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Flashlite #277

Ruined FortuneA ton of new tunes from Australia. We have Ruined Fortune, a duo from Sydney and Eastlink from Melbourne. King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard have a new record called Oddments, plus we were lucky to host them in Cleveland. We also check out some good old rustbelt bands. Cheap Girls come from Lansing MI and The Safes are from Chicago. Peter Holsapple wrote a neat tribute to his old band Continental Drifters for The Radio Free Song Club and recorded it with overdubs from Susan Cowsill and Russ Broussard. We also check out the new Secretly Canadian reissues of Nikki Sudden albums.

The Singles – Turn The Other Way;
Cheap Girls – Man in Question;
Guided By Voices – Zero Elasticity;
Sweet Apple – Under The Liquor Store;
The Safes – Erased From History;
The Tears – Don’t Care About Nothing;
Fall-Outs – Like Me;
Elmore James – Dust My Blues;
Swell Maps – The Helicopter Spies;
Nikki Sudden – Out of Egypt;
Eastlink – Gina;
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – Live in CLE;
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – Crying;
Ruined Fortune – Transparent faces;
The Strungs – Tigger;
Holsapple Cowsill Broussard – No Better.

Flashlite #157

Victoria WilliamsToday’s podcast is a podcast about another podcast. Radio Free Song Club is one of the most exciting musical websites that I stumbled upon last year. It features a loose collective of mainly New York based singer songwriters that gather together about once a month to put together a mixture of intimately recorded set of songs usually specially written for the show. There are also occasional cover versions and tributes. It’s all absolutely free on their website. The atmosphere in the sessions is breezy and the sound is very competent. If you like my selection of the best performances at the club, go to their site and check out the rest. http://radiofreesongclub.com/

The Radio Free All Stars – Radio Free Song;
Don Piper – We Are You;
Dave Schramm – Long Story Short;
Stephen McCarthy and Steve Wynn – Charmed;
Laura Cantrell – All The Girls Are Complicated;
Peter Holsapple – Real Tears;
Victoria Williams – Buckskin Stallion;
Amy Allison – No Stars In New York City;
Kate Jacobs – This time Last Year;
Beth Orton and Sam Amidon – Thirteen;
Emily Arin – Nothing’s The Same;
Syd Straw – You Had Your Chance;
Howe Gelb – Reality Or Not;
Peter Blegvad – Lets Travel Light;
Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby – Zero To Minus One;
Freedy Johnston – Baby Baby Come Home;
Freakwater – Mockingbird;
The Radio Free All Stars – Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles.

Flashlite #132

Peter BlegvadWe take it easy today. I haven’t heard much from Peter Blegvad in a while, so I hit a search on him. It turns out he’s been putting new songs up on an excellent podcast called Radio Free Song Club. Very nice songs and a super interesting website! Check out also Skoca’s recent podcast for more Blegvad tunes. Ty Segall very recently had an ep with the T Rex songs and now they are back with their own new long player. Paul McCartney celebrates 69th birthday with reissues of McCartney and McCartney 2 – two albums that he created in isolation full with spontaneous sound experimentations. Normals, a punk band from New Orleans receive a new polish on the reissue of their songs from their prime.

Naim Amor – Prescious Second;
Dear Thief – Hero;
The Normals – Got You Runnin’;
The Mice – Crystal Silence;
Bubblegum Lemonade – You’re Still Beautiful (When You’re Sad);
Happy Birthday – Maxine the Teenage Eskimo;
Kinks – Where Have All The Good Times Go;
Russ Tolman – There I Am;
True West – What About You;
Peter Blegvad – Golden Helmet;
Paul McCartney – Don’t Cry Baby;
Paul McCartney – Mr H Atom – You Know I’ll Get You Baby;
Exeene Cservenka – Long Time Ago;
Dead Rock West – God Help Me;
Ty Segall – Elemental Child;
Ty Segall – I Am With You;
Mega City Four – Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely.