Poetry Music Scene Chicago #3

Poetry Music ScenePMS Issue three, edited by Dubravka Juraga and Snezana Zabic, brings you four Chicago poets, Nicolas Garcia, Tasha Marren, Luis Urrea, and Paul Martinez Pompa, and music by local bands Island, Tiny Manatee, The Embraceables, The Pralines, Hannah Frank Trio, The Injured Parties, as well as New York’s own Rebel Diaz (transplants from Chicago).

For poets and musicians out there: send us your poems and songs dealing with the state of things in the US and worldwide. We plan to pack at least one of our upcoming issues with political material. Speak up in your poems and songs and send them to chicagopms@gmail.com.

DOWNLOAD: pms3.ogg

1 Nick Garcia “Blue Island Bums”
2 Rebel Diaz “99%”
3 Pompa “Carbon Copy”
4 Island “Corporate Welfare”
5 Tasha Marren “April” “Ptarmigan” “Replica”
6 The Pralines “Raphael”
7 Nick Garcia “Daley’s Indios”
8 Tiny Manatee “Immigrant Law”
9 Paul Martinez Pompa “Bullet”
10 The Embraceables “Wanna Copy”
11 Tasha Marren “Mother Cycle”
12 Hannah Frank Trio “Pitch Black Eyes”
13 Luis Urrea “Valley of the Palms”
14 The Injured Parties “American Comfort”

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