Poetry Music Scene Chicago #2

Poetry Music Scene Hey kids, this is this specific show’s host, Phil Lisiecki speaking. This belated and second show of Poetry Music Show/Scene, PMS, was completely produced and created by none other than me, so love it or not….tough shit. Either way, I sure hope you enjoy the second episode of our virgin-ass show. This episode, when concerning poetry content, I went around through various serious creative writing friends of mine and asked for material but I also went through the artistic friends of mine who write more for the enjoyment and love of poetry rather than writing as a career. Musicwise, the bands on this next show are all local bands and personal friends of mine. I’m sure musically there is a major difference when compared to the previous show but, oh well, we all need a great span of diversity in our lives so that we don’t come down to holding a gun to our head. So without further adieu, (with a spare stool and noose nearby), attempt to enjoy this self produced show of mine and have fun!

Posted by Phil Lisiecki

DOWNLOAD: pms2.ogg

1. Burn The Remains “Eye Opener”
2. Phil Lisiecki “The Family History pt. 1”
3. Nothing to Gain “Resurrection Mary”
4. Brad Eidmann “Glass Half Empty”
5. Armored Assault “Dead Before Dawn”
6. Phil Lisiecki “The Family History pt. 2”
7. Sunnyside “See You Again”
8. Phil Lisiecki “Knife”
9. Burn The Remains “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride”
10. Adela Babcanova “Darkness”
11. Nothing to Gain “Zombie Attack”
12. Adela Babcanova “Till the End of Time”
13. Armored Assault “Wandering Soul”
14. Phil Lisiecki “The Gutter”
15. Sunnyside “All Hungover”
16. The Psychotics “Roscoe!”

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