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Flashlite #178 – Vinyl Junkyard 4

Jonathan And LeighIn today’s edition of the vinyl Junkyard we have two great albums from 1967, which was probably one of the greatest years for rock’n’roll ever. Still, you won’t hear much today about either of them. We start with Jonathan and Leigh and their record Third and Main. The title and cover allude to New York City and Greenwich Village. While the young couple Jonathan and Leigh definitely lived and played music over there at the time, they are actually from Dayton OH. The record was made for a sizable advance and put out by Vanguard Records. Some of the musicians that played on it later on helped Van Morrison to make his legendary Astral Weeks and you may notice that. But Third and Main was a flop and Jonathan and Leigh went back to Dayton, never recording anything together again. The second record in today’s edition of the Vinyl Junkyard is The Magic Garden by the vocal group The Fifth Dimension. The record is arranged, produced and composed by none other than Jimmy Webb. The record deals with some of the concerns that young adults and a little older adults had at the time. There is a lot of light drug references and other stuff that may be unexpected. Unlike Third and Main, The Magic Garden was successful in terms of sales. I think that both albums are very interesting and we should definitely pay respect to them.


Gene Clark – Changes;
Jonathan And Leigh – Constant Tuesday;
Jonathan And Leigh – Brownsville;
Jonathan And Leigh – Tapestry;
Jonathan And Leigh – Song For Shelley;
Jonathan And Leigh – Third And Main;
Jonathan And Leigh – Summer Sorrow;
Jonathan And Leigh – Winding River;
Jonathan And Leigh – Changes;
Phil Ochs – Changes;
The Fifth Dimension – The Magic Queen;
The Fifth Dimension – Summer’s Daughter;
The Fifth Dimension – Dreams/Pax/Nepenthe;
The Fifth Dimension – Carpet Man;
The Fifth Dimension – The Girl’s Song;
The Fifth Dimension – The Worst That Could Happen;
The Fifth Dimension – Orange Air;
The Fifth Dimension – Paper Cup.