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Flashlite #419

Pete Overend WattsToday we pay a tribute to Pete Overend Watts, bass player of Mott The Hoople who passed away from throat cancer on January 22 this year. His old buddy from the band, Ian Hunter, is going strong, with a new record and we check it out today. We also sample the new Chuck Prophet’s new album loosely based on the mysterious death of Bobby Fuller. We introduce Dexateens from Alabama, Last Night and Automatic City from France, Grumbling Fur from London UK and Rank Strangers from Minneapolis.

Leonard Cohen – On the Level;
The Dexateens – Boys With Knives;
Last Night – Friendly Fire;
Cobra Verde – Something About The Bedroom;
Bash And Pop – Anybody Else;
Grumbling Fur – Love Me Till the Sun Shines;
The Kinks – Love Me Till The Sun Shines;
Ian Hunter – White House;
Mott The Hoople – Born Late ’58;
Mott The Hoople – Mother’s Little Jewel;
Datura4 – Hairy Mountain;
Automatic City – Spoonful;
Willie Dixon – Spoonful;
Rank Strangers – Little Shiva’s Song;
Chuck Prophet – Rider Or The Train.