Flashlite #186

Etta BrittFirst half of the show is filled with the fresh end-of-summer singles for King Louie’s Missing Monuments, Turf War and new the band from San Diego Plateaus lead by the singer songwriter Jon Green. Other new bands today are Mrs. Magician also from Sand Diego, Rat Colums from San Francisco and Future Primitives from South Africa. Left Lane Cruiser joins forces with James Leg in a cover of Sway. The show closes another new name here, soul singer Etta Britt from Nashville who has a nice new duet with legendary Delbert McClinton.

Redd Kross – Hazel Eyes;
King Louie’s Missing Monuments – Another Girl;
Turf War – Summertime Booze;
Rat Columns – Opaque Eyes;
Plateaus – Open Skies;
Mrs. Magician – Nightlife;
The Future Primitives – Open Up Your Door;
Left Lane Cruiser and James Leg – Sway;
Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears – Sway;
The Rolling Stones – Sway;
Buffalo Killers – Live in CLE;
The Go-Betweens – Boundary Rider;
Mellow Drunk – Boundary Rider;
Mellow Drunk – Woke Up On Jupiter;
Etta Britt and Delbert McClinton – Leap of Faith;
Delbert McClinton – I Feel the Burden.

Flashlite #185

Bill DossToday we say goodbye to two rock’n’roll artists from two different eras, but equally revered here at the Little Lighthouse. Bill Doss, one of the founders of Olivia Tremor Control and Elephant Six collective passed away on July 30th this year. He was only 43. Also, legendary Motowon bassist Bob Babbitt passed away on July 16th from the damages caused by brain cancer. He was 74. John Hiatt is here with the new record and we also have two more new artists today. Snowgoose is a band from Scotland, fronted by their wonderful singer Anna Sheard. Christian Bland from Black Angels and Lee Blackwell from Night Beats have a new duet out there in Austin called The UFO Club.

Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues;
Darrell Banks – Open The Door To Your Heart;
John Hiatt – You’re All the Reason I Need;
John Hiatt – Feeling Again;
The Ronettes – Be My Baby;
The UFO Club – Be My Baby;
Marshall Crenshaw – Mary Anne (Live In CLE);
Epic Soundtracks – Emily May (You Make Me Feel So Fine);
Snowgoose – Harmony Springs;
The Akibas – Slow Life;
Rumer – Brave Awakening;
Terry Reid – Brave Awakening;
The Olivia Tremor Control – Jumping Fences;
The Olivia Tremor Control – Define A Transparent Dream;
The Olivia Tremor Control – NYC-25.

DJ Set At The Blue Arrow Records

For those who wonder what I played at The Blue Arrow Records the other day, here’s the complete playlist. Mark * next to the song title means that people came by and asked about them or discussed the songs in one way or another.

Husker Du – Flip Your Wig;
Tony All – New Girl Old Story;
David Bowie – Queen Bitch;
Elektricni Orgazam – Citadel;*
Delfini – Gloria;
Godfathers – Birth School Work Death;*
True West – Lucifer Sam;*
Ducks Deluxe – Fireball;
Any Trouble – Growing Up;
Starry Eyed and Laughing – One Foot in the Boat;*
Eddie And The Hotrods – Do Anything You Want To Do;*
Nesalomivi – 95-52-95;*
John Paul Keith – Lookin’ For A Thrill;
King Tuff – Keep On Moving;
Lotion – Walk Away Renee;
The Barreracudas – Come On Come On;*
The Choir – I’d Rather You Leave Me;*
The Boys – Weekend;
Grant Hart – California Zephyr;
Gentleman Jesse – Black Hole;
Sarlo Akrobata – Mali covek;
Smrts – I Was Born With Torments;*
fIREHOSE – The Riddle of the Eighties;*
Rank And File – Golden Age;
House of Freaks – 40 Years;
The Replacements – I’ll Be You;*
The Steppes – The Real Time;
Mega City Four – Who Cares?;*
Shoes – Too Late;
Big Star – Daisy Glaze;*
American Music Club – Outside This Bar;
Tim Lee and Matt Piucci Gone Fishin’ – Charlie Jones;
Zeitgeist – Blue Eyes;
Gile i Vlada – Pobuna;
Paul Kelly – Leaps And Bounds;
Tav Falco – Endless Sleep;
House Of Freaks – Black Cat Bone;
The Golden Palominos – Diamond.

Flashlite #184

Bob MouldToday’s show is dedicated to all meteor observers in the occasion of the annual Perseid meteor shower that happened last weekend. We have a large block of songs about meteors, falling stars… We also have a new single for Bob Mould which represents his return to the his synthless past. Thee Oh Sees also have a new album, which is quite conventional in form. Whispering Pines is a new band also from Cali that we check out today. They are inspired by The Band. Another premier at the Little Lighthouse is the Cincinnati band Buffalo Killers.

I will be dee-jaying at the Blue Arrow Records on Saturday from 5pm-7pm. If you are in Cleveland, come and check this truly wonderful record store!

Rickie Lee Jones – Deep Space;
Drivin’n’Cryin – Baloney;
Ty Segall Band – That’s The Bag I’m In;
Fred Neil – That’s The Bag I’m In;
Eamon McGrath – Saskatoon, SK;
Bob Mould – Sacrifice Let There Be Peace;
Bob Mould – The Descent;
Mojomatics – Rain is Digging My Grave;
Thee Oh Sees – Flood’s New Light;
Whispering Pines – One More Second Chance;
fIREHOSE – If’n;
Opal – A Falling Star;
Gene Clark – Shooting Star;
Zabranjeno Pusenje – Meteor;
Ritch Hopkins – Shooting Star;
Buffalo Killers – Get It;
Buffalo Killers – Leave The Sun Behind.

Flashlite #183

Alicja TroutToday we start with two Alicias. Actually, one Alicia and one Alicja. Alicia Gbur is a well known photographer from the Detroit area and a former member of Von Bondies. She also has a new band called Fawn. Their debut album Coastlines came out recently. Alicja Trout is also a multi-talented artist, but she’s from Memphis, TN. Her new band River City Tanlines has a new album Coast To Coast. Susanna Hoffs, from The Bangles has a new solo record out and it has a sweet retro sound, produced by Mitchell Froom. Amy Allison joined forces with David Scott of the Pearlfishers for their new album together called Turn Like The World Does. Bob Mould’s Sugar had put out reissues of nearly their entire catalog, including some live recording that are out for the first time.

Eamon McGrath – Eternal Adolescence;
Fawn – The Forest;
River City Tanlines – Stop My Heart;
River City Tanlines – Lookin’ for a Line;
Bangles – Dover Beach;
Susanna Hoffs – This Is The Place;
Amy Allison & David Scott – The Way You Remember Things;
Pearlfishers – We’re Gonna Save The Summer;
Redd Kross – Meet Frankenstein;
Sugar – Where Diamonds Are Halos (BBC Radio Session);
Chuck Prophet – Shake Some Action (Live in CLE);
Natural Child – That’s How I Got To Memphis;
Tom T. Hall – That’s How I Got to Memphis;
Kelly Willis – That’s How I Got To Memphis;
Rip Rig + Panic – Eros What Brings Colour Up The Stem.

Flashlite #182

Treasa LevasseurToday we begin with the ladies. Treasa Levasseur is a new name at the Little Lighthouse from Canada. Her new album Broad is a strong blues/soul offering. Rumer is a British singer with an exotic background. Her new album Boys Don’t Cry is an exquisite selection of intricate covers from the history of fine rock’n’roll songwriting. Parlor Snakes is a French and American new band, lead by Eugénie Alquezar and we have them for the first time today. Then we have some interesting new anthologies, one for Epic Soundtracks and the other one for R. Stevie Moore. Then we dwell deep into South and we check out the new traditional offerings from two Southern super-trios: South Memphis String Band and a nameless trio of the Louisiana musicians Wayne Toups, Steve Riley and Wilson Savoy.

Maggie Bell – I Was In Chains;
The Runaways – Is It Day Or Night;
Parlor Snakes – Light up the House;
Janiva Magness – Make It Rain;
Treasa Levasseur – No Holds Barred;
Buffy Sainte Marie – Helpless;
Rumer – Be Nice To Me;
Todd Rundgren – Be Nice to Me;
The Lemonheads – C’mon Daddy;
Epic Soundtracks – C’mon Daddy;
R. Stevie Moore – The Winner;
R. Stevie Moore – The Winner (Live in CLE);
Van Morrison – Joyous Sound;
The Wandering – Hey Mr. Spaceman;
South Memphis String Band – B-L-A-C-K;
Lil’ Band O’ Gold – It Keeps Raining;
Wayne Toups, Steve Riley, Wilson Savoy – The Patassa Two-Step;
Belton Richard – The Cajun Stripper;
Mama Rosin – Bon Temps Roulet 3.