Flashlite #159

Julian CopeJulian Cope continues with his steady concept of putting out double albums with songs obsessed by the middle east and politics. Listening to that stuff is a learning experience. The new record is called Psychedelic Revolution. We also have the new album for John Larson, who we know from the Marlowes. We used to play them few years ago when they were active. Larson now has a new record, also a concept album, all songs are about music. Free from the Rolling Stones baggage Bill Wyman plays standards with his new band Rhythm Kings and we check out their new live record Live Communication. The new names today are The Good And The Bad. Their concept is numerology. The new record is called 18 to 33 and all songs are numbered from 18 to 33. PG Six are also a new band, they hail from Brooklyn and they don’t have a particular concept, other than sticking pretty strictly to the retro psychedelic sound. Royal Baths come from the San Francisco garage punk scene, but they all relocated now to Brooklyn.

Daniel Kroha – Blues;
Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings – She’s Looking Good;
The Good The Bad – 024;
The Byrds – I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better;
Don Nix – Feel A Whole Lot Better;
John Larson – Track You Down;
The Marlowes – The Week That Never Was;
Julian Cope – They Gotta Different Way of Doing Things;
Julian Cope – Vive le Suicide;
Wolf People – October Fires;
PG Six – Letter;
Minutemen – Retreat;
Sidewinders – Witchdoctor;
Three Hits – Lori (Last Girl On The Beach);
Human Switchboard – Shake It, Boys;
Royal Baths – Contempt.

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