Flashlite #350

Richard RosebroughReally good new music today. Harlan T. Bobo is back with the new band called Unamericans. Wreckless Eric also has a brand new single and it sounds really strong. Ty Segall and his Fuzz is back with the new record as well as Don Howland. Holly Golightly has already two new albums this year, one solo and one with The Brokeoffs. We also check out Kimmie Rhodes, who I think we feature for the first time at The Little Lighthosue although she has a very long and successful career. Finaly, we introduce John Krautner from Detroit and Century Palm from Toronto. Also, sadly, we say goodbye to Richard Rosebrough, drummer and sound engineer from Memphis Ardent Records, who passed away last week. We also remember John Fry, who passed away in December and, until now, I failed to pay a proper respect to this truly great sound engineer and Rosebrough’s comrade from Ardent Records.

The Boys – You Make Me Shake;
John Krautner – I Can Cry Too;
Century Palm – To the Ether;
Wreckless Eric – Let’s Go To The Pictures;
Wreckless Eric – Several Shades Of Green;
Big Star – Mod Lang;
Chris Bell – I Am The Cosmos;
Terry Manning – Savoy Truffle;
Harlan T. Bobo – God Damn This Town;
Viva L’American Death Ray Music – Push And Pull;
New Salem Witchhunters – Vietnamese Baby (Live in CLE);
Status Quo – Sunny Cellophane Skies;
Fuzz – Let It Live;
Don Howland – Gonna Shake It;
Holly Golightly And The Brokeoffs – Little Mule;
Holly Golightly – Catch Your Fall;
Kimmie Rhodes – The Sky Fell Down.

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