Flashlite #164

Holly GolightlyThe first part of the show is filled with crazy garage rockers. We have Thee Exciters and Johnny Throttle from England, Dan Sartain from Alabama and we round things up with the French duet The Magnetix with a segment from their live show this Sunday in Cleveland. Then we turn to veterans. Rich Hopkins and The Luminarios are here with a new double album. One cd contains a set of truly exceptional new songs and the other cd is ambiental in nature. Wedding Present are also back with the new record and so is Holly Golightly. We also pick one song by Vince Gill from the new tribute record to one of my favorite writers Mark Twain.

Daniel Kroha – 02;
Chuck Prophet – Play That Song Again;
Thee Exciters – Perpetual Happening;
Chrome Cranks – ’50s french movie;
Johnny Throttle – Heart of Stone;
Dan Sartain – I Can’t Go Home Now;
Terry Malts – Not Far from It;
The Happy Thoughts – Ride Ride Ride;
The Magnetix (Live in Cleveland);
Sidewinders – I Can Wait;
Rich Hopkins and Luminarios – Betcha Gotcha Now!;
Rich Hopkins and Luminarios – Shooting Star;
The Beatles – Getting Better;
Wedding Present with Amelia Fletcher – Getting Better;
Wedding Present – The Girl From the DDR;
Joe Strummer – King Of The Bayou;
Jay Farrar, Yim Yames, Will Johnson and Anders Parker – Old L.A;
Vince Gill – I Know You By Heart;
Holly Golightly And The Brokeoffs – Dearly Departed.

Flashlite #163

Janiva MagnessGentleman Jesse is back with the new collection of perfect garage power pop tunes packed onto a new album called Leaving Atlanta. Jeannette, formerly of The Chubbies, now A Brokeheart Pro, has a new album out as well. It’s a companion to her first novel called Josephine The Outlaw King. Lee Ranaldo (ex Sonic Youth) is also back with a very nice retro styled psychedelic record called Between The Times And The Tides with a bunch of conventionally written tunes. The new names today is the blues singer with great vocal Janiva Magness, Tinko – new band from Cleveland and Pajaro Jack, Spanish alt-rock band. Kitty Daisy and Lewis are three siblings who’s mom Ingrid Weiss was in Raincoats and father Graeme Durham is a famous record studio owner and engineer from England. Rock on yall!

Jay Farrar, Yim Yames, Will Johnson and Anders Parker – Hoping Machine;
Gentleman Jesse – If I Can See You (You’re Too Close To Me);
Gentleman Jesse – Eat Me Alive;
Gentleman Jesse – Going Outta My Mind;
A Brokeheart Pro – Bullets Aint Brakes;
Janiva Magness – There It Is;
Holly Renee Allen – Let Love;
Stacie Collins – Jumping Jack Flash;
Royal Baths – Burned;
Tinko – Jaywalking Square;
Lee Ranaldo – Angles;
Mike Therieau – Holding On;
Kitty Daisy and Lewis – Don’t Make a Fool Out of Me;
Raincoats – Fairytale In The Supermarket;
Andre Williams – Hu-Matic Man;
Pájaro Jack – Desde el Tren.

Flashlite #162

Cheyenne Marie MizeToday we start off with the new album for the Memphis area rockers Lucero. Then we introduce a new singer songwriter from Nova Scotia, Mike O’Neill who showcases his talent on the new album called Wild Lines. Another new name in the show is also Alabama Shakes, a band from Northern Alabama that combines soul, southern rock and punk rock into an interesting mixture of genres. Terry Malts comes from California and he is also new in our lineup. Cheyenne Marie Mize is a singer songwriter from Louisville KY with an interesting debut ep We Don’t Need, although I think I do need it. And in the end, Scarcity of Tanks return with three(!!) new albums Vulgar Defender, Fear is Not Conscience, Sensational Grade. In our live in Cleveland series, we have Eilen Jewell and her awesome interpretation of Shakin’ All Over.

The Sky Drops – Swimming with Fishes;
Lucero – Sixes and Sevens;
Lucero – Like Lightning;
The Byrds – Fifth Dimension;
John Stewart – Razorback Woman;
Bill Fox – Whenever I;
Mike O’Neill – Colin;
John Larson – Girl In The Band;
Johnny Kidd And The Pirates – Shakin’ All Over;
Eileen Jewell – Shakin’ All Over;
Alabama Shakes – Hang Loose;
Scarcity of Tanks – Canister Fault;
Scarcity of Tanks – Impaired Nominee;
Terry Malts – Where Is the Weekend;
Cheyenne Marie Mize – Keep It;
The Dark Rags – Drunken Angel;
Starry Eyed and Laughing – Keep It To Yourself.

Flashlite #161

Davy JonesInteresting premier in this show is the New Multitudes album, which marks this year as a 100 years from when Woody Guthrie was born. It’s another project where the Guthrie’s estate hands out his old unseen lyrics to modern day artists to write new tunes to the old words. First project like that was back in 1998 when Jeff Tweedy and Billy Bragg joined forces on Mermaid Avenue. It’s interesting that the Guthrie’s estate approached old Tweedy’s friend from the Uncle Tupelo days, Jay Farrar. He then also approached Will Johnson from Centro-matic, Yim Yames from My Morning Jacket and Anders Parker from Varnalinen to help him out in the completion. The whole thing turned out very well, Farrar’s singing wasn’t this good in ages and tunes fit the lyrics like a glove. Starting with this show, we will begin with a new segment, Live in Cleveland, which will feature live recordings from various bands on their Cleveland shows. We start with a new song for the Cleveland roots rock band Jack Fords, the band which also premiers at the Little Lighthouse today. Whitehorse is a duet from Canada that consists of singer-songwriters Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland and we feature them for the first time at todays show. Their self titled album is full of well crafted songs. Today we have John Wesley Coleman again, this time with a new solo album Last Donkey Show. Chrome Cranks are back with the new album Ain’t No Likes In Blood. And sadly, today’s show is dedicated to Davy Jones, one of the Monkees, who passed away on February 29 this year after a sudden hear attack.

Bootsy’s Rubber Band – Vanish in Our Sleep;
The Monkees – Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow);
The Monkees – Star Collector;
Whitehorse – Broken;
Jay Farrar, Yim Yames, Will Johnson and Andreas Parker – V.D. City;
Billy Bragg and Wilco – California Stars;
Green On Red – This I know;
Jack Fords – Covers Blown;
Jack Fords – Turn It Up Louder;
Smrts – Balga Promenade;
Endless Boogie – Pack Your Bags;
John Wesley Coleman – Misery Again;
Gibson Bros – Lone Wild Bird;
The Chrome Cranks – Way-Out Lover;
The Chrome Cranks – Living Dead.

Flashlite #160

Michael DavisToday’s show is dedicated to Michael Davis, the original bass player of the loudest band on earth MC5. He died on February 17 this year after liver failure at the age of 68. We also catch up with another legend Andre Williams who has a new record out. Bruce Springsteen also has a new one out. English new wave legends Wire have a live record out and John Wesley Coleman teamed up with Morgan Coy for a strange little extended play which features new songs in full studio arrangement and also in more stripped down acoustic style.

Albert Smith – Come Together;
MC5 – Kick Out the Jams;
MC5 – Teenage Lust;
Blackbox Revelation – Love Licks;
Andre Williams – Mojo Hannah;
Esther Phillips – Mojo Hannah;
Elkie Brooks – Mojo Hannah;
Danny And The Champions of the World – Ghosts in the Wire;
Bruce Springsteen – You’ve Got It;
Chuck Prophet – He Came From So Far Away (Red Man Speaks);
The Sky Drops – Explain It to Me;
John Wesley Coleman III – Donkey Song;
John Wesley Coleman and Morgan Coy – Wild Zoo;
Wire – Kidney Bingos;
The Lemonheads – Mallo Cup;
Tad – 3-D Witch Hunt;
Dinosaur JR – No bones.