Flashlite #159

Julian CopeJulian Cope continues with his steady concept of putting out double albums with songs obsessed by the middle east and politics. Listening to that stuff is a learning experience. The new record is called Psychedelic Revolution. We also have the new album for John Larson, who we know from the Marlowes. We used to play them few years ago when they were active. Larson now has a new record, also a concept album, all songs are about music. Free from the Rolling Stones baggage Bill Wyman plays standards with his new band Rhythm Kings and we check out their new live record Live Communication. The new names today are The Good And The Bad. Their concept is numerology. The new record is called 18 to 33 and all songs are numbered from 18 to 33. PG Six are also a new band, they hail from Brooklyn and they don’t have a particular concept, other than sticking pretty strictly to the retro psychedelic sound. Royal Baths come from the San Francisco garage punk scene, but they all relocated now to Brooklyn.

Daniel Kroha – Blues;
Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings – She’s Looking Good;
The Good The Bad – 024;
The Byrds – I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better;
Don Nix – Feel A Whole Lot Better;
John Larson – Track You Down;
The Marlowes – The Week That Never Was;
Julian Cope – They Gotta Different Way of Doing Things;
Julian Cope – Vive le Suicide;
Wolf People – October Fires;
PG Six – Letter;
Minutemen – Retreat;
Sidewinders – Witchdoctor;
Three Hits – Lori (Last Girl On The Beach);
Human Switchboard – Shake It, Boys;
Royal Baths – Contempt.

Flashlite #158

Janey And The RavemenWe have a lot of new stuff this time. Let’s start off with the new albums for the bands that we know very well already. Chuck Prophet (ex Green On Red) has a brand new album Temple Beautiful lovingly dedicated to his home town of San Francisco. Heartless Bastards from Cincinnati are also here with a new record. It’s simply called Arrow. Besides his new album One Thought Revealed, Bill Fox also has a cassette tape out with some rare recordings that he made over the years. It’s called Before I Went To Harvard. Tav Falco reissued his legenrady Behind The Magnolia Curtain and The Cramps put together a compilation of their earliest singles. New names this time are all over the map. We have The Riffbrokers, a roots rock/power pop band from Seattle, The Dark Rags from the hometown of rockxs.com, Athens Greece, Blackbox Revalation from Brussels, Belgium, Calibro 35 from Milan, Italy and Janey and The Ravemen from London, England.

Minutemen – There Ain’t Shit on TV Tonight;
The Riffbrokers – Around Too Long;
The Dark Rags – On Your Own (All Alone);
Kevn Kinney – Hurricane;
Heartless Bastards – New Resolution;
Heartless Bastards – Simple Feeling;
Chuck Prophet – Castro Halloween;
Green On Red – Five ‘Til Five;
Blackbox Revelation- Shiver of Joy;
Janey And The Ravemen – I Want You;
The Happy Thoughts – Half Day;
True Sons Of Thunder – Get Away;
Smrts – Dr Jekyll’s Dilemma;
Calibro 35 – New Dehli Deli;
Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – St. Louis Blues;
The Cramps – Twist & Shout;
Bill Fox – Moonlight Staggers On A Lonesome Toe;
Bill Fox – Mary Ellen’s Cemetary Gray.

Flashlite #157

Victoria WilliamsToday’s podcast is a podcast about another podcast. Radio Free Song Club is one of the most exciting musical websites that I stumbled upon last year. It features a loose collective of mainly New York based singer songwriters that gather together about once a month to put together a mixture of intimately recorded set of songs usually specially written for the show. There are also occasional cover versions and tributes. It’s all absolutely free on their website. The atmosphere in the sessions is breezy and the sound is very competent. If you like my selection of the best performances at the club, go to their site and check out the rest. http://radiofreesongclub.com/

The Radio Free All Stars – Radio Free Song;
Don Piper – We Are You;
Dave Schramm – Long Story Short;
Stephen McCarthy and Steve Wynn – Charmed;
Laura Cantrell – All The Girls Are Complicated;
Peter Holsapple – Real Tears;
Victoria Williams – Buckskin Stallion;
Amy Allison – No Stars In New York City;
Kate Jacobs – This time Last Year;
Beth Orton and Sam Amidon – Thirteen;
Emily Arin – Nothing’s The Same;
Syd Straw – You Had Your Chance;
Howe Gelb – Reality Or Not;
Peter Blegvad – Lets Travel Light;
Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby – Zero To Minus One;
Freedy Johnston – Baby Baby Come Home;
Freakwater – Mockingbird;
The Radio Free All Stars – Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles.

Flashlite #156

Rosie LedetWe have several new things this week. Daniel Kroha from Gories has a new solo ep in blues style called The Folk-Blues Stylings. The Sky Drops is a new band at the Little Lighthouse that comes from Delaware. Their new ep Making Mountains is exceptional. Natural Child is another new band that comes from Nashville. We introduce them here. Mark Lanegan’s new album Blues Funeral is just about to come out, so we sample it in this show with one new song. Holly Renee Allen is a folk/rock singer from Virginia with a wonderful voice. She teamed up with Martin Kearns on her new album Red Dirt Soul. Leonard Cohen also pulled out an excellent album called Old Friends. We also have a brand new song by the swam-pop zydeco musician Rosie Ledet.

The Incredible Casuals – Let Her Dance;
Gories – Nitroglycerine;
Daniel Kroha – Before This Time;
Oblivians – I May be Gone;
Wolf People – Castle Keep;
The Sky Drops – Cut That Corner;
Natural Child – Ain’t Gonna Stop;
Screaming Trees – Tomorrow Changes;
Mark Lanegan – Quiver Syndrome;
Holly Renee Allen – Miss Christine;
Divine Horsemen – Mother’s Worry;
Leonard Cohen – Anyhow;
The Excitements – Let’s Kiss and Make Up;
Mama Rosin with Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers – City Two-Step;
Rosie Ledet – Love Is Gonna Find You;
Toussaint McCall – I’ll Do It For You.