Flashlite #181

Kelly HoganUnfortunately, today we say goodbye to two great rock musicians who died recently. First of all, Tim Mooney who was in American Music Club passed away on June 15th. Then, most recently, Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord also passed away a month later, on July 16th. We remember them both today. Lil’ Band O’ Gold are also back with a new record after 12 years, this time dedicated to the good old Fats Domino. Redd Kross are back rocking their heads off with the new record called Researching The Blues. Luther Dickinson is quite busy recently. First he prepared a collection of live recordings that he and his brother recorded with his father Jim Dickinson shortly before his death. Also, there’s a new band for Luther himself, a supergroup The Wandering that consists of Shannon McNally, Amy LaVere, Valerie June and Sharde Thomas. Kevn Kinney is also busy. After his great solo record earlier this year, he also reformed his old band Drivin n’ Cryin’. Kelly Hogan, who we know from Jody Grind and as a backup singer for  is also back. She has a new record I Like To Keep Myself in Pain. And let us not forget Turf War – a new band from Atlanta, live in CLE!

fIREHOSE – For The Singer Of REM;
American Music Club – It’s Your Birthday;
Redd Kross – Stay Away from Downtown;
Redd Kross – Notes and Chords Mean Nothing to Me;
Lil’ Band O’ Gold – Parlez Nous A Boire;
Lil’ Band O’ Gold – Ain’t That a Shame;
Fats Domino – Ain’t That a Shame;
James Luther Dickinson – Rooster Blues;
The Wandering – Sitting On Top of the World;
Vlado Kreslin – Sitting On Top of The World;
The Jody Grind – It Ain’t Necessarily So;
Kelly Hogan – Sleeper Awake;
Turf War – Bad Moon Rising;
Turf War – Live in Cleveland;
Kevn Kinney – Gotta Move On;
Drivin n’ Cryin’ – REM;
Santa Barbara Machine Head – Porcupine Juice;
Deep Purple – Shadows;
Crosby Stills Nash And Young – Ohio.

Flashlite #180 – 50 Years With The Stones

The Rolling StonesOn July 12, 50 years ago, The Rolling Stones had their firs gig at the Marequee Club in London. It’s not news to say the Stones are one of the most influential rock’n’roll bands ever. So, in honor of their 50th anniversary, we will review some of the most interesting covers of The Rolling Sones songs. I think that the choice is not entirely obvious, so you may have fun staying with us.

Elvis J. Kurtovic – Da bog da crko rocknroll;
The Rolling Stones – Come On;
Jovenes Pordioseros – Start Me Up;
Eagles of Death Metal – Brown Sugar (Live in CLE);
Natural Child – Tumbling Dice (Live in CLE);
Jason And The Scorchers – 19th Nervous Breakdown;
The Blackjacks – Dead Flowers;
Divine Horsemen – Gimme Shelter;
Eric Burdon – Paint It Black;
Reigning Sound – I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys;
Don Nix – Backstreet Girl;
Meat Puppets – What To Do;
Chris Farlowe – Out of Time;
Otis Redding – Satisfaction;
Alex Chilton – Jumping Jack Flash;
Elvis J. Kurtovic – Bascarsy hanumen;
Rod Stewart – Street Fighting Man;
Cobra Verde – Play With Fire.

Flashlite #179

Bob WelchI definitely prefer Bob Welch’s era of Fleetwood Mac to the saccharine post-hippie Buckingham era that followed and which brought the some of the best selling (and most covered by indie hipsters albums) in pop/rock. Sadly, we say goodbye to Bob Welch, the architect of Mac sound after Peter Green left the band. He committed suicide on June 7, this year, following an excruciating pain from the spinal surgery he had three months earlier. On the lighter side, we also have some cool new albums that we check out. Chelle Rose from Nashville TN has a new one out called Ghost of Browder Holler, produced by Ray Wylie Hubbard (what a great season for him this year!). Folk rock lady Shawn Colvin, who we remember as a background vocalist on Suzanne Vega’s song Luka, has a new album as well. It’s called All Fall Down. Talking about folk and country, Sonny and the Sunsets made a new album in this vain called Longtime Companion. He even took a picture with a cowboy hat. But don’t expect him to pull Jonathan Richman on you. He’s in it for real. And, brothers Villanueva are back with their band Hacienda and the new record Shakedown, once again a collaboration with Dan Auerbach.

Oberon Rose – Buried Alive;
Ray Wylie Hubbard – New Year’s Eve at the Gates of Hell;
Chelle Rose – I Need You;
Sonny And The Sunsets – I Wanna Do It;
Sonny And The Sunsets – I See the Void;
Shawn Colvin – All Fall Down;
Beachwood Sparks – Sparks Fly Again;
Hacienda – Mama’s Cookin;
Hacienda – Don’t Turn Out The Light;
Reigning Sound – I Don’t Believe (Live In CLE);
Guilloteens – I Don’t Believe;
The Beatles – Hey Bulldog;
The Bevis Frond – Hey Bulldog;
The Bevis Frond – Johnny Kwango;
Naim Amor – On Se Tient;
Fleetwood Mac – Sentimental Lady.

Flashlite #178 – Vinyl Junkyard 4

Jonathan And LeighIn today’s edition of the vinyl Junkyard we have two great albums from 1967, which was probably one of the greatest years for rock’n’roll ever. Still, you won’t hear much today about either of them. We start with Jonathan and Leigh and their record Third and Main. The title and cover allude to New York City and Greenwich Village. While the young couple Jonathan and Leigh definitely lived and played music over there at the time, they are actually from Dayton OH. The record was made for a sizable advance and put out by Vanguard Records. Some of the musicians that played on it later on helped Van Morrison to make his legendary Astral Weeks and you may notice that. But Third and Main was a flop and Jonathan and Leigh went back to Dayton, never recording anything together again. The second record in today’s edition of the Vinyl Junkyard is The Magic Garden by the vocal group The Fifth Dimension. The record is arranged, produced and composed by none other than Jimmy Webb. The record deals with some of the concerns that young adults and a little older adults had at the time. There is a lot of light drug references and other stuff that may be unexpected. Unlike Third and Main, The Magic Garden was successful in terms of sales. I think that both albums are very interesting and we should definitely pay respect to them.


Gene Clark – Changes;
Jonathan And Leigh – Constant Tuesday;
Jonathan And Leigh – Brownsville;
Jonathan And Leigh – Tapestry;
Jonathan And Leigh – Song For Shelley;
Jonathan And Leigh – Third And Main;
Jonathan And Leigh – Summer Sorrow;
Jonathan And Leigh – Winding River;
Jonathan And Leigh – Changes;
Phil Ochs – Changes;
The Fifth Dimension – The Magic Queen;
The Fifth Dimension – Summer’s Daughter;
The Fifth Dimension – Dreams/Pax/Nepenthe;
The Fifth Dimension – Carpet Man;
The Fifth Dimension – The Girl’s Song;
The Fifth Dimension – The Worst That Could Happen;
The Fifth Dimension – Orange Air;
The Fifth Dimension – Paper Cup.

Poetry Music Scene Chicago #4

Poetry Music ScenePMS Issue 4, edited and hosted by Dubravka Juraga and Snezana Zabic, brings five Chicago poets and music from around the world. We didn’t get enough of Paul Martinez Pompa last time, so we not only brought him back, but also invited two of his talented students, Anahi Gante and Ky Ford, to read their poems. We are equally happy that
Anthony Madrid and Roger Reeves lend their voices and poems for the first time to PMS. The music portion of the show is supplied by The Bassturd from Austin, Neneh Cherry and The Thing from Sweden, local Chicago acts Agents of Change and Real Drugs, Philly legends The Dead Milkmen, Toronto’s (and Borovo Naselje’s) Winnebagos of Death, and the Scottish singing sensation David Aitchison. Speak up in your poems and songs and send them to chicagopms@gmail.com.

Posted by Snezana Zabic

DOWNLOAD: pms4.ogg

1. Paul Martinez Pompa: “Commercial Break”
2. The Bassturd: “Recycling”
3. Anahi Gante: “Zoologico de Morelia” and “Lulu’s Lament”
4. Neneh Cherry and The Thing: “Cashback”
5. Ky Ford: “Human Bean” and “My Name Is”
6. Real Drugs: “Curses”
7. Anthony Madrid: “At Night There are a Million of Stars”
8. Agents of Change: “Hideous”
9. Roger Reeves: “Before Diagnosis” and “Some Day I Will Love Roger Reeves”
10. The Dead Milkmen: “Can’t Relax”
11. Paul Martinez Pompa: “Manifesto”
12. Winnebagos of Death: “War Games”
13. Anahi Gente: “What Did She See in Him”
14. David Aitchison: “Shut Up and Kiss Me”

Links: Paul Martinez Pompa, The Bassturd Neneh Cherry and The Thing, Real Drugs, Anthony Madrid, Agents of Change, The Dead Milkmen, Winnebagos of Death, David Aitchison.