Flashlite #62

Rickie Lee JonesToday we begin with a block of Los Angeles garage bands and we choose the songs from the latest Nuggets compilation, called Where The Action Is. We take a chance to reflect especially on Sky Saxon, legendary member of The Seeds who passed away earlier this summer. Rickie Lee Jones has a new album out called Balm In Gilead and it’s filled with smoky, intimate, slow tempo tunes. We also check in with Marshall Crenshaw and his new album called Jaggedland and with the Drive-By Truckers guy Patterson Hood who has an exciting new solo album out called Murdering Oscar.

Mission Of Burma – 1 2 3 Party;
Mouse And The Traps – A Public Execution;
P.F. Sloan – Halloween Mary;
The Premiers – Get on This Plane;
The Ballroom – Baby, Please Don’t Go;
The Seeds – Tripmaker;
The Seeds – Pushin’ Too Hard;
Carla Thomas – That Beat Keeps Disturbing My Sleep;
Amy LaVere – That Beat;
Rickie Lee Jones – The Moon Is Made of Gold;
Rickie Lee Jones – Nobody Knows My Name;
The Beatles – And Your Bird Can Sing;
The Choir – I’d Rather You Leave Me;
Action Now – Stop pretending;
Up And Out – I’m Learning;
Marshall Crenshaw – Our Town;
Marshall Crenshaw – Right on Time;
Patterson Hood – I Understand Now;
The Ace – Adamantine Sorceress of Ecstasy;
Satin Gum – Run For Cover.

Flashlite #61

Dawn LandesToday’s show is dominated by the ladies. We start with the new song for the Memphis band Lucero, dedicated to Love and Rocket’s Maggie Chascarillo. Then we introduce two new girls at the Little Lighthouse Dawn Landes and Angela Desveaux. Daughter of Mose Allison, Amy is back with an excellent new album called Sheffield Streets. Rosanne Cash, daughter of Johnny, also has a new album and she covers her father’s song Long Black Veil on it. Jeff Tweedy helps her.

Jim Dickinson – Rockin’ Daddy;
Lucero – The Devil and Maggie Chascarillo;
Dawn Landes – Young Girl;
Dawn Landes – Kids in a Play;
Amy Allison – Baby, You’re The One;
Amy Allison – Why Must It Be?;
Angela Desveaux – Let Me Roll It;
Paul McCartney & Wings – Let Me Roll It;
Reigning Sound – Break It;
Richmond Fontaine – Two Alone;
Nick Cave – Long Black Veil;
Rosanne Cash and Jeff Tweedy – Long Black Veil;
Johnny Cash – Long Black Veil;
The Obvious – The Underground;
The dB’s – We Should Be In Bed;
City of Cool – City of Cool;
Chris Cacavas – I Bow Down.

Flashlite #60

Susanna HoffsWe have a ton of really good new stuff this week, some of it came in just recently and other stuff came in this summer while we were gone. Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet continue their Under The Covers series with a two cd set filled with their versions of their favorite songs from the 70s. Tony Kinman, legendary member of Dils and Rank And File joined forces with his friend Pope Johnson and formed recently a wonderfully playful new band called Los Trendy. Soulsavers with Mark Lanegan are back again with the new album called Broken. Blues duet The Moaners have a new demo called Little Man. Cleveland’s own blues man Derek DePrator is also back with a new record and a new cassette tape with exciting self-titled collection of instrumentals. Finally, loud power pop outfit Satin Gum from Pittsburgh, who had an excellent ep earlier this year, are now here with a full lp, and it’s sounds sweet!

Paul Westerberg – Dangerous Boys;
Dinosaur Jr. – Friends;
Satin Gum – Turn Me Around;
The Flamin’ Groovies – Blues From Phyllis;
Grant Hart – Charles Hollis Jones;
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs – Here Comes My Girl;
Chris Cacavas – World’s A Mess;
Don Nix – I Need You;
Los Trendy with Tony Kinman – Wide Awake;
Soulsavers – Some Misunderstanding;
Gene Clark – Some Misunderstanding;
The Moaners – Little Man;
Derek Paul DePrator – Europa Theme;
Predrag Delibasic – Rusija;
Rainer – Rude World;
Mudboy and the Neutrons – Ubangi Stomp.

Flashlite #59

Chris CacavasWe bring you two truly exceptional new albums and more! Chris Cacavas, legendary keyboardist of Green on Red just put out his new solo album called Love’s Been Discontinued, which is probably his strongest one yet. Grant Hart from Husker Du also has a great new album entitled Hot Wax, and it’s his first in ten year time. It starts from a big fat fade in, almost as Grant is a bit shy to throw a full blast after 10 years of silence, but overall, it contains nine perfect tracks if you ask me. From the same city, Minneapolis, Paul Westerberg has another one of those small Internet ditties that he keeps putting out in the past year. This one is a short form, ep of six songs, and brings Paul in an outstanding songwriting form. Richmond Fontaine, were around for quite some time, but we have them here at the Lighthouse for the first time. They have a very strong new album that has a wonderfully poetic title We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River, and true to it, it contains songs that are dense and full of poetical imagery. This time we bring you another new name, English band The Ace, which we knew as Freebooting Profiteers. They sent us their fiery new demo collection and we also check out their even earlier incarnation Thee Mighty Uptight. And last, but not the least, my personal hero Tav Falco has a new single out and we check out its B side at the end of the show.

Dinka i Branka – Beli sal;
Paul Westerberg – Stain Yer Blood;
Paul Westerberg – Drop Them Gloves;
The Replacements – Go;
Husker Du – Flexible Flyer;
Grant Hart – California Zephyr;
Grant Hart – Remains to Be Seen;
Green On Red – Two Bibles;
Chris Cacavas – Tenderly;
Chuck Prophet – Let Freedom Ring;
Cheap Wine – Leave Me A Drain;
Gutterball – When You Make Up Your Mind;
Richmond Fontaine – Lonnie;
The Ace – Awhamalambambang;
(Thee Mighty) Uptight – I’ve Had Enough;
Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – Mala Femina;
Tav Falco & The Unapproachable Panther Burns – Real Cool Trash;
James Luther Dickinson – Coleslaw.