Flashlite #163

Janiva MagnessGentleman Jesse is back with the new collection of perfect garage power pop tunes packed onto a new album called Leaving Atlanta. Jeannette, formerly of The Chubbies, now A Brokeheart Pro, has a new album out as well. It’s a companion to her first novel called Josephine The Outlaw King. Lee Ranaldo (ex Sonic Youth) is also back with a very nice retro styled psychedelic record called Between The Times And The Tides with a bunch of conventionally written tunes. The new names today is the blues singer with great vocal Janiva Magness, Tinko – new band from Cleveland and Pajaro Jack, Spanish alt-rock band. Kitty Daisy and Lewis are three siblings who’s mom Ingrid Weiss was in Raincoats and father Graeme Durham is a famous record studio owner and engineer from England. Rock on yall!

Jay Farrar, Yim Yames, Will Johnson and Anders Parker – Hoping Machine;
Gentleman Jesse – If I Can See You (You’re Too Close To Me);
Gentleman Jesse – Eat Me Alive;
Gentleman Jesse – Going Outta My Mind;
A Brokeheart Pro – Bullets Aint Brakes;
Janiva Magness – There It Is;
Holly Renee Allen – Let Love;
Stacie Collins – Jumping Jack Flash;
Royal Baths – Burned;
Tinko – Jaywalking Square;
Lee Ranaldo – Angles;
Mike Therieau – Holding On;
Kitty Daisy and Lewis – Don’t Make a Fool Out of Me;
Raincoats – Fairytale In The Supermarket;
Andre Williams – Hu-Matic Man;
Pájaro Jack – Desde el Tren.

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