Poetry Music Scene Chicago #1

Poetry Music Scene The Little Lighthouse introduces a new show today: PMS: Poetry Music Scene Chicago. The founders, based out of Chicago, will present contemporary poetry and music from Chicago and beyond. Some of the featured artists (poets and musicians) are brand new on the scene, others are already established. Our goal is to create an open forum and event space where artists will be welcome to present their ideas and experiment with their art form. The first podcast will feature the three founding members—Dubravka Juraga, Snezana Žabić and Philip Lisiecki. They will be reading their own poems, and will be presenting music by various bands. Come, listen in and tell us what you think.

Posted by Dubravka Juraga

DOWNLOAD: pms1.ogg

1) Dubravka Juraga, “Chicago”
2) Bob Rok, “Mucho”
3) Phil Lisiecki, “Horrible Mornings”
4) D-Nick the Microphone Misfit, “One Day”
5) Snežana Žabić, “A Narrative With the Does”
6) Green Grocer, “Always Somewhere”
7) Phil Lisiecki, “Anxiety”
8 ) Good Apples, “Spectacle”
9) Dubravka Juraga, “Now”
10) Sweet Apple, “Flying Up a Mountain”
11) Phil Lisiecki, “Oscar”
12) Greg Spero, “Autumn Leaves”
13) Dubravka Juraga, “Iron Queen”
14) Good Apples, “She Crashed My Car”
15) Snežana Žabić, “Newspeak”
16) Jodoh, “Second Grade”
17) Snežana Žabić, “Translation Manual”
18) Greg Spero, “Stella By Starlight”
19) Dubravka Juraga, “Pannier of of Soul Food”

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