Flashlite #123

Sonny VincentA ton of new records today… We have a new band called Sonny And The Sunsets. Album is called Hit By Hit and it’s out on Fat Possum. Robyn Hitchcock is also here with a new album called Tromsø, Kaptein. Steve Earle also has a new record out called I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive. Ad Hoc Detroit super group The Witches had put out a compilation record called A Haunted Person’s Guide To The Witches, which ranks as a seriously strong candidate for the best reissue of this year. A very pleasant surprise is the brand new collaboration between Susan Cowsill, Freedy Johnston and Jon Dee Graham in a band they call The Hobart Brothers And Lil’ Sis Hobart. The new songs are in progress, we got one from their website. We also have a new band today, Swedish hopefuls Bäddat för trubbel. I find it amusing how Swedish language when its sung sounds like gibberish English… Anyway, great stuff!

Lulu – After All (I Live My Life);
Bäddat För Trubbel – TvÃ¥ SpÃ¥r Av StÃ¥l;
Sonny And The Sunsets – Reflections on Youth;
The Soft Boys – Angelpoise Lamp;
Robyn Hitchcock – August In Hammersmith;
Steve Earle and Allison Moorer – Heaven or Hell;
Allison Moorer – Work To Do;
Steve Earle – Angry Young Man;
Continental Drifters – Snow;
Jon Dee Graham – (Let’s Get It) While It’s There;
Freedy Johnston – On The Way Out;
The Hobart Brothers And Lil’ Sis Hobart – I Am Sorry;
The Witches – Lost With The Real Gone;
Mandible Chatter- Psychotic Reaction;
Thin White Rope – Elsie Crashed The Party;
Zeitgeist – She Digs Ornette.

Flashlite #122

LPToday’s show is all about vinyl records in honor of the International Record Store Day, which was officially last Saturday. I stopped by the Blue Arrow Records and bought a couple of used vinyl. I wasn’t particularly interested in any of the special Record day releases, so you won’t find any of those in today’s show. The only brand new thing in today’s show is the B side of the new Fleshtones single which the band dedicated to The Ramones. This show is in honor of the vinyl and also we can only hope that the new records are as good as those that came out in the past. Perhaps I’m just hopelessly nostalgic for the old era, but in any case, it was fun to do a vinyl only show.

The Fleshtones – The Dreg;
The Fleshtones – The World Has Changed;
Eddie and the Hot Rods – Beginning of The End;
Eggs Over Easy – Nightflight;
Jay Ferguson – Everybody Goes From Here;
Lulu – Move To My Rhythm;
Two Nice Girls – Cotton Crown;
Sonic Youth – Cotton Crown;
The Silos – Start The Clock;
Zeitgeist – Without My Sight;
Fetchin Bones – A Fable;
Gunbunnies – Three Days Behind;
The Anti-Nowhere League – We Will Survive;
KUD Idijoti – Mi cemo prezivjeti;
Mike Watt – Thistle Head Man;
The Fleshtones – We Remember The Ramones.

Flashlite #121

Mike WattFirst half of the show today is dedicated to legendary punks and last Monday in Cleveland. On that day, we had two events that threaten to be the events of the year. First, at the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame we had a chance to see four legendary Cleveland punks who returned to the city to promote their new books. David Thomas, Cheetah Chrome, Mike Hudson and Bob Pfeifer had a great chance to reconnect with their native audience and reaffirm their well known love-hate relationship with the sweet home of Cleveland. Then, at the Grog show we had a chance to see Mike Watt live with his Missingmen. They played their new opera in its entirety and it worked really great as a single piece without interruptions. The next set was a short but furious and unforgettable Minutemen set. It was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. The second half of todays show is dedicated to some new records that came out. Lords of Altamont have a new record and they covered The Litter’s Action Woman. Another great cover today is that of Kill Devil Hills song Drinkin’ Too Much, this time on the new record for James Leg, the front man of Black Diamond Heavies. Meat Puppets are also out with the new record called Lollipop.

Also, try to remember and check out our full line up of bonuses today. Zikica Simic’s Tajanstveni voz, Igor Mitic’s Sympathy for Rock’n’roll and the second installment of Chicago’s one and only Poetry Music Scene.

Mike Watt – Baby Cradling Tree Man;
Mike Watt – Finger Pointing Man;
Rocket From The Tombs – Sonic Reducer;
Pere Ubu – Final Solution;
Pagans – Real World;
Human Switchboard – In This Town;
The Lords of Altamont – Action woman;
The Litter – Action Woman;
Kinks – Gotta’ Get the First Plane Home;
Kinks – Mr. Reporter (Outtake);
Devin Hill – Stars;
Florapop – Stars;
Kill Devil Hills – Drinking Too Much;
James Leg – Drinkin Too Much;
T-Bone Burnett – The Sixties [w/Mick Ronson & Pete Townshend];
Dawes – My Girl To Me;
Meat Puppets – Orange;
Minutemen – Cohesion.

Poetry Music Scene Chicago #2

Poetry Music Scene Hey kids, this is this specific show’s host, Phil Lisiecki speaking. This belated and second show of Poetry Music Show/Scene, PMS, was completely produced and created by none other than me, so love it or not….tough shit. Either way, I sure hope you enjoy the second episode of our virgin-ass show. This episode, when concerning poetry content, I went around through various serious creative writing friends of mine and asked for material but I also went through the artistic friends of mine who write more for the enjoyment and love of poetry rather than writing as a career. Musicwise, the bands on this next show are all local bands and personal friends of mine. I’m sure musically there is a major difference when compared to the previous show but, oh well, we all need a great span of diversity in our lives so that we don’t come down to holding a gun to our head. So without further adieu, (with a spare stool and noose nearby), attempt to enjoy this self produced show of mine and have fun!

Posted by Phil Lisiecki

DOWNLOAD: pms2.ogg

1. Burn The Remains “Eye Opener”
2. Phil Lisiecki “The Family History pt. 1”
3. Nothing to Gain “Resurrection Mary”
4. Brad Eidmann “Glass Half Empty”
5. Armored Assault “Dead Before Dawn”
6. Phil Lisiecki “The Family History pt. 2”
7. Sunnyside “See You Again”
8. Phil Lisiecki “Knife”
9. Burn The Remains “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride”
10. Adela Babcanova “Darkness”
11. Nothing to Gain “Zombie Attack”
12. Adela Babcanova “Till the End of Time”
13. Armored Assault “Wandering Soul”
14. Phil Lisiecki “The Gutter”
15. Sunnyside “All Hungover”
16. The Psychotics “Roscoe!”

Flashlite #120

Holly GolightlyToday we have two new records. Legendary Fleshtones have a new album called Brooklyn Sound Solutions and they are also playing tonight in Cleveland at my favorite club Beachland. Holly Golightly is also back with another Brokeoffs release called No Help Coming. Last week we introduced Middle Brother, and today we continue listening to their self-titled record with a tune that features Nashville singer-songwriter Johnny Corndawg. He’s a new name at the Little Lighthouse, so we also check out one of his own tunes. Other than that, you may enjoy some glam hits and sixties straight-in-the-gut rock tunes from our today’s playlist.

Henry Mancini – The Party;
The Fleshtones – Day Tripper;
Hayvanlar Alemi – Mega Lambada;
Demon’s Claws – Catch Her By The Tail;
Tarbox Ramblers – Jack of Diamonds;
ing – Jack of Hearts;
Holly Golightly And The Brokeoffs – Jack O’Diamonds;
Holly Golightly And The Brokeoffs – Here Lies My Love;
Lucinda Williams – Born To Be Loved;
Sweet – Wig-Wam Bam;
Suzy Quatro – 48 Crash;
Slade – Man Who Speeks Evil;
Wille Nile – Hear You Breathe;
Middle Brother – Middle Brother (Feat Jonny Corndawg);
Johnny Corndawg – Shut Up;
The Marmalade – Rollin’ My Thing;
The Gods – Long Time Sad Time Bad Time;
Tim Lee 3 – Sirens.