Green Grocer, “Always Somewhere”
7) Phil Lisiecki, “Anxiety”
8 ) Good Apples, “Spectacle”
9) Dubravka Juraga, “Now”
10) Sweet Apple, “Flying Up a Mountain”
11) Phil Lisiecki, “Oscar”
12) Greg Spero, “Autumn Leaves”
13) Dubravka Juraga, “Iron Queen”
14) Good Apples, “She Crashed My Car”
15) Snežana Žabić, “Newspeak”
16) Jodoh, “Second Grade”
17) Snežana Žabić, “Translation Manual”
18) Greg Spero, “Stella By Starlight”
19) Dubravka Juraga, “Pannier of of Soul Food”