Flashlite #20

T Bone Burnett There are two central blocks in todays show. One is about T Bone Burnett and the other is about his ex wife Sam Phillips. Burnett has a new album Tooth of Crime and we sample one song from it together with three older Burnett’s songs. Sam Phillips also has a new album Don’t Do Anything which she recorded without Burnett’s help for the first time. Some of the songs on it seem to be about their divorce.

Los Straitjackets – Theme From Midnight Cowboy;
The Mojomatics – You Are Not Me (Unfortunately);
The Queers – Surf Goddess;
Nervous Eaters – Just Head;
Charlie Feathers – Can’t Hardly Stand It;
T Bone Burnett – Zombieland;
T Bone Burnett – Sweet Lullaby;
T Bone Burnett – Hold On Tight;
Alpha Band – Interviews;

Sam Phillips – Circle of Fire;
Sam Phillips – No Explanations;
Jonathan Richman – Our Drab Ways;
Vinegar Joe – It’s Gettin’ To The Point;
The Cookies – They’re Jealous of Me;
Evie Sands – Angel Of The Morning;
Jadranka Stojakovic – Prica o nama;
Dusty Springfield – If You Go Away;
John Barry – Midnight Cowboy Theme Score.

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