Flashlite #420

King SalamiOf all the new bands today, only one returns. It’s The Sadies with their new album Northern Passages. All other stuff are new introductions. King Salami and The Cumberland Three are London immigrants from the Carribean, France, Japan and Spain. The Masonics are a trio from Medway and it does have that good Medway sound. Molochs are a duet from California and Bremen Riot are from Austin, TX. Country tinged Candles come from New York City.

Doyle Bramhall II – The Samanas;
King Salami and The Cumberland Three – No Stoppin’;
The Masonics – You Don’t Have To Travel;
The Twilight Singers – Waves;
Chuck Prophet – Alex Nieto;
The Rolling Stones – I’m Free;
The Molochs – You and Me;
The Bremen Riot – Big Star Big;
Big Star – Lady Sweet;
The Replacements – Portland;
Wink Burcham – Cleveland Summer Nights;
Jackie DeShannon – Sweet Soul Singer;
The Candles – Lost My Driving Wheel;
The Sadies – The Elements Song.

Flashlite #419

Pete Overend WattsToday we pay a tribute to Pete Overend Watts, bass player of Mott The Hoople who passed away from throat cancer on January 22 this year. His old buddy from the band, Ian Hunter, is going strong, with a new record and we check it out today. We also sample the new Chuck Prophet’s new album loosely based on the mysterious death of Bobby Fuller. We introduce Dexateens from Alabama, Last Night and Automatic City from France, Grumbling Fur from London UK and Rank Strangers from Minneapolis.

Leonard Cohen – On the Level;
The Dexateens – Boys With Knives;
Last Night – Friendly Fire;
Cobra Verde – Something About The Bedroom;
Bash And Pop – Anybody Else;
Grumbling Fur – Love Me Till the Sun Shines;
The Kinks – Love Me Till The Sun Shines;
Ian Hunter – White House;
Mott The Hoople – Born Late ’58;
Mott The Hoople – Mother’s Little Jewel;
Datura4 – Hairy Mountain;
Automatic City – Spoonful;
Willie Dixon – Spoonful;
Rank Strangers – Little Shiva’s Song;
Chuck Prophet – Rider Or The Train.

Flashlite #418

Becky WarrenTy Segall is back with the new record and so is Mark Sultan. Other than those two fantastic comebacks, we have a few new introductions. Sex Organs are two people dressed as – you guessed it – male and female sex organs costumes. Becky Warren is a new singer-songwriter from Nashville. TOY are a quartet from England and Charlie Faye and the Fayettes are three ladies. Besides Charlie, BettySoo is also there as well as Akina Adderley. Finally, Jason Simon from Old Testament is here with his first solo album. We also hear Stray Trolleys that were active back in 1982 with some cassettes, now available digitally.

Rachel Haden – On The Sun;
The Sex Organs – Drowning;
Becky Warren – Take me Back Home;
Greg ‘Stackhouse’ Prevost – Shot of Rock’n’Roll;
John Mayall – Brand New Start;
Don Howland – Why’s It Always This Way;;
Mark Sultan – Broken Arms;
Ty Segall – Thank you Mr. K;
Thee Oh Sees – Turned Out Light;
Babaganouj – Awhile;
The Stray Trolleys – Stiletto Love;
TOY – We Will Disperse;
Rocket Bureau – Choozy Suzy;
Sloming Moops – Alright;
Purling Hiss – Ostinato Musik;
The Infidels – It’s Alright;
TUNS – Back Among Friends;
Charlie Faye & the Fayettes – Coming Round the Bend;
Jason Simon – The People Dance, The People Sing.

Flashlite #417

Maggie RocheToday we bring you the new music from the legendary John Mayall. Also Wolf People are back with the new record. Valerie June has a new one out called The Order of Time. We introduce guitar-sligner Philip Sayce, heavy Crobot from Pottsville, PA and James Hoare (ex Veronica Falls) brings us his new project called The Proper Ornaments. At the end of the show, we pay tributes to Gil Ray (from Game Theory) and Maggie Roche of the Roches, who lost their battles with cancer in the past several days.

Ceramic Dog – Take 5;
Crobot – Easy Money;
Philip Sayce – Out of My Mind;
John Mayall – Ain’t No Guarantees;
John Mayall – Gimme Some of That Gumbo;
Wolf People – Ninth Night;
Wolf People – Tiny Circle;
Velvet Crush – My Blank Pages;
The Byrds – My Back Pages;
The Proper Ornaments – Back Pages;
Valerie June – shakedown;
Danny And The Darleans – Cat Squirrel;
Los Trendy with Tony Kinman – Get Soul;
Game Theory – Here It Is Tomorrow;
The Roches – Hammond Song.