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Flashlite #560

Pieta Brown

Today’s show is focused on the new singer and songwriter scene. We introduce Angie McMahon and J.P. Shilo from Melbourne, Ada Lea from Montreal. Also we have Tyler Beojian, Pat Hull and Pieta Brown are back with new stuff. Sam Phillips and John Wesley Coleman had some recent tunes which fell through the cracks, but we catch up with that today. Lee Bains III from Alabama is in our live in Cleveland segment.

Wreckless Eric – The Half of It;
Angie McMahon – Keeping Time;
Ada Lea – Mercury;
Chris Shiflett – Welcome to Your First Heartache;
Gyasi – Young Love;
John Wesley Coleman – Fighting A Room;
J.P. Shilo – Kid King Kong;
David Nance – Credit Line;
Mikal Cronin – Undertow;
Tyler & the Names – Sunday Choir;
Pat Hull – Ay Marie.;
Lee Bains III – Live in CLE;
Rich Hopkins Luminarios – Back To The Garden Till I’m Gone;
Kelley Stoltz – Turning Into You;
Pieta Brown – The Hard Way;
Sam Phillips – I Want to Be You;
Rickie Lee Jones – Mac the Knife.

Flashlite #124

Poly StyreneWe are sad to hear that two ladies that influenced pop and rock music greatly from completely opposite directions passed away recently within a single day. One is Poly Styrene, legendary front woman from the X-ray Spex. This punk sister changed the music forever with the unforgettable opening lines “Some people think that little girls should be seen and not heard. But i think: oh bondage, up yours! 1,2,3,4!”. The other one is Phoebe Snow, a singer songwriter from New York City that also changed the face of the music with her first album in 1974. Many performers today, and not only women, borrow today a lot from these two and they will be remembered. Other than paying tributes to Phoebe and Poly, we also introduce a new female singer songwriter Bonnie Whitmore from Nashville. Sam Phillips is also back with her new album. Then we also have a brand new EP for Ty Segall, which entirely consists of T Rex covers. Another new name today is Hunx and His Punks, also from San Francisco, just like Ty Segall.

Music Emporium – Nam Myo Renge Kyo;
X-ray Spex – Oh Bondage Up Yours;
X-ray Spex – Obsessed With You;
Junkers 5 – Suffragette City;
Sam Phillips – Same Changes;
Sam Phillips – Broken Circle;
Bonnie Whitmore – She Walks;
Lee Ann Womack – Im a Honky Tonk Girl;
Lucinda Williams – Ugly Truth;
Phoebe Snow – It Must Be Sunday;
Phoebe Snow – No Show Tonight;
Mellow Drunk – Morwen;
Ty Segall – Buick Mackane;
T Rex – Buick Mackane;
Beach Boys – You’re So Good To Me;
Dinosaur JR – Take A Run At The Sun;
Hunx And His Punx – Dream On (Little Dreamer);
Sonny and the Sunsets – She Plays Yoyo With My Mind.

Flashlite #20

T Bone Burnett There are two central blocks in todays show. One is about T Bone Burnett and the other is about his ex wife Sam Phillips. Burnett has a new album Tooth of Crime and we sample one song from it together with three older Burnett’s songs. Sam Phillips also has a new album Don’t Do Anything which she recorded without Burnett’s help for the first time. Some of the songs on it seem to be about their divorce.

Los Straitjackets – Theme From Midnight Cowboy;
The Mojomatics – You Are Not Me (Unfortunately);
The Queers – Surf Goddess;
Nervous Eaters – Just Head;
Charlie Feathers – Can’t Hardly Stand It;
T Bone Burnett – Zombieland;
T Bone Burnett – Sweet Lullaby;
T Bone Burnett – Hold On Tight;
Alpha Band – Interviews;

Sam Phillips – Circle of Fire;
Sam Phillips – No Explanations;
Jonathan Richman – Our Drab Ways;
Vinegar Joe – It’s Gettin’ To The Point;
The Cookies – They’re Jealous of Me;
Evie Sands – Angel Of The Morning;
Jadranka Stojakovic – Prica o nama;
Dusty Springfield – If You Go Away;
John Barry – Midnight Cowboy Theme Score.