Flashlite #62

Rickie Lee JonesToday we begin with a block of Los Angeles garage bands and we choose the songs from the latest Nuggets compilation, called Where The Action Is. We take a chance to reflect especially on Sky Saxon, legendary member of The Seeds who passed away earlier this summer. Rickie Lee Jones has a new album out called Balm In Gilead and it’s filled with smoky, intimate, slow tempo tunes. We also check in with Marshall Crenshaw and his new album called Jaggedland and with the Drive-By Truckers guy Patterson Hood who has an exciting new solo album out called Murdering Oscar.

Mission Of Burma – 1 2 3 Party;
Mouse And The Traps – A Public Execution;
P.F. Sloan – Halloween Mary;
The Premiers – Get on This Plane;
The Ballroom – Baby, Please Don’t Go;
The Seeds – Tripmaker;
The Seeds – Pushin’ Too Hard;
Carla Thomas – That Beat Keeps Disturbing My Sleep;
Amy LaVere – That Beat;
Rickie Lee Jones – The Moon Is Made of Gold;
Rickie Lee Jones – Nobody Knows My Name;
The Beatles – And Your Bird Can Sing;
The Choir – I’d Rather You Leave Me;
Action Now – Stop pretending;
Up And Out – I’m Learning;
Marshall Crenshaw – Our Town;
Marshall Crenshaw – Right on Time;
Patterson Hood – I Understand Now;
The Ace – Adamantine Sorceress of Ecstasy;
Satin Gum – Run For Cover.

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