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Flashlite #803

Ruth Moody

Newest in roots rock and among the singer songwriters today with new music from Nicolette Larson and the Nobodies, Emily Nenni from Nashville, Heather Little from Texas and Lyn Drury from New Orleans. Dawn Landes from Chapel Hill is back with new tunes. Nashville 90s legend Kim Richey is also back with a new record. Hello Darlings is is from Canada and they are fronted by a Romani singer Candace Lacina. Mavericks are collaborating with Maggie Rose on a new tune and we close things off today with the one and only Willie Nelson and a track from his latest album.


Rosali – Rewind
Nicolette & The Nobodies – Don’t You Dare
Kim Richey – Floating On The Surface
Kim Richey – Those Words We Said
Bella White – Numbers
Ruth Moody – Seventeen
Emily Nenni – Get To Know Ya
Hannah Kaminer – Irene (It’s a big old world)
Son Volt – What About Tomorrow
Heather Little – Five Deer County
Lynn Drury – Fade
Jenny Don’t and the Spurs – My Baby’s Gone
Range Rats – Fast Freight Train
Dawn Landes – One Hundred Years (1852)
The Hello Darlings – What Is A Broken Heart For
Colin Cutler – Save Your Life and Drive
Murlocs – Initiative
The Mavericks -. Look Around You (with Maggie Rose)
Willie Nelson – how much does it cost
Dean Owens – How The West Was Stolen

Flashlite #531

Ex HexAgain, we bring a show with new music almost exclusively arranged from the new female artists. Ex Hex from Washington DC are back with the new record It’s Real. Last Daze from Nashville TN have a new single. Also from Nashville, we have Dawn Landes. We introduce Exbats from Arizona. Phoebe Bridges and Conor Oberst (from Bright Eyes) have a new band called Better Oblivion Community Center. Stumpwater is an old band from Saginaw MI. Their vintage, unreleased material has been discovered and published by Drag City Records. At the end of the show, we say goodbye to Dick Dale and Andre Williams who passed away within a day from each other, both in their early 80s.

Steve Gunn – Chance;
The Exbats – I Got Fights;
Ex Hex – Another Dimension;
Skid Row – Go, I’m Never Gonna Let You;
Stumpwater – Sister of Mine;
Last Daze – Too Little, Too Late;
Thin White Rope – Macy’s Window;
Better Oblivion Community Center – Big Black Heart;
Dawn Landes – Wind and Rain;
Meat Puppets – Nightcap;
Dick Dale (Live in CLE);
Andre Williams – Gimme.

Flashlite #61

Dawn LandesToday’s show is dominated by the ladies. We start with the new song for the Memphis band Lucero, dedicated to Love and Rocket’s Maggie Chascarillo. Then we introduce two new girls at the Little Lighthouse Dawn Landes and Angela Desveaux. Daughter of Mose Allison, Amy is back with an excellent new album called Sheffield Streets. Rosanne Cash, daughter of Johnny, also has a new album and she covers her father’s song Long Black Veil on it. Jeff Tweedy helps her.

Jim Dickinson – Rockin’ Daddy;
Lucero – The Devil and Maggie Chascarillo;
Dawn Landes – Young Girl;
Dawn Landes – Kids in a Play;
Amy Allison – Baby, You’re The One;
Amy Allison – Why Must It Be?;
Angela Desveaux – Let Me Roll It;
Paul McCartney & Wings – Let Me Roll It;
Reigning Sound – Break It;
Richmond Fontaine – Two Alone;
Nick Cave – Long Black Veil;
Rosanne Cash and Jeff Tweedy – Long Black Veil;
Johnny Cash – Long Black Veil;
The Obvious – The Underground;
The dB’s – We Should Be In Bed;
City of Cool – City of Cool;
Chris Cacavas – I Bow Down.