Flashlite #164

Holly GolightlyThe first part of the show is filled with crazy garage rockers. We have Thee Exciters and Johnny Throttle from England, Dan Sartain from Alabama and we round things up with the French duet The Magnetix with a segment from their live show this Sunday in Cleveland. Then we turn to veterans. Rich Hopkins and The Luminarios are here with a new double album. One cd contains a set of truly exceptional new songs and the other cd is ambiental in nature. Wedding Present are also back with the new record and so is Holly Golightly. We also pick one song by Vince Gill from the new tribute record to one of my favorite writers Mark Twain.

Daniel Kroha – 02;
Chuck Prophet – Play That Song Again;
Thee Exciters – Perpetual Happening;
Chrome Cranks – ’50s french movie;
Johnny Throttle – Heart of Stone;
Dan Sartain – I Can’t Go Home Now;
Terry Malts – Not Far from It;
The Happy Thoughts – Ride Ride Ride;
The Magnetix (Live in Cleveland);
Sidewinders – I Can Wait;
Rich Hopkins and Luminarios – Betcha Gotcha Now!;
Rich Hopkins and Luminarios – Shooting Star;
The Beatles – Getting Better;
Wedding Present with Amelia Fletcher – Getting Better;
Wedding Present – The Girl From the DDR;
Joe Strummer – King Of The Bayou;
Jay Farrar, Yim Yames, Will Johnson and Anders Parker – Old L.A;
Vince Gill – I Know You By Heart;
Holly Golightly And The Brokeoffs – Dearly Departed.

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