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Flashlite #562

Lisa Prank

Hex Dispensers from Austin TX are back with the new album and so are the Parlor Snakes from Paris and New York City. Red Mass from Montreal are also back with some new tunes and so is Tall Juan from Queens. We introduce Lisa Prank from Seattle, Charlie Parr from Duluth and Mordecai Smyth from Reading, UK. Remember Satin Gum from Pittsburgh? They had a record last year that fell through the cracks, and we catch it today. Redd Kross is in our Live in Cleveland segment and we pay a special tribute to Little Feat’s Paul Barrere who passed away on October 26 this year.

Lemonheads – Postcard;
Hex Dispensers – Obit;
Tall Juan – Wake up daddy;
Tall Juan – It’s True;
Redd Kross (Live in CLE);
Parlor Snakes – Serpent;
Red Mass – Take a chance;
South Filthy – L.A. County Jail;
Jack Oblivian – Good Time Bad Girl;
Lisa Prank – Next Girl;
Charlie Parr – Twenty-five Forty-one;
Grant Hart – Twenty Five Forty One;
Satin Gum – Call You;
Satin Gum – Bats;
Mordecai Smyth – Paint It Black;
Rolling Stones – Paint It Black;
Little Feat – Time Loves A Hero;
Little Feat – Down On The Farm.

Flashlite #182

Treasa LevasseurToday we begin with the ladies. Treasa Levasseur is a new name at the Little Lighthouse from Canada. Her new album Broad is a strong blues/soul offering. Rumer is a British singer with an exotic background. Her new album Boys Don’t Cry is an exquisite selection of intricate covers from the history of fine rock’n’roll songwriting. Parlor Snakes is a French and American new band, lead by Eugénie Alquezar and we have them for the first time today. Then we have some interesting new anthologies, one for Epic Soundtracks and the other one for R. Stevie Moore. Then we dwell deep into South and we check out the new traditional offerings from two Southern super-trios: South Memphis String Band and a nameless trio of the Louisiana musicians Wayne Toups, Steve Riley and Wilson Savoy.

Maggie Bell – I Was In Chains;
The Runaways – Is It Day Or Night;
Parlor Snakes – Light up the House;
Janiva Magness – Make It Rain;
Treasa Levasseur – No Holds Barred;
Buffy Sainte Marie – Helpless;
Rumer – Be Nice To Me;
Todd Rundgren – Be Nice to Me;
The Lemonheads – C’mon Daddy;
Epic Soundtracks – C’mon Daddy;
R. Stevie Moore – The Winner;
R. Stevie Moore – The Winner (Live in CLE);
Van Morrison – Joyous Sound;
The Wandering – Hey Mr. Spaceman;
South Memphis String Band – B-L-A-C-K;
Lil’ Band O’ Gold – It Keeps Raining;
Wayne Toups, Steve Riley, Wilson Savoy – The Patassa Two-Step;
Belton Richard – The Cajun Stripper;
Mama Rosin – Bon Temps Roulet 3.