Poetry Music Scene Chicago #4

Poetry Music ScenePMS Issue 4, edited and hosted by Dubravka Juraga and Snezana Zabic, brings five Chicago poets and music from around the world. We didn’t get enough of Paul Martinez Pompa last time, so we not only brought him back, but also invited two of his talented students, Anahi Gante and Ky Ford, to read their poems. We are equally happy that
Anthony Madrid and Roger Reeves lend their voices and poems for the first time to PMS. The music portion of the show is supplied by The Bassturd from Austin, Neneh Cherry and The Thing from Sweden, local Chicago acts Agents of Change and Real Drugs, Philly legends The Dead Milkmen, Toronto’s (and Borovo Naselje’s) Winnebagos of Death, and the Scottish singing sensation David Aitchison. Speak up in your poems and songs and send them to chicagopms@gmail.com.

Posted by Snezana Zabic

DOWNLOAD: pms4.ogg

1. Paul Martinez Pompa: “Commercial Break”
2. The Bassturd: “Recycling”
3. Anahi Gante: “Zoologico de Morelia” and “Lulu’s Lament”
4. Neneh Cherry and The Thing: “Cashback”
5. Ky Ford: “Human Bean” and “My Name Is”
6. Real Drugs: “Curses”
7. Anthony Madrid: “At Night There are a Million of Stars”
8. Agents of Change: “Hideous”
9. Roger Reeves: “Before Diagnosis” and “Some Day I Will Love Roger Reeves”
10. The Dead Milkmen: “Can’t Relax”
11. Paul Martinez Pompa: “Manifesto”
12. Winnebagos of Death: “War Games”
13. Anahi Gente: “What Did She See in Him”
14. David Aitchison: “Shut Up and Kiss Me”

Links: Paul Martinez Pompa, The Bassturd Neneh Cherry and The Thing, Real Drugs, Anthony Madrid, Agents of Change, The Dead Milkmen, Winnebagos of Death, David Aitchison.

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