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Flashlite #124

Poly StyreneWe are sad to hear that two ladies that influenced pop and rock music greatly from completely opposite directions passed away recently within a single day. One is Poly Styrene, legendary front woman from the X-ray Spex. This punk sister changed the music forever with the unforgettable opening lines “Some people think that little girls should be seen and not heard. But i think: oh bondage, up yours! 1,2,3,4!”. The other one is Phoebe Snow, a singer songwriter from New York City that also changed the face of the music with her first album in 1974. Many performers today, and not only women, borrow today a lot from these two and they will be remembered. Other than paying tributes to Phoebe and Poly, we also introduce a new female singer songwriter Bonnie Whitmore from Nashville. Sam Phillips is also back with her new album. Then we also have a brand new EP for Ty Segall, which entirely consists of T Rex covers. Another new name today is Hunx and His Punks, also from San Francisco, just like Ty Segall.

Music Emporium – Nam Myo Renge Kyo;
X-ray Spex – Oh Bondage Up Yours;
X-ray Spex – Obsessed With You;
Junkers 5 – Suffragette City;
Sam Phillips – Same Changes;
Sam Phillips – Broken Circle;
Bonnie Whitmore – She Walks;
Lee Ann Womack – Im a Honky Tonk Girl;
Lucinda Williams – Ugly Truth;
Phoebe Snow – It Must Be Sunday;
Phoebe Snow – No Show Tonight;
Mellow Drunk – Morwen;
Ty Segall – Buick Mackane;
T Rex – Buick Mackane;
Beach Boys – You’re So Good To Me;
Dinosaur JR – Take A Run At The Sun;
Hunx And His Punx – Dream On (Little Dreamer);
Sonny and the Sunsets – She Plays Yoyo With My Mind.