Flashlite #351

Stoneage HeartsToday we introduce two bands inspired by the 60s punk: Freaks of Nature from Phoenix, AZ and The Last Killers from Cesena, Italy. Over in Australia, we have The Stoneage Hearts who covered Motor Away by Guided By Voices. Andrew Bryant is from Alabama, and also a new face here at The Little Lighthouse. Dave Heumann of Arboretum has a new solo record. Donnie Fritts returns with recordings of some of his old songs and Louise Goffin has a new record Songs From The Mine. Ex-Cult from Memphis visited Cleveland where we caught one of their new songs live at Now That’s Class.

Benjamin Booker – By The Evening;
Freaks of Nature – Sick and Tired;
Andrew Bryant – Losing My Shit;
Vlasta Popić – MaÅ¡tanje;
Rebel Kind – Very Vivid Personality;
Bäddat För Trubbel – Vara Vanner;
Little Richard – Ooh! My Soul;
The Last Killers – Oh My Soul;
The Stoneage Hearts – Motor Away;
Guided By Voices – Motor Away;
Bevis Frond – Winter Breaks;
Dave Heumann – Ides Of Summer;
Ex-Cult – New Song (Live in CLE);
Ex-Cult – Better Life Through Chemistry;
Dan Stuart – Barcelona Blues;
Dan Penn And Spooner Oldham – Memphis Women and Chicken;
Donnie Fritts – Memphis Women and Chicken;
Louise Goffin – We Belong Together;
Janiva Magness – Who Am I;
Faces – Oh Lord I’m Browned Off.

Flashlite #350

Richard RosebroughReally good new music today. Harlan T. Bobo is back with the new band called Unamericans. Wreckless Eric also has a brand new single and it sounds really strong. Ty Segall and his Fuzz is back with the new record as well as Don Howland. Holly Golightly has already two new albums this year, one solo and one with The Brokeoffs. We also check out Kimmie Rhodes, who I think we feature for the first time at The Little Lighthosue although she has a very long and successful career. Finaly, we introduce John Krautner from Detroit and Century Palm from Toronto. Also, sadly, we say goodbye to Richard Rosebrough, drummer and sound engineer from Memphis Ardent Records, who passed away last week. We also remember John Fry, who passed away in December and, until now, I failed to pay a proper respect to this truly great sound engineer and Rosebrough’s comrade from Ardent Records.

The Boys – You Make Me Shake;
John Krautner – I Can Cry Too;
Century Palm – To the Ether;
Wreckless Eric – Let’s Go To The Pictures;
Wreckless Eric – Several Shades Of Green;
Big Star – Mod Lang;
Chris Bell – I Am The Cosmos;
Terry Manning – Savoy Truffle;
Harlan T. Bobo – God Damn This Town;
Viva L’American Death Ray Music – Push And Pull;
New Salem Witchhunters – Vietnamese Baby (Live in CLE);
Status Quo – Sunny Cellophane Skies;
Fuzz – Let It Live;
Don Howland – Gonna Shake It;
Holly Golightly And The Brokeoffs – Little Mule;
Holly Golightly – Catch Your Fall;
Kimmie Rhodes – The Sky Fell Down.

Flashlite #349

Steve MackaySadly, today we have two obituaries. We say the last goodbye to the legendary Stooges saxophone player Steve Mackay. He was also with Sonny Vincent and The Spite most recently, which is one of the hottest records this year. Also, Carey Lander, keyboardist of Camera Obscura passed away. She was only 33. We also introduce some new music from James And The Ultrasounds from Memphis, Heaters from Grand Rapids, MI, Clearance from Chicago, Andy Shauf from Canada and Kontiki Suite from England. Some of our listeners may remember our first Vinyl Junkyard editions five years ago that featured mysterious troubadour Peter Isaacson. Well, we have found him! He now goes by Clay Canfield and lives and plays music in Vermont, after some time spent apparently in Nashville and Texas where he rubbed shoulders with the likes of Townes Van Zandt. Thanks to his fans who contacted us here at the Little Lighthouse and gave us this information! All the best to them and Clay/Peter.

T Shirts – Teenage Crutch;
City of Cool – Bended Knee;
James And The Ultrasounds – Letters in a Box;
Heaters – Hawaiian Holiday;
Clearance – Flowers in Apoxy;
Screaming Trees – Black Rose Way;
Mark Lanegan – Black Rose Way (Live in CLE);
Peter Isaacson – Long Way Back Home;
Peter and John Isaacson – All My Life;
Tav Falco – Doomsday Baby;
Sonny Vincent and The Spite – Silver;
Stooges – Funhouse;
Violent Femmes – I Held Her In My Arms;
Camera Obscura – Do It Again;
Andy Shauf – The Man On Stage;
Kontiki Suite – Here For You Now.

Flashlite #348

Potty MouthToday we have some big bands that came up with new records recently. Nick Saloman’s Bevis Frond sounds strong on Example 22. Los Lobos rock out with some of the best tunes they made in their long career on Gates of Gold. Electric Six continue steady stream of annual records with Bitch Don’t Let Me Die and Eagles of Death Metal are back after seven years of silence with Zipper. Juliana Hatfiled had a record with her trio early this year, but also, four other ladies from Boston called Potty Mouth emerge greatly inspired by Juliana. Finally, our friends in Perth Australia, Zerodent, are trying to find home for some newly made recordings, and we sample one of the songs.

Faces – That’s All You Need;
Barreracudas – Backup Plan;
Zerodent – I Am Coming In;
Lemonheads – It’s About Time;
Juliana Hatfield Three – Ordinary Guy;
Potty Mouth – Creeper Weed;
Ben Vaughn – Then The North Wind Blew;
Bevis Frond – This One;
Bevis Frond – Backanile;
Electric Six – If U R Who U Say U R;
Mark Lanegan – Methamphetamine Blues;
Mark Lanegan – When It’s In You;
Eagles of Death Metal – I Love You All The Time;
Los Lobos – Gates of Gold;
Sonny Vincent – Don’t Tell Me (Live in CLE);
Trotsky Icepick – Boy With A Book;
Nikki Sudden – Such A Little Girl;
Sandy Denny And The Strawbs – All I Need Is You.

Flashlite #347

BanditosToday we have some international highlights. Les Grys Grys come from France and Souls Surfers from Russia. Banditos come from Birmingham AL. Also, some new blasts from the familiar faces: Dave and Phil Alvin are back with the new record as well as John Mayall. Joe Ely is also back and doing very well on the country top 40 albums charts with his new record Panhandle Rambler. Cobra Verde played a live show recently and included their brand new song in the playlist… and the tape was rolling! Big shout-out to our long time listener Tom Haun!

The Gods – Maria;
Tough Age – Flotsam;
Les Grys Grys -It’s Mighty Crazy;
Nomads – The Way (You Touch My Hand);
Cobra Verde – New Song (Live in CLE);
Pat And Lolly Vegas – Satisfaction;
Beatles – Tell Me Why;
Terry And Louie – Can Ya Tell Me (How Life Goes On);
Dirty Fuse – Mdnight Heat Wave;
The Soul Surfers – Raw;
John Mayall – War We Wage;
Jimi Hendrix Experience – Gypsy Eyes (Blues Alphabet);
Dave and Phil Alvin – Sit Down Baby;
Banditos – Golden Grease;
Joe Ely – Honky Tonk Masquerade;
Joe Ely – Southern Eyes;
Leaving Trains – Always Between Wars.